Hive hardfork 24 update

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Below is a quick overview of work did last week by the BlockTrades team on hardfork 24:

Hived progress

Originally, we hoped to put out a release candidate on Monday of last week, but this was not to be: we discovered a bug in the snapshot code during last minute testing. Ultimately we traced the problem down to a long-standing bug in the fc library’s serialization code for boost interprocess vectors that the snapshot algorithm depends on.

On Friday, after fixing the snapshot bug and verifying proper snapshot operation, we decided we were ready to tag a release candidate so that witnesses and other interested parties can begin testing Eclipse in various testnet configurations. The source code and a description of the new features added in release candiate v1.0.11 are located here:

Over the weekend, a couple of the witnesses began simple stand-alone testing such as replaying the blockchain with mainnet data and testing the snapshot feature, so I expect we’ll see some posts this upcoming week with real world performance data on various types of hardware/software setups.

Hivemind progress

A lot of work last week continued to be spent on hivemind. We fixed bugs and differences we found between API results between old hivemind and Eclipse hivemind. The include bugs related to post last update time, sorting orders for hive posts, and trending tags. We also re-implemented the hot/trending algorithms in hivemind (previously this was done in hived).

We also added more logging to record the times that hivemind spent processing each operation and virtual operation during the synching process. This will be helpful in the future when we want to do more optimizations to overall sync time, by allowing us to isolate the bottlenecks during syncing (both initial sync and live synching as new blocks are created).

One of the problems we’ve faced working with hivemind is that sometimes we find some functionality that seems “questionable” in terms of usefulness, so we’d like to drop it. But we’re never really sure that there’s not some app out there that uses the functionality. For example, we found an “active” flag that gets set on a post when a comment is added to its children tree. I don’t know of any frontend that uses this, and it seems needlessly expensive to update the database in this way. But for now, in such cases we’ve decided to just maintain compatibility with the old functionality, since we don’t have time to poll the apps community to make sure no one uses this or similar types of functionality. Related MR:

Plans for this week

@howo and @gtg will be coordinating with witnesses to setup testnets, both for testing of hived itself, and for eventual testing of app compatibility (once eclipse hivemind is released).

For hivemind, the last major issue we need to work on is notifications. We’ll be meeting tomorrow to analyze why this code isn’t currently working, and also looking at potentially faster ways to implement it, since the current implementation doesn’t appear particularly efficient.

We now have 3 people dedicated to creating api tests for hivemind. In the coming week, we plan to review and integrate the new tests that have been created. For those who like to see the details of the tests we use, note that these commits are made to the test_api repo, not the hivemind repo.

We’re also planning to begin a final hivemind sync using Eclipse early this week, so that we can try a quick smoketest with a condenser instance by Friday (a hivemind sync takes about 3 days). This will be our first opportunity to try out a full API node based on Eclipse. If that goes well, we would like to setup an Eclipse node for apps testing by sometime next week.

At this point, we don’t expect to make any more changes to hived unless errors are exposed during testing, except for setting the final HF date. Because we lost several days due to the fc bug, we’ve upped the expected HF date to September 16, to give witnesses and apps developers more time to test. Please note this is still a tentative date, and is subject to change if errors are discovered during testing.


Hey blocktrades. Glad you are still here and helping the community. I couldn't handle the drama so I've been gone for a while. I'm glad to see you on here, I tried to sell my Steem for Hive or Eth on your platform but found out that you're not taking Steem, so I took it to binance. Are you done with Steem and and pairs and onto Hive instead? Or might you have a Steem pair in the future?

We only supported Steem to assist our customers who wanted to power down and exit the platform. After our Steem was stolen, we decided it was too risky to have any further association with it and dropped all our Steem pairs.

Stolen?! Wow, I'm sorry that's horrible. Sucks seeing bad things happen to good people. Do you have post talking about that? I thought the blockchain was one of the safest ones. I'm curious to hear about the circumstances surrounding that. Well I'm glad that didn't discourage you from all crypto in general.

His steem was stolen, as was mine, by Steem's very own witnesses, the Justin Sun controlled witnesses.

This post talks about it in pretty good detail.

Hey thanks. I'm still trying to figure out what all happened exactly, I was not around when Tron bought Steemit Inc. There were also people on Steemit who said they were excluded from the hive drops just for who they were voting for. Regardless, I have started powering down my Steem and I have started just posting on here. I always like theycallmedan so I'm on his side..

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated

Hey, if you're interested in a quick and easy way to transfer your Steem to Hive, you can use just transfer your steem to them and they will automatically deposit your hive in your coresponding hive account.

