New Reward Cards & Collection Power Update

New Reward Cards

Prior to the change to disable the use of potions for opening reward cards (announced here), the Legendary reward cards were hitting their print limit much more quickly than was originally intended or planned. As a result, even though we recently added two new Legendary reward edition cards, we still need to add two more as The Kraken and Zalran Efreet are about to hit their print limits as well.

Now that potions are no longer able to be used for reward cards, and with the upcoming collection power changes, we expect that reward cards will be printed at a more reasonable rate. In the meantime, we are planning to release the following two new Legendary reward edition cards tomorrow, August 13th:

Ancient Lich

First up is a new Legendary Monster for the Death Splinter - the Ancient Lich. He is a powerful Magic user with the ability to drain the life from his enemies with the Life Leech ability. He is also able to reduce incoming Magic damage via the Void ability, and most importantly he is able to raise the dead - becoming the first Death Splinter Monster to have the Resurrect ability!

Long before the Splintering, in the ancient world of magic, there lived a greedy King called Kiro the Collector. In those times, the land now known as Mortis was a green and thriving jungle full of an even greater variety of creatures than live in the Jungles of ΛZMΛRÉ today. Deep in the Jungle of Hilopa, Kiro’s palace sat, defended naturally by venomous predators and carnivorous plants. There were at the time two other kingdoms in the jungle realm. The names of those kingdoms have been lost to history, but the three were locked in brutal wars with one another for hundreds of years.

Kiro was the strongest of the three kings that ruled the jungle realm. When his forces attacked, they took not only prisoners, but as many weapons, crafts and wares as they could carry. Kiro was obsessed with bringing home the treasures of those he defeated. He was so obsessed that most of his workforce spent their time constructing crude warehouses and silos to store all the king’s belongings. This is how Kiro became known as the Collector.

When Kiro grew old, he became afraid for his treasures, not knowing who would watch over them when he was gone. He let down his guard and allowed the whispers of one of his attendants to influence his thoughts. The attendant’s name was Vikor. Although Kiro did not know it, Vikor was a leader in dark sorcery of the highest degree. In the last years of King Kiro’s life (at Vikor’s suggestion) he completely gave himself over to the darkness. At this time there were no such thing as Dark Eternals, and the Lord of Darkness had not yet taken his name.

At the side of Kiro’s deathbed, Vikor performed an ancient forbidden ritual of magic. The old greedy king was granted a twisted form of eternal life. He died as normal and his body was set to be cremated on a jungle pyre. Kiro’s flesh burned away, but while the bones remained intact, his body leapt to life and out of the flames. Because of the spells born of dark sorcery and the old king’s greed, he could not die. Kiro felt powerful and immortal, knowing that he could protect his treasures for the rest of time and continue to rule.

Thousands of years later as he wanders the wastelands of Mortis with nothing but his magic, his old bones shudder to think how wrong he was back then.

Robo-Dragon Knight

Next up we have the Robo-Dragon Knight, which is a very strong, high-mana cost Dragon Splinter tank. In addition to his high armor and Piercing melee attack from his powerful lance, he also has an energy shield that protects him from Magic attacks with the Void ability, stops the first attack of any type to hit him with the Divine Shield ability, and reflects Ranged and Magic attacks back at his attacker with the Return Fire and Magic Reflect abilities!

Nothing good came of last year’s GSSC (Gloridax Silvershield Sciences Convention), but when the finest Dragon minds come together with the finest minds of the Order of the Silver Shield, good things rarely do. It is the Gloridax who have made incredible advances in technology, such as robotics, genetic manipulation and physical enhancement. The contributions of the Order have always been more magical, like sacred spells of healing stolen from the Angel Realm.

The Robo Dragon Knight is the perfect fusion of Gloridax power and efficiency with Khymian whimsy and life. The Khymians, by giving the metal beast a soul may have gone too far, for if the Order can distribute souls, can they not also take them away?*

Collection Power - Phase 2

We are planning to release the second phase of the Collection Power update on Tuesday, September 1st (time TBD). The second phase will require players to reach a certain Collection Power in order to move up to the next ranked play league and reward tier, in addition to the ranked play rating. You can read more about the Collection Power system here and here.

The initial planned Collection Power requirements for each league and tier are shown in the table below. Please note that these numbers are subject to change at any time - before and/or after the release.

The Collection Power requirements are meant to be relatively low and not overly burdensome for players to reach, while at the same time requiring players to acquire a reasonable amount of cards in order to be able to earn higher rewards.

LeaguePower Req.
Bronze III0
Bronze II1,000
Bronze I5,000
Silver III15,000
Silver II40,000
Silver I70,000
Gold III100,000
Gold II150,000
Gold I200,000
Diamond III250,000
Diamond II325,000
Diamond I400,000
Champion III500,000
Champion II500,000
Champion I500,000

For example, using the numbers above, a player will need to reach a Collection Power of 1000 points or higher (as well as the usual rating of 400 points or higher) in order to be able to move up to the Bronze II league.

Also, please note that Champion I, II, and III all have the same Collection Power requirement. This means that once a player reaches a Collection Power of 500,000 they will only need to increase their rating in order to move up to the other tiers within the Champion league.

Finally, we want to be very clear that, while we do our best to design the system as well as possible up front, it is impossible to completely foresee how everything will work out in practice. We will watch the results very closely after these updates are released, listen closely to player feedback, and make changes and adjustments as necessary.

We then hope to release the third and final phase of the Collection Power update - separate leaderboards, with rewards, for each league - within the next month after the release of phase 2. We will provide more details on that as it gets closer.

Roadmap Update

We have noticed that many of the questions on our weekly AMAs are related to our roadmap, so we thought it would be good to start including roadmap updates in these posts. Please keep in mind that the dates listed are estimates and are subject to change, as are the items in the roadmap themselves.

  • ΛZMΛRÉ Dice - Aug, 2020
  • Collection Power - Phase 2 - Sept, 2020
  • Collection Power - Phase 3 (league leaderboards) - Sept/Oct, 2020
  • Mobile App Update (Guilds / Bug Fixes / EOS & Wombat Wallet Integration) - Aug, 2020
  • Google Play / iTunes Store Mobile App Submission - Sept/Oct, 2020
  • In-Game Inventory Management (Titles, Avatars, & Skins) - Oct, 2020
  • New Player Tutorial (Desktop Site, then Mobile) - TBD
  • Guild Wars / Boss Fights - TBD
  • Achievements - TBD
  • Land Pre-Sale - TBD

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I support the smaller player 100%... and I have from the beginning. I personally think this is an amazingly good change, and for all those that are complaining because they can't get "champion level rewards" with Silver Lever decks, I say you are not thinking logically. The game was never intended to give you Champion Level rewards with Silver level Monsters. In fact, the Champion Level rewards should go to the "champions", those in my eyes are the best DIAMOND LEVEL cards that excel above the fray.

