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Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. Again, I am with the weekly battle mage challenge today. Nowadays, the battles are becoming harder as bots have been banned, which has severely affected the gameplay. And also, in modern format, rewards are much higher nowadays. Before that, I want to remind you that choosing the best card is becoming very important nowadays as the variation is increasing faster than the old strategies evolved nowadays! In this battle, my winning was very easy as my enemy's card selection was not a better one with level summoners and monsters. As previously, I have shared with you the importance of proper card selection, which led me to win the battle. According to the rulesets, cards must be selected, which is crucial in the game- Glimpse of the Prior-battle knowledge for Splinterlands battle success!. Here, this post will make you think twice about how the ruleset dominates the battle, and some rulesets like the AIMLESS, in which All units have the Scattershot ability. are much more crucial, which can make a solid uncertainty for winning the battle if the selected monsters are not of the PROPER ABILITY.

This is my entry in the Weekly Battle MAGE Challenge with the featuring ruleset called AIMLESS that will make All units have the Scattershot ability. I am going to share one of my recent battles with the Death great summoner THADDIUS BROOD, with it all the ENEMY monsters will lose ONE HEALTH AND ONE MAGIC ATTACK WHICH will be very helpful. I have selected the Death RARE summoner "THADDIUS BROOD" team with the Death SPLINTERS for the battle. My opponent summoner is the same summoner THADDIUS BROOD, which is a great summoner that DEDUCTS ONE MAGIC ATTACK AND ONE HEARTS TO ALL MY monsters, which is a competitive situation for me to win the battle.



Let's dive into The Battle

My battle was a 13 MANA battle with the AIMLESS rulesets. All teams can enter the battle this time. Overall, the battle is an extremely LOW mana match, and my overall plan is to use a great monster with LOW mana costs with many HEARTS and a good number of attacks with good speed to do well in the battle, including a truly giant beast.



My battle

When I saw the death TEAM with the summoner THADDIUS BROOD with some amazing monsters, especially the backward monsters with ranged attacks whichis dangerous and crucial to beat me, I was not sure about the victory of the match but the match was very exciting till the end as the opponent had same tank attacker which were very troublesome for my team!

At the end of round 1, I killed the very last enemy monster. The enemy monsters have no armors which make my team to kill it in the battle.


Round 2
Round 2 was devastating for my opponent and me as the opponent's backline monsters, and my tank was also the same as the opponent's with only 1 remaining health, but the thorns ability is the genuine killer here.


At round 3, I have killed the enemy's last monster, and my winning is just a matter of time!

I won the match, which was a very exciting one! The great cards with some great health and ability made me win the match otherwise, it was a completely difficult battle.


Most importantly, now all the new players can get these excellent water MONSTERs with an excellent number of ATTACKS, health, and abilities by buying at a very cheap cost.


My monster positions

I expected the enemy team with the death team also the same as me as in low MANA matches, this combination is so common, and I got the enemy TEAM with a great death summoner THADDIUS BROOD which is a good one that DECREASE one health and one MAGIC attack to all enemy monsters which is really dangerous for me to win the battle. In my monster line, I have chosen the same summoner and the Tank as the enemy monsters with good attacks and speed with some beneficial ABILITIES for effectively destroying the enemy team.


I have chosen the death RARE card CURSED WINDEKU as my primary and main TANK at the 1st position!** as it is the best TANK and it has solid health with 10 health with the thorns ability which makes the monster a beast with only 6 MANA cost which makes the monster a great one in this battle!


I have used the neutral monster URAEUS AS MY 2ND MONSTER. As MANA cost is so important issue here because of the 13 MANA match, I am spending the MANA for a solid reason, and this monster is an amazing monster with 2 melee attacks.

the sneak ability also plays a great role in winning the match.


My third and the final monster is the amazing 0 MANA cost legendary MONSTER CORPSE FIEND to absorb some sneak attacks or attacks from the opportunity monsters of the enemy team.




Finally, the amazing victory of my team was surprising for me as the match was a very exciting one until the end!

I got 0.028 SPS and 66 Reward Points from the battle reward by adding 23 trophies.


If you want the full battle replay to enjoy the AMAZING abilities of these MONSTERS, you can watch my full BATTLE here


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And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and splintercards resources.



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