Creation of HiveDevs Community - Information about HiveDevs

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Creation of HiveDevs Community - Information about HiveDevs


Creation of HiveDevs Community

With the release of communities and soon SMT, it is an exciting time to be on Hive! The HiveDevs community will be used as a place for Hive based developers to share their project and stay in touch with each other. Improving communication across the developers of the community will surely be a benefit to the entire Hive network and its users.

Information About HiveDevs

SteemDevs started as a Discord server that catered specifically to Steem based developers. SteemDevs was created in 2017 to address the needs of the Steem developer community and to serve as a way to bring everyone together. Now, the Discord server has been rebranded to HiveDevs and has ~30 channels and 1,379 members, including some core Hive blockchain developers, community thought leaders, and professional developers.

Posting in the Community

In order to participate in the HiveDevs community on Hive you can either visit the community site at or simply use hive-139531 as your posts first tag on any of the existing Hive UIs.

Come Join Us In Discord

If you are a developer, or looking to hire a developer, we welcome you to join our Discord server. When you get there, say what you are looking for and someone will assign a posting role so you can participate in the various channels. See you there!

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off topic, how does one recover and account if the account holder only has their passphrase word, I have a friend who used my invite to register but did not copy their posting keys active keys etc. but they have the 12 word passphrase? cant seem to help her, searched everywhere, anyone who can advise, would be greatly appreciated. trying to onboard and it is a nightmare. wish we could make it easier somehow for people who have no clue.

the password is used to generate the keys (as long as the user doesn't manually change a specific key)

you can generate the keys from the password using @hiveio/hive-js javascript library like this..

  var hivejs = require('@hiveio/hive-js');
  var keys = hivejs.auth.generateKeys("username", "password here", ["owner","active","posting","memo"]);

there are many other ways to achieve this with different libraries; if you need more help you can always go to HiveDevs discord and ask there.

Love this. I just joined HIVE tonight but browsing around I can already tell I'm right at home.

Junior dev here, perhaps you guys can find some use for me on a project or two! I joined discord :)

This is a great idea. We can make the developers community in steemit realy huge.

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I guess the Discord invite link is broken.

Hey there, not sure why that happened. I will update the post. Thanks!

Hey Net..! I am struggling to find concise documentation about the steam platform. I am a developer in traditional sense. I wanted to do some 'Steaming'! but can't find unified space that can provide knowledge about the steam platform.

Hey there, check out the developers portal at as well as the various documentation/readme posted on the SteemIt github.

Please, if someone knnows, do be so kind to tell me why I'm "missing posting credentials"?

because your RC is too low, it's a trick of those having cornered the witnesses (instamine at the start) to keep the supply controlled... so they could sell, while you had to horde... easy.

Hi, this is off topic, but have been battling to figure out how to sell my steem either for BTC or to move it into my current hive account. I know it was possible a few weeks ago as I normally did through blocktrades but that option has now been removed, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I have been off all the usual forums etc. so a bit out of touch on what the current situation is.

thank you in advance.

Yeah with blocktrades getting blocked on Steem a lot of users are having issues with that.

Personally I think Bitrrex is a well behaved alternative. You might be able to find people to make OTC deals with on Steem for Hive but I dont know of a good website to facilitate that.

Thanks for the info. Will check it out. I still have an old trex account I can use. Stay safe.

the problem is anonymity (kyc, aml) but if you don't care...

Can you point me towards some posts about how one can go about creating their own community and how that is done?

I'd like to start one that is recovery/spiritually based for alcoholics and drug addicts. Thanks for any info you can provide, or how I could go about setting something like this up.