In my opinion, this Collection Power is way overdue and meant for people to earn rewards based on the size of their deck and playing abilities. Also, I don't want to be involved in a game that doesn't fix issues that come up, and having level 3 summoner decks get to Champion made the rewards a farce.

If you don't get it, I will be happy to have dialog with you about it in discord. If you only want to take the most you can from the game no matter what you invest, then I say "sorry to hear that, but I hope you do well in what other aspect of life you pursue next!".

The way I see things, there are two different issues, the rewards and the player experience.

Personally I think the rewards need to be gutted across the board. Daily quests should give a set number of rewards regardless of tier, IE everyone gets 3 rewards for completing their daily quest.
That change would make season rewards roughly linear among ranks instead of the exponential increase we see currently. The bulk of rewards should come at the end of the season after all.

The second issue is the player experience. Playing different tiers is a different experience. Unless its changed since I was last in silver you have a single ruleset at most. Gold can have two rulesets. Diamond almost always has two rulesets. (and I don't know about champions). The rulesets are the biggest strength of splinterlands. They are what force us to be creative and think and that is a large part why I don't like the gating. Without spending more I'm going to be stuck in "easy mode", with the bots, for at least several months.

I totally agree with you with regards to the ruleset gating and 'easy mode' I absolutely hated splinterlands until I got to silver and gold and actually saw interesting ruleset that my deck at the time actually excelled at. Without the ruleset people can just min max a setup and dominate new players without having to think.

I understand your point, my only "complain" will be, player like me without money but with plenty of time if we dont buy cards to power up the collection will be punished to stay at lower ranking with lower rewards for very long time. There are too many bots playing the game with better ranking than me :-D

How are you being "punished", if you can't spend at least some money to play? The game is not "free", and it has a cost attached to it to play. We all knew this would happen, and there was plenty of notice given both on discord and in previous posts. I also warned people that their will be an outcry based on a misunderstanding of how it's really supposed to work. Players with level 1 decks have been used to earning rewards way above their card levels for quite a while now because of the level 1 bots that have helped them rank higher as a consequence . It was never meant to be this way. The players who have been in the game from the beginning understand this, as many of us started from the bottom too, and then either worked our way up slowly, or payed a lot of money for our cards collections. Most silver decks a year ago or so, started in bronze/silver league at the beginning of the season and progressed to gold league by the end of the season, on average.

Players need to understand that there are many way to get better rewards. There are many many players with good card collections that want to help new players. Nobody wants to shaft them lol. You will be able to get deck delegations and find groups with sharing services based on splitting rewards that will offer you a way of getting a better ranking and rewards, without having to make a significant investment. The new rewards structure will also offer a way for players in the lower leagues to compete for prizes at their own league level. We never had these opportunities when we first started playing. The reality is, that new players will actually be much better off this way. With a bit of patience and understanding, things will improve for everyone as a result of these changes in the long run:)

Dont get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn about the game, this is my second or third week in the game, if this is the solution to get rid of bot, I love it. Maybe I choose poorly my words, I play a lot to climb and climb the rankings but my collection power is low cause Im new, I will be "punished" being stuck at Silver ranking for some time, that's all. Probably I'm too new to complain about changes. This online games are like Social Media, we are in this together, rich and poor, Phd, Msc and people who barely speak and write proper english or their own language. I honestly cant spend much money in the game, my best cards were gift -shrug- but like I said dont get me wrong, I will keep playing and if this change is for the better of the game I will enjoy my stay at silver ranking.. I want the best for the game.. even if Im here just for the money we all want the game to grow and more players demanding cards and online game is a business. I will always support Capitalism :-D Enjoy.

Cool:) There will be opportunities for smaller players coming soon with new sharing services on the horizon. You can also find other players within guilds that will be able to help in that regard:) Good luck!

When you say sharing, I hear Renting .....

No, it's not renting. As I mentioned, it won't require a personal investment of your own. Your investment will be your own time. We are talking about delegation services where you play a deck and split the rewards with the owner. That is the best way to play and earn from the game, for players who can't afford to buy cards themselves.

Renting is also an option for those that can afford the initial rental costs - although with renting, you wouldn't be sharing rewards;)

Bots have been part of the eco-system from the very beginning. That is a somewhat side issue that is entangled with what I was trying to address. But we all understand the point you are trying to make because we have experienced this in different forms from the beginning ourselves. The main point and complaints due to the proposed changes, is that players with level 1 to level 4 decks are now expecting that they have a right to be playing in champion leagues as a result of the problems caused by level 1 bots (more so players with very weak level 1-3 decks). Those weak decks were never intended to be playing in champion leagues, which is why there were separate leagues to begin with. The level of a players deck does technically represent what league they should be playing in, up to a certain point. There will always be exceptions though, where highly skilled players will be able to punch higher than their weight category. You need to remember (not sure how long you have been playing yourself - so I wont make any assumptions) that before the level 1 bots over-inflated player ratings and how high up the ladder the above-mentioned decks could rise, these same decks couldn't get past gold on average and diamond for highly skilled players (specifically level 3-4). level 1 decks decks would reach silver level at best, and only towards the end of a season. That's some perspective on the realities of the past....

Bot playing 24 hours 7 days a week won't be as big of an issue, if or when they are limited to the lower leagues and it limits the over-inflating player rankings (in theory).

I'm not an expert or think I have the perfect solution either.

If you think you have a good solution for it that should be heard, then you should definitely make it known to the devs so they can consider it as a possible fix🙂.

How are you being "punished", if you can't spend at least some money to play? The game is not "free", and it has a cost attached to it to play.

(Answer in my another comment)

We all knew this would happen, and there was plenty of notice given both on discord and in previous posts.

It's not because we were warned that it makes the idea a good one.

Players with level 1 decks have been used to earning rewards way above their card levels for quite a while now because of the level 1 bots that have helped them rank higher as a consequence

And WHO should banish bots ? Splinterlands. So they "must" do this and force people to pay because sadly they don't banish bots ? No.

The players who have been in the game from the beginning understand this, as many of us started from the bottom too, and then either worked our way up slowly, or payed a lot of money for our cards collections

I started day 1, and today I will be relegated to Diamond 3 just because I never won an exceptional card or because I didn't spend 1000$.

BUT, important point : I know this system will also change the ranking for any other player, so I will still have decent opponents; and the new system will change things, but the thing is for the moment we don't have the details... the only thing I'm blaming is a limit, a ceiling we can't pass through just because of 1 thing : Money.

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.
Thank you and goodbye, I would be happy to continue this debate with an explained and thoughtful reasoning.

What you are saying is actually result of how well coded is pairing program. Then, always how a player is using his/her team, human creativity. If I had been paired against top leveled summoners, I would have never reached Champion 3 league. I am doing it because my opponents are allowing me.

Saying that all problems regarding lower valued decks playing in higher valued leagues is solved by Collection Power is wrong because there is a way of getting specialists of game making to improve in-game systems. Side affects of Collection Power could be more negative to Splinterlands game.

