How to install Hive Keychain on Firefox

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Unfortunately, Hive Keychain isn't yet available on the Mozilla add-on website, so to use it, you'll need to manually install it via Firefox's debugging tools.

If you're using Google Chrome / Brave / Chromium, @themarkymark has a guide for installing the extension on those browsers here:

Otherwise, continue reading to learn how to install Hive Keychain on Firefox.

First, download and extract Hive Keychain's source code

Go to

Click "Clone or download" and select "Download ZIP"

Extract the zip file into a folder.

Next you'll need to install the extension via Firefox debugging tools

Now, enter into your URL bar:


You should see under "This Firefox", a button which says "Load Temporary Addon"

Click on "Load Temporary Addon", then browse to the Hive Keychain folder.

Select one of the files inside of the Hive Keychain folder, for example LICENSE. Then hit Open.

You should now see the Hive Keychain extension installed, like above.

If it worked, you'll see the Hive Keychain icon - a red and white set of keys in your Firefox menu bar.

Click on the icon, and setup keychain as normal.

You should now be able to use Hive Keychain enabled services such as and

Thanks for reading :)

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For me, about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox gave me an error, but about:debugging worked fine. I got the manifest/warning error, which I expected, and needed to click the Reload button (between Debug and Remove, not the browser reload icon), to make it appear in the toolbar with all the other add-ons.

Nervous to have a browser extension, to be honest, but it does seem to work. Thanks!

This is what I NEEDED BADLY.

Great tutorial! Is there anything similar for Brave Browser?

Seems you missed the first part of the post :P

Check @themarkymark 's post:

Brave is based on chromium which is chrome too so just follow the chrome tutorial

Ok, excellent then!

But you must be aware that closing the browser will take the extension away....
@someguy123 are you ineterested in a spanish translation? I can do it.

Super helpful!

Amazing feature in order to check our hive balance directly from firefox. Keep up the good work 😁

Do someone know, when we can expect the wallet on the homepage to work?

Hi, didn't work for me. When are the wallets showing at

Thank you! I was waiting for this! Your tutorial worked perfectly for me!!

Thanks! It worked damned well (despite a quite lengthy message when we expand the warning yellow box).

Thanks for this! Looking forward to giving it a try today. :)