Week 5, Progress on the LR Account. How the updates are affecting gameplay.

This week the new changes came into effect on Splinterlands. I am now limited to bronze II on the @life-relearnt account until I reach 5000 DEC burn value in my card collection. I'm slowly creeping towards that goal and my card collection's monetary value is now equal to about a third of my initial outlay. I've levelled up some of the reward cards, but I'm not going to be able to use them at that level until I can level up my Summoners. So I'm wondering if that should be my next goal to save for. Either that, or some stronger magic cards, which are likely to be just as expensive as Summoners.


Game wise, the changes have been pretty good for the gameplay in bronze II. The matches have been much more even and there's a good balance between losses and wins (except for yesterday when the daily challenge was death and that's one of my weaker teams). They're usually pretty good to watch as well, because it's not a wipe out in seconds.

Sadly, I can't say it's been as good for gameplay on my main account, where I'm stuck at gold II. It's taking a long time to match me up each game. Sometimes I've played 2 games on the LR account before a match is found for me on my main account.

Each daily quest in bronze league only nets one reward chest per day, so the chances of getting cards is quite low. The account is still growing, however, and I'm up to 43 different owned cards, 76 including the duplicates. Ironically, one of my favourites in battle is one of the phantom cards, Living Lava. It's shield takes at least 1 off the impact of melee and ranged attacks. It's a tough opponent in battle and I usually lose against it, unless I'm also playing it. Need more magic cards!


Match it with Fire Elemental for the blast ability, and you're hitting two birds with one stone!


If there's enough mana, then Fineas Rage (who ironically looks happy, rather than full of rage) is a fantastic companion to Living Lava with his reach and high life. The bonus is that he's one of my owned cards too!


My current daily quest is fire too, so I'm enjoying this one!


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That sounds like a good mantra for Covid-19 recovery phase: "Need more magic cards" 🤣

Big Question: are you having fun??

Good question. Yes, I'm still having fun, however there was a point (at the time of writing this actually) where the gameplay on my main account wasn't much fun any more, but thing's seem to be levelling off again. Had I not been enjoying the LR account I might have taken a break.


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I've found more balanced gameplay with the CP changes. Hopefully Gold league fills up with a few more competitors soon. Evelynclarke is a struggle now. She's in Silver 1, but with mostly 1 bcx cards it's getting really difficult to nab the wins for the daily quest.
Living Lava is a huge competitor at that level. Also Unicorn Mustang.
Totally different game between the two accounts, but great to see the game from both angles.

Ah yes, the unicorn mustang is a good one in earth. At these levels most magic cards only have a hit of 1, so that renders them useless in the fight with the unicorn.

That's what it was like when I had the LR account in silver and gold. Just took so long to complete the dailies! Definitely need to look at levelling up the Summoners before I get to that point again.

I have two blast fire cards now, they're pretty expensive but I like using them together XD (I'm waiting for a high mana cap super sneak so I can use exploding dwarf with them XD)

Oh yes, that would be good. Blasts from each end! A target practice ruleset would also be excellent for archer ones, with the potential to catch 3 in one shot. I once made the mistake of putting a taunt card in second position and the enemy had a blast. Quite literally! 🤣

Extraordinary. Would never have picked you for Splinterlands. I just can't bring myself to do it, but I'm super glad you are having fun!

I blame Matt. I wasn't interested, but he was so persistent in reminding me that the mobile version was on its way and so excited about it, that I ended up persisting and got addicted!