I am finding pairing systems (ranking, tournaments) and system of random number generator being poorly implemented by Splinterlands developing team.


This is the first half of a two part change.
If you dump your cards instead of just holding them a month to see how it all plays out, then trust me; you're not smart enough to play in a post-bot Champion League.

These new cards look fantastic I can’t wait to try them in battle

My collection has the power rating of 348594 and I'm finishing the seasons in the Champion I with no problem. Now you're telling me that my max is the Diamond II?

Are you fucking kidding me !?

Screen Shot 20200812 at 16.07.14.png

If I end up limited to the Diamond II I'll just stop playing and sell the cards.

We understand that some people will not like the change, and you are certainly free to sell your cards whenever you would like. The fact of the matter is that the amount of rewards being given out compared to the amount/value of cards required to obtain them was unsustainable and needed to be fixed.

Your case is actually a good example. Your cards are mostly silver or at most gold level, yet you are able to get to Champion I with no problem. Also, from a strict ROI perspective, the amount of rewards you can earn at Champion league compared to the value of your collection is off the charts.

Our focus and goal is on creating a sustainable game economy that can support exponential growth over the long term. The players who got in early, like yourself, have had a big advantage in being able to earn extremely high levels of rewards compared to collection size for a long time.

We understand that some people will not like the change, and you are certainly free to sell your cards whenever you would like.
Wow, wow! That's strong!

The solution I have proposed many months ago is much better, but you have guys chose over-complicated one that seems to be more profitable for your company, which I doubt it is.

If you would not allow hundreds of bots to graze rewards as you did, many real players would NOT feel now degraded. It's never been explained why simple change to leagues format was not done and as such low-level bots were allowed to consume crazy amounts of rewards and helped to push other players to higher league each or every second season, too.

Good luck getting battles without the bots. I don't run one so don't give me the BS of saying I do but we simply don't have the player volume to sustain the game. I wish there was a way to run bots from the Splinterlands team that didn't accept rewards at all. I don't know if they do that but they should. Bots are very important to keep things moving. Would you want to wait 90 seconds per match tk complete your daily quest? I absolutely don't. I don't have that kind of time.

@yabapmatt does Splinterlands running reward free bots sound like a reasonable way to sustain volume?

Read again. I was never against bots in the game. But allowing bots with accounts of level 1 to reach Champion leagues, now even maybe Champion I is super silly, isn't it? This way they can harvest up to around 200 chests a season, rendering chests almost worthless.
New rules will prevent this, but through over-complication and putting money first as the main driver of progression.

It’s unfortunate that money is always the main driver for these things. I think when some get a taste of it they don’t want to let it go.

We shall see what happens after it’s implemented and if people truly do quit or if they find a balance. My accounts never got to champion until recently but that’s because of the easy bots all over the place. Do we have human players anymore? Hard to see oftentimes.

I just saw your idea. Maybe it's better, probably it is.
But the common problem we should be fighting instead of changing the whole game is this :
we are adapting the game because of some bots. bots should be FORBIDDEN. Nothing less, nothing more.

@cmplxty - Would you want to wait 90 seconds per match tk complete your daily quest? I absolutely don't. I don't have that kind of time.

At the beginning, it was 90 seconds. I played. Patience was key at the beginning.
You don't have the time to wait ? I don't have the money to get level 10 cards. We all have our problems. But at least we are all born with the same time (at least more than the same money)

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

Thanks for the dialogue. I remember when I first started matches did take a while to start. It’s one of the reasons I took a break for a bit.

Wish we could get the Splinterlands team to use the bots that way they could write a script to disable their rewards and just let them give us matches.

Bots serve some positive roles (for example they reduce waiting times for a match). More importantly, it might be technically impossible to ban bots in this type of game. Therefore, instead of eliminating them, effort should be put on delivering to humans positive experience and allowing bots to make the game overall better.

This isn't the way to fix this problem. Any game that restricts progress based on the the value of your spend instead of the skill level of the player is not going to do well long term. What struck me at the Clash of Clans world finals was that some of the players there who won substantial amounts of money had actually spent zero $ on the game. They were not told they couldn't compete in the finals or barred for that reason. This is like killing the dream of a small club winning the FA Cup. There must surely be a better way than this.

This is exactly what I think. At least we had before a chance to stand up against them by strategy, now it's not possible.
There will be only the richs and their bots. Why not ? We'll see if it's sustainable :)

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

Per my comment above -- What the developers really need to do is have a separate ladder without a collection score but offer much lower rewards.

This would make the game much more newbie friendly while not shafting those who have paid for cards.

Nono, do not dare touching the rewards of those who paid a lot, they would not appreciate and you know, they are more powerful than tiny gamers...

Wouldn't it be better (and easier) to simply give a set amount of daily quest rewards regardless of tier?

If you only gave out five for instance, it would drastically reduce the number of daily rewards and change the reward structure from being exponential to linear (Days X Daily Quest Rewards + End Season Ranking)

I understand that @yabapmatt, and I also explaind my disagreement in other replies. But I think the game can still be sustainable without doing this.

The players who got in early, like yourself, have had a big advantage in being able to earn extremely high levels of rewards compared to collection size for a long time.

Those who have a big advantage are those who have money to spend. I don't say everyone should be equal, but inequalities should be reduced here. Blockchain gives us the opportunity to do that, to start everyone of us, from a glimpse of equality.
I know it wouldn't be sustainable, but at least I would be standing a chance against those people with a strategy. Now, I won't be able to.

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

Your cards are mostly silver or at most gold level, yet you are able to get to Champion I with no problem.

With enough maxedout cards (including the legendaries) to beat the other maxedout players.

Also, from a strict ROI perspective, the amount of rewards you can earn at Champion league compared to the value of your collection is off the charts.

Yeah, off the charts... can't sell enough of those useless potions.

We understand that some people will not like the change, and you are certainly free to sell your cards whenever you would like.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Wow, you clearly have much bigger problems than some changes to Splinterlands...

Wow, you clearly have much bigger problems than some changes to Splinterlands...

Yeah, it must be much bigger problems... I mean, who would in his right mind tell the great @yabapmatt to go fuck himself!? That's almost a blasphemy!

I’ll tell him. Go fuck yourself @yabapmatt

I wouldn't dare insult somebody who thinks what he does is right. Maybe it is, but not for everyone.
Without the team, without him, no splinterlands at all. And sadly i prefer a game that has some drawbacks than no game at all.
But I repeat it, I do not agree with the "pay2win" which I respect, but cannot be increased at this level according to me.

I would be happy to continue the debate !

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

Peakmonsters says that you've got well less than $600 worth of cards (many of which you've probably gotten from the currently excessive rewards). Your collection rating says that you've got well less than $500 of non-duplicate cards. You wouldn't (and shouldn't) be anywhere near Champion I if it weren't for the bots because, looking at your collection on Peakmonsters, you simply don't have the cards to play at that level even if you were jacekw.

