SGS Monsterpit Fundraiser Results 2021

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Authored by @buggedout

With the last Auction for 2021 concluding this week, the results for the @monsterpit fundraisers can now be finalised for the year. It’s been a great year for both HIVE and Splinterlands with both the blockchain AND the game going on to reach new heights this year. With such big changes in the valuations of the cryptocurrency market and the playing cards it’s a bit difficult to calculate the returns in US Dollars, but even with modest involvement from the broader HIVE and SGS communities it’s pretty safe to say that the fundraisers were a success.


Over the course of the year there were 5 Auctions and 5 Raffles which raised a combination of HIVE and HBD. It does look like the Raffles were a bit more successful so that is worth noting for future reference. Over the course of the year the funds raised were as follows :-


All up that amounts to a total of 262 HIVE and 18 HBD raised for the community. Now maybe that sounds like a lot, or maybe it sounds like not much but just keep in mind that at the start of the year HIVE was about 14 cents and it’s now about $2.70. It’s been a hell of a year but if you need a reminder then check out this chart of the HIVE price to USD.


Keep in mind that the Splinterlands cards owned by the SGS community have also had a massive year. Back when the Proposal for SGS Splinterlands Cards was put forward a year ago the deck had an estimated value of just $350 US Dollars and we asked for a budget of another $40 US Dollars to consolidate the cards and make the deck playable. Today that deck is estimated to be valued at over $15,000 US Dollars so this asset value appreciation has been a massive windfall for the community.


So even without the fundraiser proceeds, with HIVE up 1928% on the year and the value of the @monsterpit cards up 4038% on the year….it’s been a great year!

We’ve had a lot of different players have a go with the @monsterpit over the year and the promise has always been that 10% of the funds raised from the Auctions and Raffles would go into a Bonus Pot to be claimed by the highest rating over the course of the year who would be crowned Champion of the Monster Pit. That means the Bonus Pot finally stands at 26.2 HIVE and 1.8 HBD with 2 seasons still to play. The current Top 3 leaderboard looks like this :-

PositionPlayerSeasonRating High

The final auction of 2021 was won by @psychrkrhoz so he will have the final shot at taking out the Bonus Pot prize over the last 2 seasons of 2021 if he can beat that Rating High of 2918. Good luck to him!

Looking ahead to 2022 it’s a good time to review the year and seek some feedback on whether it’s worth doing something similar next year. It is a bit of work to organise these fundraisers and there is now a mature rental market established for Splinterlands cards that did not exist when the @monsterpit account was first set up. I intend to put forward a new proposal for 2022 to be voted on by the community soon, so if anyone has some thoughts or suggestions going forward then now is the time to reach out. Community members should have no problem reaching me on Discord.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and involvement in SGS over 2021!


I am not a player but making use of a rental market seems a good thing to do. Gives you some deserved rest! Selling the cards when they are still hot could be a second idea.

Yes, that is an option too. With new cards and features being released soon its hard to know whether prices will go up or down. Most likely the proposal will involve selling some of those cards which struggle for ROI on the rental market.

I zoned out trying to read this post but I love @ssg-community and #silvergoldstackers!

Number go up 🤪


Thanks for at least trying to read it @summertooth

Congrats on the win! Also congrats to @welshstacker coming in second, or as I like to think of it, first-loser 💩

The Bonus Pot might be finalized, but the competition is not over yet. Still 2 seasons to go!

Glad I'm paying attention and understand what is happening here.


First is first, second is last!

I wish all the best to the participants in the party.

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Keep doing a good work! Thank you! I will observe your posts more often.