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I do not usually express my self to this matter. I am not considering my self to be a public person.

I usually give small vote to @cuddlekitten and his lovely cat under my post. Funny is that I am not fun of cats. I like them but not at my home. :)

And now this posts start to be downvoted by @themarkymark @manniman @apeminingclub @thevil @upmyvote


I am asking my self why. @fraek is not be bothered to make a fuss about it. But I am.

@cuddlekitten do not post everywhere you must sing for it. This is not a spam, something what annoying me. This is what I want under my post. And I am just a user of Hive. And there is no explanation why this post under my post is downvoted. Even if I give it my own vote. These downvotes making bad outlook also to my article and me.

For Hive this behavior making bad reputation. Hive should be censorproof. :) Ant this activity for not interest person like me is lookalike some form of censorship. In our #czech pond we make comments under downvoted article. It is at least decency say why and also it is information for other readers and helps authors understand why and give them guidance to avoid downvotes in the future.

I know the history of downvote wars between whales. I know why was mana introduce. I am on this chain more than 5 years. But if I see now @gangstalking also under my posts I am realizing that mana don't help fight spam to much.

These thing should Hive developers have in scope. And automatic downvoters should thinking about informing people around about their activities and thus help raise the knowledge of local users.

:) This post is not attempt of attack. Just trying to point out this matter to more eyes for discussion.


This is a quite peculiar case. I wouldn't expect someone to want this. But I agree it only needs minimum investigation to find out that this isn't spam but requested service.

Not manually, Downvote Trail, can‘t tell wich.

So I see this issue is still not resolved?
Or is this in fact deliberate?


I don't know. It's important to provide baselayer security by the community by consensus downvotes or upvotes. But I'm not important enough to really be part of the decision-making. There's always the option to Opt-Out, transfer the funds, and move the account to a new wallet after a real bad f***up.

thanks for raising the discussion and cheers for all the cuddles ;)

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:) thanks to you... will see if it leads somewhere

I'm with you. I like giving @cuddlekitten a small upvote every now and then, as it makes me happy.








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