Unfortunately, Splinterlands is currently pay-to-play. What the developers really need to do is have a separate ladder without a collection score but offer much lower rewards.

Would you find that acceptable?

This is sort of the idea behind the separate league leaderboards part of the update. Players can get whatever amount of cards they want to buy which sets their league, and then they can compete with the other players in that league for the leaderboard prizes, which will obviously increase with higher leagues.

If money grew in the trees, probably I would have created a game where you can't buy cards. But honestly money is important.
But there should still be a fighting chance for everyone.

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.


Peakmonsters says that you've got well less than $600 worth of cards (many of which you've probably gotten from the currently excessive rewards)

I've got enough maxedout and high level cards that I've spent ~$500 usd buying and I do beat on regular other players with maxedout cards.

Your collection rating says that you've got well less than $500 of non-duplicate cards.

Which only proves that investing $500 usd in this game is not a smart idea.

@borba because of the exploiting of the system that @j6969, @tcpolymath and a few others did, talented players like you must suffer.

Welcome to the world of @aggroed where the innocent are punished for the crimes of the wicked.

The change has absolutely nothing to do with @j6969 or @tcpolymath. They had both put a lot of money into the game and j6969 was one of the people who pushed for this change, in fact.

It's not about punishing crimes and there are no "innocent" or "wicked" here. It's very simply about having a long-term sustainable system. We were simply giving out too many rewards as compared to the value put in, and that would lead to the game failing.

That’s not what your team member said. He said it in well in advance.

I think you are twisting and misinterpreting what I said.

One flaw/problem/exploit in the system is allowing low level accounts (especially level 1 accounts) to get into Diamond and Champion leagues.

Collection Power will help in this regard, though there will still be workarounds.

Also, the primary goal of Collection Power is to create a sustainable economy by keeping rewards more proportional to the amount of investment put in. Collection Power will impact bots and low level human farmers, but that is not the primary purpose.

How is it a flaw? If people learned how to play instead of buying every card they see in the hopes of shotgunning their way to the top, i wouldn't be in champion 1 with my level 4 summoners! Simple!

What you said was stated very clearly given the context of the conversation.

Backpedaling now is pointless. Clearly enough people here agree with me, even though among those are the ones who are like "oh well, I'm not affected so I don't care"

They'll care when the next update cuts them out from where they deserve to be.

I might be wrong, but they describe it as a pyramid scheme... you will soon be able to reach high leagues only if you paid enough, it's not the talent of the player it's how much he spent...

It's not a game thus, it's a weird investment pyramid scheme when the ones at the top shares the most rewards even if they can't play without a maxed deck.

Also, some explained clearly that instead of buying TONS of cards, they chose wisely which card to boost to be able to win, so they spent, but not enough, thus they will be blocked too, point proven, it's not talent just money power...

And here I am labeled the asshole and told I'm just problematic.

Reminds me of this company called "The Team" whose logo was a pyramid and who described it as an "inverted pyramid."

Today, we still have a fighting chance. I already won against guys with gold legendaries level 3 with only l1 legendaries. But even this is not tolerated anymore...

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

After I thought about it @yabapmatt (and it's my most recent reply), I think we'll see when it's in place. But still, for the moment I don't necessarily agree.

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

I don't know the background story, but this is a half-assed solution to the problem of abuse.


The more I know the less I want to know 🤣 What a shitshow

This is the only problem we should be focusing on. Banishing bots.

Splinterlands is a wonderful game which I love, and I respect every decision which has to be made. I just think the team deserves every opinion.

You have a gold maybe diamond level deck (if that) I dont understand the issue?

People with bronze level cards were playing into diamond this is exactly the fix.

Also now that low powered bots won't be in diamond you wouldn't make it into champion anyway it just isn't feasible sot here will be a leader board for people with collections similar to yours

You have a gold maybe diamond level deck (if that) I dont understand the issue?

Before I started selling the cards (after reading the update above) I had enough maxedout cards in my deck to win battles against other maxedout players on regular.

So if that's a gold maybe diamond level (if that) deck I don't know what to tell you.

I feel you. I've been steady at ending my seasons with Champion II and will be knocked down to maximum of Diamond I because of my PR hold back. I completely agree with curving the ball on all the botters but I don't think this is the way to do it. Legitimate players like you and I are going to be penalized.

You know the worst part? A couple of weeks or so I bought those maxed out summoners that th-12 was selling 🤣

Im pretty much the same position as you, collection score is like 338k or something, Im currently ranked 146 and now i wont even be able to play in the higher tiers.
I always knew this game was pay to win but now its pay just to compete? seriously who cares how much I spent on cards. If I can smash someone with maxed cards using a silver deck then why am i being punished?

"sell your cards" yea great, ill sell my cards at a loss now because you guys ruined my investment? more worried about bringing out things for people to buy than actually making the game more popular.

Do you guys really think youre making the right choices Youve let bots run rampant through this game the entire time its been up and ive ever seen you lot praising people who run bots in discord, why? Because they had to put in a bunch of money. You didnt care they were raping rewards though, you fucking laughed about it, all the way to the bank.

Their response to skilled players beating those who paid for their rank is "feel free to sell your cards."

How dare we have a say in how our investments are handled!

@bigdizzle91 How do you feel about my deck being nearly the same to yours but I am allowed in champion league while you are limited to diamond 2 solely because your summoners are regular foil and mine are gold foil? Or because I won a gold foil alchemist and have a gold foil bila? Is it fair that when you “don’t have any business being there” that I with a nearly identical deck do have business being there solely based on my gold foils?

I know what you’ve got because we’ve played a lot and you’re one of the few players I have trouble beating and you’re more of a challenge with lower level cards than the permanent dwellers of the champion league. If I belong, then you definitely belong.

Yea I saw that I was like well, glad it says "we will see about player feedback" and then when the feedback is negative they just say sell yo shit. seems legit.

Ya its silly, I mean I sold all my gold foils to buy regular cards who had a lower dec value, if i had of known the dec value would ever come into play I wouldnt of done so.

It doesnt even make sense that they say "this way people who have spent more can earn more" but that depends on what you buy. I can buy a card for $100 with a dec value of $15, I still spent $100 on the game so how come it isnt worth 100k dec you know?

I dunno, maybe we're the odd ones out and this is the way forward for the game, just seems like the discord chat is full of fanboys that wouldnt dare say anything bad and its just as bad here.

Stalin called those people “useful idiots.”

I you are the odd one, i am too

I'm playing in Diamond 2 and 1 but with the new rating system, it will be Silver 2 ... 6 steps backward :(

@borba your account score reflects very well at the problem i have with the changes.

My highest level summoner is a level 7 delwyn. Very low burn value. My regulars are level 4 gold foil untamed.

