New hive public full api node available -

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As stated in the post about my renewed witness campaign, parts of the rewards will be used to operate a public full node. It is now available, and will be so for at least 3 months should I drop out of the top 20 again.


The cluster consists of 3 individual nodes:

The servers are located in Germany right now. With more time as a witness and eventually rising prices for Hive I plan to extend it with more nodes in different locations managed by a GeoIP load balancer.

It's been a while since I ran my last public node, and a lot has changed. Back then it was still a monolithic steem instance on extremely expensive servers, and my whole setup cost ~$1200 per month. The current one is at about $250! Performance looks good to me so far, but it's not battle tested of course. So expect bugs and hiccups in the beginning. Please help me fix any issues by reporting them to me directly!

I learned a few things in the process (thanks @gtg), so if you have any questions about setting up a node don't hesitate to contact me.

And finally and obligatory, if you want to support my work on Hive infrastructure, education, onboarding and retention, please help me secure my witness spot.

Stay safe and healthy!


I just voted for you. Be nice if someone would do this for Steem.

Thank you for providing these services to the community @pharesim! I'm proud to be supporting your witness with my vote.

Great news, I guess we need more witnesses running these, you've got my vote already!

@tipu curate

wow! that was quick! :)

I'm so glad that you made it into top20! Already getting amazing efforts and providing infrastructure.


Glad to see you in the top 20.

Witness vote to you! ;)

thanks for your hard work!


My vote to you

You were already on my witness list, but I am very happy to see you posting about the things you are doing for the community. I would like to see all witnesses doing an occasional post so us little guys can be more informed.

Thanks. My long standing witness voting criteria heavily favours witnesses who run API nodes. I'll send you my vote.

Good stuff! Glad to see people adding public nodes to the ecosystem :-)

I think more and more public nodes a blockchain have, more people can adapt it easily, kudos to you :)

Too bad, I can't vote on you... you already had my vote 😉
Thanks for your time and effort and...investment in hive!👍

This is great news

Thanks a lot 😌

Thanks for the public nodes!

I've been looking for some public nodes to use in the development of an application frontend.

Now if I can retrofit a Steem library to work with Hive, it'll be smooth sailing.

Thanks for the resource.

Unfortunately for me it seems like none of these are Java libraries. The only one I've been able to find is SteemJ, and as I'm sure you can tell from the name it's not updated for Hive.

Hopefully I can manage to rework it.

Awesome and thanks for letting me add the new node as an option on (available in the next release).

Most excellent. Doing a good thing here Pharesim!

Does it support RESTful requests?

No. None of the steemd/hivemind APIs support those, neither does jussi. Anyx has his own proxy tool for it, but unfortunately that's not open source afaik.

I have been playing around with the REST API by anyx and I think it doesn't support sending post requests.

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