Week 4, Progress on the LR Account. Some nice rewards!

It's four weeks in, another season is coming to a close and 1st September brings with it the new changes with the collection power requirements which will limit which league you can reach.


The power required is the DEC value of your card collection. With the @life-relearnt account, this currently sits at 1,485, according to Peakmonsters. This means I will be able to go no higher than bronze II league, no matter how many points I gain from wins. Currently I'm sitting in gold II league, so that gives an idea of the gap difference. At the moment, as the season draws to a close, gold II isn't posing me too many problems, because the stronger teams have reached the higher leagues, leaving me on a more level playing field. However, earlier in the season it wasn't much fun getting nowhere and taking hours to even complete the daily quest. I’m still looking forward to seeing what the changes bring, but I realise that getting up the leagues is going to be much slower. My next league is at 5,000 and then 15,000 before I'll even glimpse silver again.

My main account sits at 151,000, which limits me to gold II. This will feel more odd, because I haven't been in gold leagues for ages there. I start the season in the diamonds, then go to champion III. I even hit champion II on occasion, but I think that’s by fluke.

It's been a good week for rewards. I got an Untamed card pack from one of the rewards chests. The cards might only have replaced the phantom ones I got with the spellbook, but still, they're my own!


I levelled up my Wave Runner, to level 2; not that I can use it at that level. With all my Summoners at level one, I can only summon level one cards. I got epic dragon summoner, Kretch Tallevor, as one of the reward cards today and I don't even have that on my main account! There are apparently only 4,424 in circulation. It has no summoner buffs, but it's only 3 mana to use, so a good option in low mana battles.


I'll get one more daily quest in before this season ends, then I wonder what happens as we change over.

Latest stats from Peakmonsters say I've made back roughly a fifth in card value from my initial $10 outlay.



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I read this quickly before getting up and brought it up when youngest was telling me about his latest Splinterlands plans and adventures. We ended up talking about it for ages before he was finally called in 😆

He’s slightly miffed at the amount he’s going to need to get back to whatever league he’s in but so far thinks the changes would be good to dissuade bots and stuff.

It doesn’t really bother me either way as I’m still forgetting to play dailies sometimes 😅

I pretty much just play dailies, but the addiction must be strong, because I rarely miss them! 😅

The bots have the potential to be a good thing, if not abused. I think most of the games I play are against bots, so I'd be doing a lot of waiting around if there were none there. I gather they are the accounts that are sitting in high leagues with the low level cards, though. Enough of them battling each other on occasion gets them there, but you wouldn't want to be playing that many losing games yourself. I just hope they don't level them all up collection wise and end up leaving the lower leagues empty with no-one to play with.

The bots aren't terrible as far as finding matches is concerned, only when they do smart things like chuck nonsensical cards in places that don't make sense XD

I guess they're good educational tools as well in that regard but they make the game go by too quickly and I don't have time to work while watching ;D

I try working who're playing, then realise I've only cooked half the dinner...

Say what!? So next season I will be stuck in B1 after just beeing 4 points short of D2, unless I spend hundreds of dollars?

Or build your cards up through saving DEC and rewards. I believe it's to encourage players to hold onto their cards, rather than just sticking the account on a bot and selling the rewards that roll in. I think they're looking at in league rewards to, though.

I know a lot of people will struggle with this change initially. Hopefully it will be good in the long term, but as with all change there is a short-term impact as well.

This update will be one people most likely won't like, but once leaderboards are rolled out (in the next update), hopefully, everyone will see the value.

I hope the leaderboards don't take to long to roll out. Keep the interim complaining to a minimum. 😉

I think gameplay will improve, but the game rewards will be lower for those stuck in the lower levels and that's what will be the bugbear for many. Having said that, potentially it could balance out if you're on a more level playing field, because you'll be able to get more wins, therefore more DEC earnings, if you're not constantly battling people with way stronger decks.