Because of that my gold foil level 4s put me in champion max league and your maxed out normal foils max you out in diamond.

Gimme a fucking break!

This would not be so painful if splinterlands would not allow months and months of bot grazing.
I've proposed a better solution months ago. But it seems good solution for them is only such that binds $$$ to their pockets. But I'm afraid they will rather lose in the long term, or rather earn less than they could.

Where do you get the power rating?

Go to cards, the number is in the middle:

Thanks. Never knew about that before now.

easons in the Champion I with no problem. Now you're telling me that my max is the Diamond II?

Looking at your collection, I think that makes sense.

You have three Beta rare summoners at max level (Malric, Lyanna, Zintar) but most of your monsters are gold level at best. As a mostly gold level account, Diamond actually sounds about right.

I don't think your account is competitive in Champion and especially not in Champion 1. No Rennyn, Valnamor, Selenia, or Yodin Zaku. Your legendaries are mainly Level 1 or 2. No Phoenix. Only Level 2 Spirit of the Forest. Etc.

  • Although it does look like you have sold some of your cards since the time you first posted.

My L3 and L4 legendaries and high level epics and rare are being bought fast by enminers-vault. Gold ones, too.

I don't think your account is competitive in Champion ...

Yet, I did win against those guys. Won battles more than once against yabapmatt, for example. (And a lot of players with big $$$ collections).

Not only did I spend ~$500 only to find out that my cards are worth like $175 in DEC - I got lectured about not deserving to play in the Champion league... welcome to splinterlands, relax, spread your ass cheeks and open your wallet...

It doesn't matter now, I'm not playing anymore. There are some very affordable maxedout summoners on the market if you're in the buying mode 😉

Hey @borba, I understand your frustration at the change, but I disagree with your conclusion. Obviously it appears you have made up your mind, but if you would like an alternative take to what has happened then feel free to message me on discord (same name) ... I've been through many of these changes (some I've liked and some I haven't), but my take is 180 degrees different from you... and I'd be happy to explain my thoughts if you want to listen.

If not, I hope you do well with the selling of your cards... If you did buy them from the j69 dump then you should come out ok. That's at least one good thing about this game that everyone should agree with, when people leave they get something back instead of throwing it in the trash can!

Thanks, but I'm done with this game.

The reason I'm replying to you is that I remember you being one of the good guys helping out the newbies on Steem. Hence, my tone will be much different than the one I used in replying to the devs.

Here's my perspective:

$500 gives me a brand new 1TB PS4 loaded with the best games on the market. I can have a ton of fun for a year and then sell it for half of what I payed for it. All the while being treated as a valued customer.

Now, compare that to Splinterlands: $500 gives me $175 worth of cards (in DEC) and lectures from the devs on what I actually deserve and some insults from their bootlicking fanbase.

Ain't that a sweet deal?

As for the update, you're seeing players complaining about it but you won't see any botnet owner doing so. Makes you wonder... It's almost as if it will be buy some cards and continue the business as usual 🤣

$500 gives me $175 worth of cards (in DEC)

I think $500 can get you close to 500 power points, you just have to choose the cards well. Many cards are a bit overpriced, especially summoners and alpha cards, and this is partly because of their collectible aspect. But to reach Champion League you need more competitive cards and not collection cards which are more to speculate with their prices.

just try to rent and you can achieve champion I.

I have no desire to continue supporting the game that treats its customers like shit.

You're too dumb to see that the best way for you to grow your money is for the game to become a huge success. For this to happen you need a great in game economy. The value of your cards will then grow exponentially.

Insulting whoever did the change just because you can't see that is just pathetic.

By the way, the only reason you were reaching Champion 1 is because not a lot of players are active at the moment. When they come back and start playing again, you'll just go back to your true league.

This change did nothing except bring that date a little bit forward. But again, too dumb to see that.

let them come back and send us there then dipshit. If were going to end up back in diamond or gold then let the players put us there not a bs ruleset. "you only make champion 1" blah blah shut the fuck up, I make champion 1 because i beat more people than i lose to, end of story. if these imaginary sick cunt players come back and smash me into diamond 3 then so be it, i never had a problem not getting past diamond before. I have a problem now youre telling me I cant do it, not because the player base is better than me, but because I didnt spend enough money? Eat literally the fattest dick you can.

You have a problem with the game go find another one. I've seen people get fired and react better than you.

It's just a game mate.

"It's not just a game its an investment" as I was always told by the people who made the shit, so yea im going to take an investment seriously dipshit.

I guess you assume because i used some bad words im extremely irrate. Im not, Im annoyed at best, but im not going to sit there and let some no-name dickwad say we're stupid because we disagree with the way the game is moving.

"if you have a problem with the game go find another one" is the attitude a lot of companies that have lost most of their playerbase had, but yea lets just leave when we have an issue instead of bringing attention to it in the hopes it leads to a better outcome for both sides.

You don't honestly believe it's a better outcome. It's just about the fact you can't reach champions anymore. Same as me btw.

The only one who's dumb here is the rich boy that can't win without paying thousands of dollars

I also reached champion and now can't go above diamond, it's not hard to suck it up

You missed the part where I said that I’m not affected. ;-)


You missed the part where you said I am a rich boy who can't win without thousands of dollars

"Also" doesn't imply you are affected, just that I am like others.


OK, I'm dumb and you're the smart one...

You, being the smart one, should have no trouble picking up my maxedout summoners that I'm selling cheap (cuz I'm too dumb). Hell, if you hurry up there are some good L3 & L4 legendaries left at the bargain prices, too.

All you need is to buy those cards now and when those inactive players return the value will grow exponentially. You'll make a killing there.

Come on, the smart one, put your money where your mouth is!

What cards are you selling? Give me the names I go shopping.

Here you go:

I'll put more later today.

PS- my beta summoners are especially good deal

Great bargain I can't believe my eyes -_- 1 cent off

Screen Shot 20200813 at 10.59.02 AM.png

Screen Shot 20200813 at 10.59.58 AM.png

Screen Shot 20200813 at 10.59.44 AM.png

Do you see any cheaper cards than mine?

Aren't you the smart one? The one that will see this as a great investment opportunity? What about those inactive players and exponential growth?

I thought so... another big mouth on the net 🤣

Such a dumb argument again...

If I buy the cheapest card every day then I buy the whole market. You think with your ass.

You got me excited talking about discounts and stuff, just saw what you sell, it's all at market rate.

You're even selling max level cards at the same price per BCX as level 1 cards, makes no sense.

In any case, I have a collection worth 1100$, so I definitely put money where my mouth is.

If you have a collection worth $1100 then you're in champion still. Stop lying.

I rented out some cards so now my collection score is 414,000. I need 500,000 to qualify for champions. Right now, without using the cards I rent, I am in champion II.

What happened, the smart one?

I've got the lowest price on the market. I thought you'd grab this opportunity to make a great investment. Just think about all those inactive players and exponential growth...