Thank you sir. I started the power down only 2 days ago or so. I will keep that in mind. I always had the goal to hit 10k Steem, never quite happened but I can consolidate some of my Steem and get to 10k here and then, dream realized mostly lol. is amazing! It was so easy i thought it was a scam at first but it 100% is not


I know, right? I sent the least amount first, but was pretty confident as I saw users transferring a lot more Steem than I had without issue. That's the thing about the blockchain. Everything is transparent.

just for who they were voting for.

Just in case you may have misunderstood, it's about who they voted as witnesses. If you voted more than two new witnesses that belonged to Justin Sun who took over the network, i.e. you supported centralization of the chain, you didn't receive an airdrop.

Those who “missed out” on the hive airdrop can’t have their cake and eat it too.

They were a threat to hive so why in the world should they get coins to dump on our heads?

I get it. I'm glad to see a lot of them not here honestly, but there are some people I liked that are suffered. I agree with you though.

Oh yeah did what happen to the funds in bittrex account. DId they agree to return or what? DIdn't notice what happened afterwards

Good to see you back.

Boy, do you have some catching up to do!

I have not read the Hive-feed since spring because the page translation does not work

For example, we found an “active” flag that gets set on a post when a comment is added to its children tree.

Funny, I was just mentioning how I thought a setting like this could help spur engagement, mostly inside of communities.

Notification of posts in communities would be a big help, too.

You can somewhat do that with I use that plus Justrss to get notifications for my communities.

I can't, I don't know what those words mean.

RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Basically it is a feed of the changes on a particular site. So Hiverss will create an RSS feed of the page you want. Wait let me start over.

  1. Replace the numbers in the link above with the community for which you want notifications. (e.g. hivedev community is
  2. Download JustRSS on your phone, or another RSS reader.
  3. Plug that link in as a subscription and get your notifications.

That functionality has been around a long time, yes?
Not necessarily for hive, but in general?

Yeah. To be clear, it's a work around.

Maybe we can get somebody to make a pull request in gitlab?

It is good to see how dedicated you are to continue improving HIVE in all its aspects. This encourages me to dedicate much more time to the platform and share my content even more. Thanks 🙏

text in french
je tiens a suivre ce site aussi et peut être en dégagé un bénéfice


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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

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Cool. Thanks for the update
Looking forward.
Good luck and keep doing the great work.
I always support you as witness.

Thanks, keep us posted.

When you said some bugs and slowed down? What does it mean? About the loading of logging of an certain account or different things?

By the way thanks for the update.

We found and fixed some bugs while testing the new snapshot feature this week. But this meant we weren't able to make the new release candidate available as quickly as we hoped. So we've delayed the hardfork date to give the community more time to test the new code.

Performance-wise, the new code is much faster than the old code.

very nice then, thanks for the hard work.

hieee @blocktrades.... from the last 4 to 5 months i was not using hive/ steemit... i feel like i lost so many things here... but now 'm back with full enthusiasm.. will going to rock here... may all bugs may fix soon.. thankyou for hardwork for us...

Thank you for the update.

expected HF date to September 16


Thank you for the consistent updates. It adds a lot of confidence.

I suspect this HF is going to be very important. The first "real" HF that is completely community-run & developed. The developers look to have been putting in lots of work, and I hope that, by whatever metrics they set, it ends up paying off and being worth it.

Hive may have a long road to go in front of it, but if everyone is able to keep their drive up & continue this passion, then the future is looking bright!

waiting for more good news..

QuoteOne of the problems we’ve faced working with hivemind is that sometimes we find some functionality that seems “questionable” in terms of usefulness, so we’d like to drop it.

When it comes to this kind of thing you simply set it to be depreciated but supported with an announcement along with it and then it can be flagged for actual removal later down the line. That is if it's something that quite obviously 'useless' or it's purpose is unclear. You'll usually find that those who do for some reason use a questionabley useless feature will quickly stop using it.

Yes, that's most likely what we'll do. But unfortunately, in the meantime, we still need to fix problems with these deprecated APIs that were introduced by eclipse-related changes.

Je pense que Hive es un enorme projet, je continurais a suivre ce site en espérant pouvoir en degagé un jour un benef je souhaite etre gros voteur mais n'arrive pas a avoir de hp et n'es pas envie de investir de ma poche

Nice work!

i think justin sun will try to buy hive too. or i thought he is buying hive token from binance and dump the price with lost

I'm not remotely concerned about Sun causing a problem here. Anything he tried would just end up with him losing lots of money to no real result.

I hope he does. As long as it's not the ninjamined stake, he good to go.

Thank you for sharing this update. 🌟

No one stole your airdrop, you never had the tokens, no one is obligated to give you free tokens.

LOL. He bought that "free" tokens just like you - with STEEM. You are worst than Justin.

The airdrop of Hive was a privilege not a right. A right you forfeit when you assist in a hostile takeover of the system.

No one bought the airdrop, it was given.