12 Days of Christmas (Silver Edition) All at Once!

’Tis the Season!


The Christmas season is upon us! And here on the blockchain that means one thing… It’s SECRET SANTA time! Every year @welshstacker organizes a Secret Santa gift exchange for the Silver Gold Stackers community. Well, the names have been drawn, so if the person who got my name needs a little shopping help… here are some bits of silver I’ve been eyeing. 😁

Sorry this is BEYOND late.

I love a series, and would love the newest panda coin. 2023 BU.


I also love Disney, and Scrooge McDuck fits the bill.


1970’s silver “art” bars. This is more of an eBay thing, but I do love an art bar. Especially if it is a Hamilton Mint America the Beautiful art bar.


Speaking of eBay finds, look at this glorious silver round! Maybe I need to just buy this myself RIGHT NOW! 🤣😂🤣😂


Are you rich? Cause if you are, this 3oz 2020 Barbados Spotted Seal coin has been on my list for awhile. Only 999 minted. And a real bargain at $400 on eBay. 😂


Another round I have coveted for ages… this plague doctor. It is soooooo nice.


Back to more realistic coins, I was digging through my collection today and realized I missed THREE Perth mint coins from series I collect in 2022. The three are the 2022 Brumby, the Quokka and the Emu.

I also missed these Scottsdale Mint coins from the Eastern Caribbean Eight series.


I think that is 12, so I have officially covered the 12 days of Christmas, but… let’s throw in a couple more for fun! 😍

On eBay you can find these 2000 Sydney Olympic coins. They were originally released as a sixteen coin set, complete with their own felt lined jarrah wood case and certificates of authenticity for each coin. I picked up four of the set individually, last time we were in Australia. So am slowly working to acquire the set. Here are four that are next on my list.


When all is said and done, silver is silver. Any gift from “Santa” will be awesome. I love this steem/hive/silver gold stackers tradition and can’t wait for whatever arrives in the mail. 😍


I like the Niue Plague Doc, it's a bit pricey but great for my Halloween collection.
Nice choices @dfinney ❄️

Every year I look to see how much the plague doctor is selling for on eBay…. And every year, still too expensive! 😄

It looked like the kind of coin the premium retailers like; Powercoin, artincoin, or First coin sells. The fancy, high relief, guided or simply high-fluting coins. I may just put this on my 'No-hope-in-hell' list 😂

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Beautiful selections. @dfinney !
May all your wishes come true.
!LADY 😍🤙🌺

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Wish one… that you join us in Vegas in March! 😄 Merry early Xmas to you! Hope the year’s end has been treating you well. ❤️

It is a challenge balancing preChristmas activities, year-end work, personal commitments, house chores, and Hive (and oh, YouTube), and I seldom can do IG anymore. I have two trips scheduled for next year, but if I find the time in March, I will try. I can't disappoint you twice, so right now I am saying I can't join you. 😔❤️
@dfinney , Have a wonderful weekend to come!
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

🙂 It’s Ok. I just had to get in a little push! 😄 Right now I think only silverd, summertooth and I have actually booked. “The 3 stooges”. 😂

I hope the vacations you have planned are fabulous!

That Plague Doctor one is badass!

Totes! How are you stranger? I am so hive lazy these days, but it is so nice to see you around here still!

Yeah I’ve been terrible as well. I’m trying to slowly get back into the groove. I love it, but life is just going a million miles a minute. I’ll always be here though. Even if I’m taking lazy breaks.

I like that one with the UFOs

Same! I love Paris and the aliens add that extra bit of randomness to the whole thing.

Oh Christmas is actually near

The mask of plaque doctor is amazing. And it's available in 2 oz !

It’s only available in 2oz. 😃

I think you are a little late…..most probably have there’s in the mail by now.

I haven’t even gotten mine in the mail to put it back in the mail for my recipient! 😂🤣😂

#spoileralert if you’ve received your secret Santa gift, it’s not from me! 😄😂

Slow mo DFinn….. I don’t know who it’s from. But when I open it I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Merry Christmas my friend!!🤗
So many awesome silver choices, I don’t know where Santa could start looking for that perfect Secret Santa gift Lol!😇
Maybe he can just drop ALL these into your stocking………and of course mine as well !!😇🤗

Hello! How are you and @elizabethbit doing with all the crazy weather? We got pummeled by the snow on 11/29. With trees crashing and transformers exploding, it was terrifying. We lost power and had to go to a hotel!

I hope Santa drops all of these into your stocking too! I miss you guys. I am not on hive enough. 🙂

So very good to hear from you my friend!!! We did not get the severe storm that you did, although we spent a weekend at our sons townhome in North Bend, and two weeks later they got dumped on with over a foot of snow!!😳
Wishing you and the hubby a very merry Christmas from myself and Liz !!! I hope Santa brings your two woofers plenty of doggy toys as well!!🤗

Secret Santa is so much fun! To keep it extra secret this year I still haven't even looked at who I got!

That plague dr is so awesome. One day I'm sure you'll find a way.


You must be killin' it out here!
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They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District


Don’t look at who you have. Just assume it is silverd. 🤪

One thing is for sure @dfinney, you can't go wrong with silver! I hope you get that 3 oz baby seal piece! I would like it as well! Take care my friend, and have a lovely day! !LADY

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Jeeez, that “plague doctor” is something else! ☠️☠️☠️

It sends tingles down my silver sensors. 😄

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