It's easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is a bit tricky. Ain't it so, the smart one? 🤣

I think the silver tier is a bit high if you jump 50k per tier at gold, silver 1 should only be 50k to reach, 30 for silver 2 and 10 for 3. Seeing all the complaints, and since a gold foil (which is a random drop) reflects more power but same level non-foils are just as effective in a battle, maybe cutting the entire rank in half might appease a few (except Champion - do 300k for champ 3, 400 for Champ 2 and keep champ 1 at 500k). IDK what the answer is. My question is, is this for owned cards only, or does the power get reflected by someone that would rent a deck or cards from @peakmonsters? Also, that Lich is badass - major game changer!

Also, perhaps it would be fitting then, when people are ranked based on their total power, that those that qualify for say - diamond - are not allowed to participate in Bronze level tournaments?

@enginewitty, its what cards are playable in your deck... so if you rent cards or someone delegates them to you, then they are counted for your collection power score.

I am kinda dissapointed about the Power System! Many of us who play have lost numerous hours climbing the Ranked ladder and now we can't even move to a higher league if we do not have the required power?

I am not the best player around but I consistenly finish in Dimond 3 and since I have a 100k Power that means no more Diamond for me... How can I enjoy the game if I do not feel the thrill of fighting stronger players?

Skills matter in this game so please do not screw us.

P.S This is a friendly advice. No hate, I love your game, that's why I have invested more than 150$.
I just don't think this is right

you will face stronger players than you currently do under this system. Under the old system, many low level account rose and diluted the competition... now you will see how competitive this game is as you battle against the best in your peer group. And ps.. there will be prizes and rewards for doing well in EVERY league. That is phase 3.

Thanks for the reply @davemccoy. I hope you are right my friend 'cause I do not want to see Splinterlands becoming a pay to play game.

I know the team is in it for the long run and that's why these changes happened but I am also in Spinterlands for the long run and I want to enjoy playing my favourite game as much as I can!

If I had a suggestion that would be to lower the Power requierments for every League a little bit!

How so? All the bot accounts will be splattered amongst the bronze, silver, gold tiers. They won't be up in Diamond or Champion. This is going to make it appear to new players that ONLY BOTS play this game since they are stuck in the lower ranks with Rusbot1-5

Only to advance to silver ranks and find

Only to advance to gold rank and find

Nice update, absolutely necessary!

I don't understand upsetted people: if you are great player you will rank at the top of your leaderboard and earn more prizes!

I just don't get the reasoning behind the collection power changes. Like, no matter how hard I try to get it, I just can't. You have to buy a 10$ starter pack already and now this? I understand the problem is that not enough people play the game and thus it's to easy to reach higher leagues, but this will make the game even more noob-unfriendly than it already is. Why not instead introduce a proper ELO system or dynamic rankings or something like that, instead of again looking for big(ger) investors.

It isn't that too few players play the game. It's that too many bots play the game and allow people to attain ridiculously high levels by beating them (while the bots get their levels the same way). Last season, I couldn't play for a few days after my normal reset to Diamond I). The opponents that I encountered just DID NOT belong there (i.e. level one monsters across the board). A "proper ELO system" won't fix that.

I wish that it would work for the developers cap the rewards according to collection score and NOT cap what league you can play -- but then poor players who pay a lot will get a lot of rewards because of the league boost that they get from the bots.

Byzantinist will tell you that I am one of the biggest advocates for newbies -- but, unfortunately, they need a second fix for newbies because collection score is really necessary to fix the current HUGE problem.

I'll keep playing the same but, reading some comments as they are discussing the scoring system for the bots (I don't know much about these bots) wouldn't it be better to add a small captcha system for each fight?

this change will do a lot to make competition fair... in other words FUN... right now you have level 1 accounts playing max level accounts and there is no skill involved in those matches... In the future the matches will pit even size decks against one another and there will be true competition. The bots that everyone is talking about are the level 1 bots with no cards (just the phantom cards that come with the acct)... and those will get taken care of unless they invest in their decks and buy the cards needed to play at the higher levels. Every normal person will benefit as a result (once the rewards are reworked in PHASE 3).

Kinda seems odd that Champ 1 ain't requiring a higher dec limit

Great update!
Will it be possible to increase the collection value via delegations or card renting?

Yes, I have an account that has all cards leased to it and those cards count towards its collection score.

Those 2 cards are sick!

The power level thing though, man could go either way. Could encourage players to buy more and increase they're collection, but could also increase que times and negatively impact the game if players are bottle necked by league restrictions.

You guys are agile so I expect adjustments like always. The game keeps improving.

First of all, I am sure the 2 new cards will be very good addition to the already awesome set of rewards cards we have and the battles will be even more competitive and interesting.

Second, I guess the players who use to reach Champions levels from Gold and Diamond levels will be most affected with the level of collection points set for Gold and Diamond levels.

Happy that I just have over 500000 collection points and is eligible to play in Champions leagues :)

Thanks for the updates @splinterlands team, look forward to the 2 new beasts getting available from tomorrow onwards :)

The more I think about this Collection Power update, the more I dislike the way it is implemented.

To start, there is no such thing as a silver level card or a gold level collection and so on. If someone manages to reach high levels with certain cards than they deserve to be in those leagues. I don't know any game that completely disregards skill and puts 'how much money has been spent' as a wall.

Psychology and dopamine levels are completely disregarded. New players pay 10$ for the summoners Spellbook and get stuck on Bronze 3 right from the getgo with the game instantly shouting at them to give more money. That simply doesn't come across well and doesn't fly. There is no sense of progression whatsoever. Working toward a goal and seeing progression is one of the things that makes a game fun and addictive, there is none of that with this new update which only makes players feel like they get punished.

Why not just lower/change the rewards and give a bonus to players based on their collection value, That's a positive incentive instead of a negative one and allows everyone to climb as high as they can. Make it harder to climb the ladder by removing heavy win streak bonus points. If anything, the fact that it's easy to climb to higher leagues with a lower-level collection has the game design to blame, not the players.

Something that can also be done to lower the rewards that are given out while still giving players the dopamine from getting rewards is to work with rewards meters that fill up over time and once it's full a ceratin reward they worked toward gets unlocked like a ΛZMΛRÉ Dice pack or a legendary card. This gives a sense of progression and motivation to work toward that goal each time.

The only real thing the current update says is 'give us more money' which will have the opposite effect. Allow players to play without punishing them, make it so that the standard rewards are fair based on the players their collection value and make them fun especially for players who just started and bought the summoner's spellbook. Add certain one-time rewards for new players to work toward for completing certain milestones like an exclusive legendary card that only can be acquired after getting the summoner's spellbook and having played 1000 games. Reward players with extra rewards based on how big of a collection they have in a fair manner.

The game is actually good enough and doesn't need to be all about the rewards and the returns players/bots can get on their investment.

