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Fun Idea Incentivizes More Card Purchases and Rentals

While washing dishes and looking out on the Australian bush this morning and watching a bush turkey tap on my door window, I had an idea about Splinterlands. Please forgive me if someone else has had this idea, but if they did, I fully support it. HA!


Monster of the Day

What about a monster of the day (or perhaps 12 hours or 6 if you're worried it gives too much advantage)? Splinterlands could generate a monster of the day that if you play with that monster in your battle and WIN, you get a MASSIVE rewards win for using the card. This sort of addition would give players another reason to check into the game more frequently to see if they would have a chance at a big pot because they have that splinter/card. Now, I'm not saying organize it so that the card has to go with the Focus Splinter. It just would be that card that if the stars aligned just right, you could make some MAJOR rewards for using it.


How Does This Idea Benefit Splinterlands?

If you have a daily monster, you have quite a few opportunities if you own/rent cards because as you can imagine, people are going to want that monster for the day, so you drive up the prices on that monster in your rental market or even for purchasing! Just imagine if the rewards are incredible, then people would be willing to pay more to rent or even buy the thing! They may use the card and find out they love it so much for their battling that they want to own it. It creates exposure to some of these new monsters, because as a "new player", I remember being quite overwhelmed with the amount of cards you can choose from and knowing what works for me and what doesn't. If there's a Daily Monster, people can see how that monster works in game play and they may find a new favorite card.

I know for me, when I first joined, Splinterlands had a monster challenge for the week and that was a great way for me to learn more about the cards, but not everyone realizes you can find this challenge on social media, but if Splinterlands offered a Daily Monster challenge on their game, it would help players to learn the lore of the monster, uncover the use of the monster and probably get them more interested in the game because the rewards could be very high for winning.

Now I'm no @yabapmatt so I don't know how all the mechanics would work in making this happen, but I think it could be great win for the game. Also, people like @peak-monsters could offer a deal if you purchase the daily monster or something. I don't know, it's just some thoughts I had about additions for the game that is a win for everyone!

Let me know if you like the idea. Maybe it's something to add to the Splinterlands feedback area? Not sure. I'm usually an ideas person but I don't like to self-promote much soooo... hahaha... it probably won't go far, but I think it could add some great elements to the game and really get some more revenue going on all sides!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

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Wait... what you do mean you were looking out on the Australian bush?

Yipppeeee!!! Yes I'm here in Australia!! Don't suppose you are as well at the moment? :)

I'm not! But I'm super excited that you are! That's amazing. I hope you're having a great time. Say hello to the Kookaburras for me.

I have LOVED the kookaburras for sure ;) My hope is to see a koala in the wild... It's just beautiful here! I bet you miss it a bit! I'm certain I will miss it when I have to return home.

The new rewards system with the daily focus thing pretty much does the same thing. It just encourages the whole splinter instead of 1 single card. So for example you also learn all possible combinations with all different summoners of death.

While your are on "summoner of Death" am struggling with Death Splinter a lot, I actually avoid using Death if I could, I have so far maintained a balanced deck of level 4 summoners, am happy and can take of challenges from other elements but Death isn't giving me that win rate I want.

How's your Death battles?

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Death has all types of debuffs.
Contessa lament debuffs range,
Owster reflects magic,
Zintar debuffs melee,
New chaos one debuffs magic again. We are not even talking about Waka, mimosa, Mancer yet.
I think Chaos death cards are good and cheap to rent too. I like death splinter.

I tend to notice more strength is on the monsters with special abilities like Silence, Demoralize... if one has monsters with lots of those abilities for example you are sure to render the opponent almost powerless, I rented Mimosa the other for my Focus battles and I received a beating of my life from opponents on steroid.

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I believe that they have built all splinters equally powerful. You just need to have the right cards with the right combo.
All the best.

Absolutely no doubt about that, there have to be a weakness for a player with one or two Splinters Death happens to be my weakness which I need working on. Thanks for the chat.

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Yes, the new rewards system does that as well but with the broader focus. I thought it would be a nice spin on things to add in a card reward as well. Thank you very much for reading and giving your perspective on the matter! :) Have a wonderful day!

Interesting idea. I don't think I've heard anyone else propose it yet. You should drop it in the proposal site or submit it as a question for the Town Hall.

Ok, Gregory! I might do that if I don't get too shy about proposing it. HA! :) It was just a thought I had so I wanted to quickly write it down before I forgot! :)

Monster of the day, a cool 💡 I think, replicating the weekly Monster in a lighter way by introducing rewards for it, maybe a chest or two for partaking will be fun and educative in getting to know the Splinterlands monsters.

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Yay! Thanks, Joe!! Yes, I was kind of thinking the same. It would provide a bit of education on the cards. People could click on that special card and hear a bit of the backstory about it. If you want people to fall in love with the lore, the cards and the gameplay, you kind of sometimes have to lead them directly to it.

I am not playing any more, if I was I think like you it would help give me exposure to new cards. From a renters perspective it sounds great. How is Australia?

Yes, Sara, I had stopped playing as well but this new rewards system has me intrigued. I am wishing I owned more cards, so it's getting me back into the game a bit, but when I go to buy or rent, I'm just like woah.. sooo many cards.. hahaha... so I'm glad you saw my point that it would be a great way to give a bit of exposure to a new card, show it's power, it's story, etc. And yes I think the renters would love it. :)

Australia is great!! :) Thanks for asking! How have you been? I hope you get some time off during the summer!

Just talking to Scott and told him you are in Australia. I am doing good. I am taking some time off in August for a family reunion and going to HiveFest in September.

Oh yay, Sara! Yes I reached out to him the other day. Hope he's good. :) PLEASE have a wonderful family reunion and wait.. do you mean Splinterfest? I'm thinking of going... not sure. :) I would LOOOVE to see people. :) Please let me know how the reunion goes in August! :)

HiveFest in Netherlands in September. Then we are going to travel in Norway. I might go to Las Vegas for Splinterfest to say hi to Sergio. If you are there that will extra incentive to make the drive.

Wow I can't believe it's time for HiveFest again!! Seems like it just happened! Sooo jealous! The NETHERLANDS?!?! That's incredible!! :) I look forward to hearing about your trip!!!! :)

This community always comes up with such cool ideas!

Yay! Thanks so much, Aftersound! Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting! :) I truly appreciate it. :) Hope you're having a great week!