35 words, and only 21 of them having anything to do with your sleep system? A little more effort would have been nice.

? it was a whole 4 minute video. on Dtube. Guessing you didn't click on the link

 2 months ago (edited) 

You used to post quite well...Now, just a handful of words a couple times a day to take advantage of auto votes. I've adjusted some rewards.

when you click the picture it takes you to his new Dtube video about the winter sleep system setup. I guess you didn't click on the link either

I'm not in the habit of clicking pictures, so no, I didn't click the picture.

What site do you use to view Hive posts? My posts all have video embeds that play on PeakD without having to go elsewhere.

Though this one didn't embed right for some reason.


Looks like embeds don't work when it's in a community, since that's the only difference I can see between the ones that work and the ones that don't.

Why did you jump to assuming auto-vote harvesting without even considering technical issues being a possibility?

There must be a reason it didn't work, hopefully you get to the bottom of it.

No apology for accusing me of auto-vote harvesting?

 2 months ago (edited) 

Looks like farming to me my friend. So, no apology required. Two posts in the same hour, almost no comment interaction from you outbound or from others inbound on your posts, and yet you can post multiple times a day? Almost all of the (very few) comments on your posts you don't even bother to answer.

You're quick to comment when you get a downvote though.


You're well rewarded, you should probably be content with that. Also, please remember that none of the rewards in your posts are yours until they pay out and they can be removed.

You can act as you see fit though, fail to interact, post as many times as you like, just like others can act as they see fit. That's what freedom means.