Introducing the New COLLECTION SETS Feature!

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Introducing COLLECTION SETS feature!

Have you been looking for ways on how you can group and filter your collection mainly tailored to your own specific need? Then it's time to start using the new COLLECTION SETS feature in PeakMonsters! With this feature, you will be able to create your own set based on the cards in your Collection, and use that Set as a filter each time that you need to perform a specific task in the My Cards page.

To know more and learn how to use the Collection Sets feature, continue reading down below!


How to use the COLLECTION SETS feature?

Using the new Collection Sets feature in PeakMonsters is quite straightforward. However, if you prefer to follow along with a summary of the steps and a guide image, we have included these just for you!

Summary of Steps:

  1. Select the cards that you want to add in a Set.
  2. Click on the Stack icon.
  3. Click SETS.
  4. After clicking on Set, a dropdown called Create new set will show; click on that.
  5. In the Manage Sets pop-up window that showed, input Set name in the field under Create Set.
  6. Once done, click on Create that can be found in the bottom-right portion of the pop-up.

Guide image in using Sets feature

After creating a Set, you may choose to Edit, Delete cards, and Delete existing sets. Aside from that, you can also add new cards to an existing set by selecting the cards that you want, and clicking on the Add to "name of set" in the dropdown list of SETS button.

add to playing.PNG
Adding more cards to an existing set

How many Sets are allowed?

Currently, the quantity of Sets that an account can make is based on its PeakMonsters Account Tier. To see the full list of requirements for each Account Tier, you may check out this post.

2 sets
2,000 cards
3 sets
3,000 cards
4 sets
4,000 cards
5 sets
5,000 cards
6 sets
6,000 cards
7 sets
7,000 cards
8 sets
8,000 cards
9 sets
9,000 cards
10 sets
10,000 cards
11 sets
11,000 cards
12 sets
12,000 cards
13 sets
13,000 cards
14 sets
14,000 cards
15 sets
15,000 cards
16 sets
16,000 cards

Note: The Maximum Cards allowed pertains to the total number of cards added across all sets. This means that in order for you to have 1,000 cards in one set, and 2,000 cards in another set, your account should at least be Tier 2 in PeakMonsters.

How are PeakMonsters users planning to use this feature?

While working on creating this feature, we have brainstormed ideas with PeakMonsters users in our discord to better understand how they are planning to use the Sets feature. If you are not yet sure on how you can utilize this new feature, here are some of the examples shared in our discord:

Summary of the suggestions/ideas in the discord

Some user examples on how you can use the Sets feature:

  1. A set for cards played with at different league levels (Gold set vs diamond set etc)
  2. Sets to delegate to friends or any referrals; sets to delegate for scholarship accounts
  3. Sets for cards that I want to sell
  4. A set for cards that I want to rent out
  5. Sets I need to level up or combine; set for cards that I need to buy more BCX
  6. Sets for different tournament requirements (e.g. Chaos Legion epic cards, Untamed & Dice edition, etc.)
  7. Sets for brawl requirements (A/B frays, Gold foil frays, etc.)
  8. Sets to differentiate gold foil and regular foil cards
  9. Sets to distinguish between wild and modern playable teams

How about you? How are you planning to use the new Sets feature? Share it with us in the comments section or even in a Hive post! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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This is a great addition. It will make tracking my delegated card set prizes a lot easier in my Build Your Own Booster Pact contests.

This is exactly what I've been after to manage my rentals as opposed to my playing cards. Thank you so much for this!!!

Nice new feature! Is it possible to create a set of cards from the rental market (for instance, cards that I often rent for each splinter)?

Right now sets are COLLECTION sets of your actual cards.
I think what you're requesting is the ability to indicate the type of monster and it's level that you are interested in. We are considering a different feature called "Set Templates" which then people can use to figure out what actual cards they want to own/buy/rent.

Yes, i think is something along those lines. But to be more specific: would be something like a subset of favourite cards, which also allows to indicate the level of that card. Anyway, well done with all this improvements. Every week we have something new!

Brilliant! Thanks for always updating and making your site ever more useful <3

Cheers! Feel free to share with us what are the Sets that you will be making 😉

One thing I always wished I had was a "max level" filter. Well, now I sorta do, if I just put all of my max level cards in a set. Thanks for always making shit cooler and cooler!


If you're still interested in a "max level" filter, you can always post it as a feature suggestion here: Feel free to add more suggestions and vote on other existing suggestions as well!

Thanks for supporting PeakMonsters!


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I think this is a big step forward and the first step to being able to rent cards by game sets, with the summoner. I also believe that it will be the beginning of being able to rent for seasons, so that prices are more stable.
Definitely a very useful tool.