I think the only one reply being thoughtful. What you say all is only describing many manifestations of one problem.

I wrote plenty of replies here, and I believe that following your reply I succeed in getting to solution:


Ohhhh death resurrect, amazing.

This change is what I've been waiting for! Thanks @yabapmatt, I've put some money in this game over the 2 years that I'm playing and my collection value just decreased over time. Playing the game is the only way I stay break-even. It's still possible for the everyone to climb to a decent rank, you'll just have to keep hold of your cards in the beginning until you can get in a league that you feel happy with. Those cards that you hold are still "money in the bank" you can always sell them if you need to, or decide to quit the game.

For the players that want a shortcut there is still the renting market, yes you pay a bit but the ROI of the rewards that you'll get from a higher league/rank will make it profitable. Overall this makes sure that our cards keep holding value over the long term which is in everyone's best interest

The renting market at @peakmonsters is no good for long run. The market need constant development and become more functional for renters.


Hi there,
thanks for the update.

So let me try to understand this.
40% - 60% of the players are bots (this was a wild guess during an AMA). In the AMA before it was clearly said that you want (need?) these bots.
Now you're taking measures to keep them from climbing in rank too easily which will affect new and smaller players also.
Is this only about protecting the big real human players?
I really try to understand this. I'm playing in Diamond 2 to 1 for the last two seasons - against a lot of bots.
In the future, I'll be in Silver 2 and fighting only bots?

Thanks in advance for clarifying.

@davemccoy is saying

you will face stronger players than you currently do under this system. Under the old system, many low level account rose and diluted the competition...

But like you said, If we rose to D2 rank with the "help of bots" then those bots are also dillution. Meaning we will be condensed into bot ranks. The lower tiers will appear to new users and "cheap/poor" users that Splinterlands is FULL of bots. It will look like only bots play the game. Scaring off new player.

It will depend on where your deck level stands... of course there are many bots that play the game, but you will rank where your collection score puts you. That will mean that others will be in the same boat and you will have much competition as people are back to where the game originally intended them to be (mainly based on summoner levels).

Also don't forget that ALL playing adds the the bloat of the ranking system as it stands now, so even level 1 bots rising higher can aid your weaker competitors to rising up. Now those bots will be capped in the lowest of all leagues and the bloat will have much less effect to others in much higher up.

As to the new player experience, I definitely think you are right. They need to do a much better job of creating a fun atmosphere for the new and less experienced players so that they enjoy it.

I did not expect it to be 500 k, the truth was I expected less but it is understandable, I think that no person who has been playing for a long time can complain about the profitability, and you have to understand that it cannot be absurdly profitable indefinitely, the cards are brutal without a doubt they will be needed for high mana battles


So just that I get this right - you tell my that I'll only be able to play in Gold II from now on because of my collection power of 156.000 - which was more than enough to rank me in Champion II for three seasons straight without grinding or botting?

Your cards are mostly silver level, with a few cards that are gold level. If you think silver level accounts belong in Champion II (the second highest league), then where are fully gold level accounts, partly max level accounts, and fully maxed out accounts supposed to go?

What he's saying is you will end up playing people with decks similar to your own and then next up there will be a leader board for you all

While all problem is about who is picking his opponents. Only winning is getting him in Champion 2 league.


Their argument is that you only got to Champion II by fighting bots, not botting yourself.

Until blockchain games can stop botting they aren't worth playing. Some 14 year old coder will ruin the game for everyone.

Hello everyone.. I love watching the Dev team delivering changes and new content to the game.. Cant wait to see much moer players around.. Collection Power is downvote for me because, as a new player, playing a lot to reach higher ranking will not matter if I dont have the collection power, lower ranking little rewards at the end of season, it will take some time to reach the collection power to get to higher ranking.. at the end this is a business guess people will need to start buying cards to power up that collection!! Hope to see you all playing for many years :-D
Lets keep learning and fighting the bots!!

I upvoted this post because its very important information. That being said I am rather upset by the contents.

I had reserved judgement on the potions being disabled, and understand those reasons, but being unable to use them on rewards has seriously hurt my daily quest motivation. Now in addition to the possibility of being stuck playing a splinter which is weaker or less fun for me to play, I largely get useless prizes. I don't need half of my rewards to be potions when there is nothing to use them on (I don't earn anywhere near enough DEC to even get my summoners leveled up). Potions and Quest rewards get a big thumbs down from me. The one plus is I have won more untamed packs this season than last, but nowhere near enough to make it feel rewarding.

New cards - That part of the post deserves the upvote at least. New cards are always exciting (even if I am unlikely to ever see them). I enjoy the flavortext as well!

Collection Rating - You are pretty much telling me to quit the game. That is not even a remotely low threshold! My collection power is about 50,000. That means I would be stuck in silver 2 when my actual skill level is that of the border between Gold and Diamond. Unless I'm having a ridiculously bad day, silver 1 is too easy and dull and the rewards are worthless. To me its equivalent to saying you don't want new players or low spenders playing the game and is definitely reason for me to tell others not to play. VERY UNHAPPY.

The problem is not that its easy to get into higher leagues, the problem is that the rewards increase exponentially. Not only do you get more season rewards for being in higher leagues, but the daily quest rewards increase as well. There's a much simpler solution than gating, simply give everyone the same amount of quest rewards regardless of tier. This way its still important to increase your tier for the end of the season but the farming benefit is heavily reduced.

I seriously hope you reconsider your plans and I thank you for the update.

Thank you for your thoughtful and considered response.

I think the parent post about legendary cards (and the need to quickly release 2 new legendary reward cards when new ones were already recently released) illustrates why they needed to stop allowing potions to be used on reward cards. It was just accelerating the speed of legendary cards too much.

I am looking at your account and it is mainly Level 1 cards. You have a Level 3 Delwyn and a handful of gold foil cards. The current inflationary rating system is distorting people's perceptions of what the leagues should be like. Instead of comparing it to what the leagues are like now, I think it is better to compare it to competing against accounts with appropriate leveled decks. Although Silver 1 might be "too easy and dull" to you right now, can your Level 1 deck consistently beat accounts with Silver level cards? I think the lower leagues will definitely be a lot more lively and competitive after this Power update.

"The current inflationary rating system is distorting people's perceptions of what the leagues should be like. Instead of comparing it to what the leagues are like now, I think it is better to compare it to competing against accounts with appropriate leveled decks."


I am new here so I just have to ask this. Did Splinterlands try to adjust the so-called" inflationary rating system" before they come to this Power Level Lock idea? Cuz it all looks like the rating system isn't properly balanced for inflation to happen. A proper ranking system wouldn't have inflation problem, cuz it'd actually put Silver level players to silver league without the need of anything else -- and maybe the more skillful silver players would get gold by using silver cards better than most, but certainly not everyone of them would get to champions like now.

Now it just all sounds like "we don't know how to solve our faulty rating system that is actually giving out free ratings so everyone go up, so let's just roll in a hard block mechanic".

