Why do you care who exactly owns a certain account, and why do you spam that below this post?

So what??
This is what you did. spam!! Still do it. Be you and we can't ??
Be careful, and eventually you too will be exploited.

I asked why. If you're interested I tell you my reason for the spam on steem (which only happens in a post of my own, but that doesn't even matter) after you answered my question.

And what exploit are you talking about?

Your writing is hot. So many people see. I want to inform where many people see.

I want to make a fuss like this. That's because others see it.

So you want people to see you spamming?
Or do you think that helps in answering the question? Or is it rhetorical? What's the point then? Even if it belonged to the same person, what does that mean? You do not provide any information.

I don't think this is spam. This is information. This is what you need to know and others.

And what now? Everybody knows blocktrades is a big stakeholder, and as such of course has multiple accounts. What should I do with this information?

You should read the linked article. He ate the value of Steam this way. He took the profits of investors who bought Steam. He might even do this on Hive.