Undefeated win in Gold League

in Splinterlands2 years ago

gold league at tend of season

I must admit, I am a solver league player with just enough colleciton power to get into the gold league, so a few days before the season end, I try my hand at a few matches in gold, and try to get the 6 chest daily rewards.

This means most of my cards are level 2 and level 3 or even level 1. My summoners are level 3 and level 4, so I am not really decked up for the gold league.

Nevertheless, I think there are lots in my situation too, and I do win some matches (maybe 20-30%)

My undefeated match

So you can imagine how chuffed I was to win an undefeated match in the gold league. Not a single monster perished. Although I did have a little damage.

This match was a no-melee match, so you can expect magic would feature quite heavily so I went with bortus summoner who reduces magic by one, and also I placed a monster with magic void in front.

This panned out to be the right choice as the opponent went with a magic attack strategy, and magic defense strategy usually wins out against a magic attack.


You can see my cards, that I have a pretty strong deck with a few legendary in water, this helped, along with my gold dr blight, which I got for buying 1000 packs (still haven't opened them). I was even more surprised to see a level 1 monsters only player in gold. my harts off to them for making it, but really its no challenge at all to beat a level one deck, if you make the right choices.

The result

well you know its a win, but here is how my monsters fared

as you can see all fill health except for phantom of the abyss which suffered one magic deflect attack.


for those players that don't know, the general sale for chaos legion packs is happening soon, where you don't need a voucher, expect it to go nots on splinterlands in a few days, I wonder how many packs will sell in the first 24 hours??

Happy Battling!!!


Oshannus, Phantom, Blight, and Axe Master is a beautiful team. Congrats on making gold, now you can get more chests for dailies!

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I can't wait to have a legendary card.

It's quite hard to climb nowadays.

Nice win and in Gold also, impressive!
Nice group of monsters! Two of those are my favorite water monsters Ohanus and Phantom.
Happy Battling!