Glimpse of the Prior-battle knowledge for Splinterlands battle success!

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Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. I want to share with you the importance of proper card selection in the battle according to the rulesets in this post which is very crucial in the game. last time I discussed the effective ways to collect more loot chests within a short period of time. If you miss that article you can go through this post How to increase the number of loot chests without spending a ton of hours on the screen? In this post, I have mentioned one strategy of playing like robots which can be very effective in some cases (You can find details in that post) but there are some underlying issues that I have noticed frequently which I want to address in this post. Furthermore, I will try to cover some other issues which can be very helpful to improve your battle strategy and increase your winning ratio! These points are very necessary to keep in mind during team selection according to the rulesets, MANA costs, opponent's recent playing strategy, and so on.

If you have missed my article about why Splinterlans is so strong you can read it- Why Splinterlands is booming in this bleeding market: a true scenario, Splinterlands crisis: My honest conclusion and thoughts after loosing $600 in a month! also My 5 years EXPERIENCE in CRYPTO: GRABBING MORE HIVE from the CRASHING MOMENT. Besides, I have introduced some strategic ways to find the new cheaper cards which can be very useful from many perspectives, such as winning with more DEC, and more R-shares. In recent weeks, I have discussed The strongest max SILVER LEAGUE EARTH DECK @180 bucks; the strongest max SILVER LEAGUE FIRE DECK @160 bucks, The strongest max SILVER LEAGUE WATER DECK @190 bucks, and The strongest max SILVER LEAGUE MODERN LIFE DECK @133 bucks!. I hope these posts have helped you to choose some best cards for building your deck to make it stronger in a cheaper way. These cheaper and alternating cards can be useful and amazing options for substituting many expensive cards with high renting values. And also for price appreciation in the future, these cards can be solid investments in this dumped market. Also, I have mentioned the card utility according to the MANA level of the match and the level that will be enough for building the deck. I hope those discussions were very helpful in improving your Splinterlands experience. If you have any suggestions or queries, you can ask me in the comment related to my post!

First thing should be done first!

When you are searching for a battle, you must have a clear idea of which cards are available in your deck currently and which cards have been rented out in the market, or which cards are in a cooldown mood! This prior knowledge will help you to analyze the next steps very fast and the winning ratio will increase dramatically.

Points to be noted as the prior knowledge-

  • Summoner selection is an important step in a match, especially for new players like me who don't belong to all summoners at the max level and so, it is a tough situation for selecting the max one or the competitive one!

  • Most of the players can't afford all the max-level summoners, often they rent 2 splinters and frequently play with those teams only which can make your decision easier to win the match.

  • Proper prior knowledge of the RULESETS, MONSTERS' ABILITIES and the PREVIOUSLY PLAYED TEAMS of opponents will help you to make a perfect decision to choose the best team!

  • Supporting cards can make the summoner indomitable and often useless!

  • Often proper card selection can make the enemy's summoner garbage!

  • Good cards can make your normal summoner into a legendary with some strategic combos!

Rulesets analysis is a MUST!

Often we miss the proper analysis of the rulesets in a hurry especially when we are playing very fast. It is a common mistake in my day-to-day experience which sometimes happens as I surf in other tabs and time is short and select the team in a hurry without reading the details of the rulesets! Often I misunderstand the ruleset and a defeating result as an output. So, it is better to be a master of the rulesets at the first glance so that the next steps can be more easier.

  • You can find out all the rulesets details here-

  • The rulesets can make some key monsters unavailable which should be kept in mind in some special rulesets such as the odd or even MANA monsters, only MELEE monsters or NO MELEE monsters!

Ability recap

The second step should be the prior knowledge of the MONSTER abilities which will help you to find the relationship between the rulesets and which cards you are going to use that will work better against a certain opponent! in this case, it is very important to grab the idea of all the cards abilities which are forbidden or useless in the rulesets like in FOG of WAR, no SNEAK or SNIPE attacks will work! And often there will be no abilities at all for all monsters and sometimes some special kinds of attackers can't be used in the BATTLE. So these things should be considered to select the best team for the battle!

  • All the cards abilities can be found here with the full details-

  • Many abilities like SILENCE, HEADWINDS and DEMORALIZE can vanish the ability by a specific SUMMONER which is great to know to use them effectively!

  • Some abilities like INSPIRE, and STRENGTHEN can work like a specific SUMMONER which can very helpful in many battles!

Opponents recently played teams!

This is the third and the most prior battle knowledge before selecting your team and the real decision can be significantly affected by the clear observation of opponents' teams. Some special cards can force you to select a different team than you have already planned in the last two steps! Also, this step is very important to find out some undefeated monsters according to the opponent's teams and strategy.

  • this step will help you to observe which is the strong points and the weakness of the opponent's last 5 battles!

  • It will help you to balance your selected team with the opponent's probable teams.

  • You can find some underlined clues about your team selection after considering the rulesets, your strong summoners, and monsters with the opponent's strategy.

  • But it is also important to remember that, often this steps are useless if the supported splinters team is not available this time or was not available for the opponent's previous team. In this situation, the first two steps are enough to grab a victory!

Example of some practical battles

In these following battles, it is clear that a higher-level summoner is not enough to win the match, the prior-battle knowledge is also very important in Splinterlands!

I have won this battle against a gold league water summoner KELYA FRENDUL (level 5) with my silver league KELYA FRENDUL (level 4) which is only due to the proper card selection.
The full battle can be watched here-

▶️ Watch on 3Speak
This battle is also interesting where I have won only due to the selection of the card with the IMMUNITY ABILITY!

Thanks a lot for your time and attention and if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. It will help each other to grow up!

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunity of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands

Thank you very much for your time and attention. I will catch you at the next. Have a nice day!

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