I remember reading about some sort of adjustment. I think it only impacted Champion tier players though. I don't know for sure how broad it was, but I didn't notice any changes personally.

Implementation of pairing system and random number generators are manufacturing many issues. I am finding Splinterlands developing team doing poor job.


Thanks for taking the time to reply!

While I don't like the potion change, I do understand it. Restricting the number of legendaries is reasonable. The problem is more along the lines of I am receiving all these potions which I can no longer use. Typically half my rewards are these potions which is highly discouraging since I'll probably get dozens of potions before I have earned enough DEC for a single booster. Rather than receiving a reward, I am effectively being told to spend more money.

Yes, I have mostly level 1 cards. I've only been playing since March and its been a long road just getting a single copy of the summoners I need. Since I'm playing for fun, and only playing until I complete my daily quest each day, having more options is a higher priority than leveling up. Its no fun using a -1 ranged summoner when no ranged monsters are allowed after all!

I can't really comment on facing silver level cards, its rare for me to see them. My opponents are usually obviously bots or accounts which are on par with my own. Certainly when I'm out leveled (or the one out leveling) the battles tend to be rather one sided, and those are no fun, but as I said, that's a rare situation to face.

I don't actually anticipate much change in my opponents from this power based bracketing. I'll probably still be stuck with all the bots. rus23-bot actually has a higher power level than myself for instance. More importantly though, the main part that makes it interesting is the rulesets. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, its not until gold that you get the chance of having two different rules. Having to adapt to the rules is the strongest point of the game.

My biggest concern is I will be stuck in "easy mode", playing bots, with no hope for advancement or rewards without paying to win.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the competition factor after this change. One of the reasons for it was that everyone (level 1 to level 8 summoners) could make it to champion level with enough matches played... that is not fun... but in the new system, you will see true competition and they will even have their own leader boards for each league with separate rewards. You seem like you have an open mind and that's awesome. I think you will see within a month that this was a very wise decision (and necessary for the game to prosper going forward).

I do try to keep an open mind, so I'll reserve judgement until its released. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

I am sorry to finding that Collection Power will only limit bots to getting smaller prizes named Leaderboard rewards. Why? Because Splinterlands is still letting them accumulate ridiculously high rating by the sheer fact of playing 24h a day.

Unfortunately for me and all players, you are making my fears of side affects of Collection Power come true. I fear that chasing newcomers away is Splinterlands end.


The power rating is a bummer.

It is probably a fantastic way to curtail bots but what is the point playing knowing that my ceiling is Diamond and I have to spend more money to get into the higher leagues.

I have consistently hit Champions 2 and barely move higher due to players with better cards than me and that is enough of a barrier.

What is it about these updates and making it harder for lower level players to earn decent rewards?

It seems to be the narrative with the blockchain even with the reward curve penalizing post with rewards under $20.

Posted using Dapplr

I am looking at your account and it is mostly silver level cards with a handful of gold level cards. If you think silver level accounts belong in Champion II (the second highest league), then where are fully gold level accounts, partly max level accounts, and fully maxed out accounts supposed to go?

That is the point. Splinterlands is not a class system where silver level cards stay within silver and gold level stay within gold leagues.

What would be the point of playing if you cannot advance through luck, skill or a combination of both.

I had to buy lvl 6's and one lvl 8 summoner to battle consistently in Champions league. With the new changes I will never get into Gold because the maxed out cards will gate keep.

I will have to spend hundreds of dollars to beat them which most people playing splinterlands will not spend because the investment doesn't match the rewards.

Posted using Dapplr

Well said, and all of sudden, no more replies

as a player who just recently entered the champion-rank, i can understand where the collection-power-treshold is aiming at; there are just a lot of bot-accounts in the ranks of gold - diamond, but there issue here is not the bots, it is the fact that there are very little "real" players within that range compared to the number of bot-accounts.
instead of attracting more new players (which would resolve the problem to some extend), it is made more and more difficult for newer players to get some value out of the game just by playing it (undermining the whole primary selling point of the game while alienating your actual audience).

way to go @aggroed, justin could not have done a better job ruining the game!

Attracting new players is definitely important but so is maintaining a sustainable economy so the game can continue.

I'm looking at your account and it is mainly bronze level cards and in the current environment with the current rating system you did Champion 3, though mostly by beating other bronze or silver level accounts.

There will definitely be an adjustment period and this change will be a reality check for players who have gotten used to reaching leagues that are much higher than the level of their cards. Hopefully people will understand why Collection Power was needed and they will see that the competitiveness of the lower leagues will increase when players are battling decks that are at the same level. The reward structure will also change (especially with multiple leaderboards and prizes for each) so I definitely think there will still be opportunities for new players.

Having a lower value deck in higher value league is not an issue as you prefer to call it. The reason why it is possible is definitely an issue. To get in Champion 3 league you need win a battle. Guess who is picking opponents for us all?


to be honest, i was actually quite surprised of how far i was (am?) able to get up the ranks with relatively low-level cards and i was totally experiencing the issue which is tried to be adressed here, most of my "enemies" were variants of the "en-miners" bot, which felt pretty annoying and made it somewhat easy to beat for me.

i just think it would be way more effective to somewhat "ban" botting per se (@steemchiller seemed pretty easy to be "banned" from hive) than to restrict the ability to progress within the game (i did not invest into the game besides the summoners spellbook, i even used to do some sort of "diary" about it on steem/hive), which is one of the games biggest assets imo.

the issue with the relatively large number of bots is easily solved by a large enough audience (the bots were relatively easy to beat for me, proving my point), because you need to win to profit from the game, which the bots will no longer do...

i think, ultimately only time will tell. i am - let's say - suspiciuosly enough to assume this move is more like a "limit how much profit someone can make in a certain timeframe" kind of move which comes along somewhat of a wolf in sheeps clothing.

also, i do not feel concerned for myself here, but imagine if you are a new player:
i remember the times when you got cards as a reward instead of picks, but they don't.
imagine how long it will take to get a collection big enough for entering just silver 3 (15000 dec) with your 3 "picks", which are pretty likely to drop a potion (wow...) and maybe double-digit dec one per day - even if you get "lucky" and pick a booster instead of an epic or legy, which might not even be really adding much value to your collection (i honestly did not do the math on that one, but someone is of course welcome to assist).

for me, it would make the ability to actually profit pretty theoretical.

i know,this seems a very "money-focused" point of view (or at least, point of argument) and the game can convince via gameplay and quality, this update is heading in a wrong direction imo, but - as stated above - i think, time will tell...

Indeed, side affect of Collection Power to ruin the game by chasing away newcomers is more dangerous than what is intended to accomplish with it.


So now that I've achieved Champion League every season I'm going back to Diamond I at most because I don't hold enough PR? Is this the update I sell off my entire collection? This will hands down differ new players from joining and will lose older legit players.