#AlternateHistory Challenge - What if the COVID-19 Pandemic Hadn't Happened?

I recently won the @daltono #PredictTheFuture Challenge and received a 30 HIVE prize. I've decided rather than powering up that 30 HIVE to my account I'll award that 30 HIVE in my own challange.

@daltono's challenge covered the possible future several decades from the present. This challenge will focus on an alternative past within roughly the last year. One I suspect many have already spent at least a little time pondering.

What if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn't happened?

The exact origin of the still current global pandemic is unknown but for the sake of argument suppose something had happened to avert the initial spreading of the virus. How would roughly the last year have turned out differently?

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There is obviously no "right" answer to the challenge question. Even if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn't occurred events can go in different directions. This is a kind of worldbuilding exercise where you assume something (the current pandemic) hadn't happened and try to deduce the ripple effects that would have followed.

This challenge isn't about how your life would have been different. The challenge is to describe how the objective world around you would have been different than it is now without the COVID-19 pandemic occurring. It could be about how the events in your town, state, country or the world in general would have played out differently.

Some topic examples:

  • What would have happened at the 2020 Summer Olympics?
  • Would any elections that occurred have turned out differently?
  • Would the cryptocurrency markets have been different?
  • Would certain delayed TV shows, movies, comic books, ect. have been more or less successful if they had been released as scheduled?
  • What news stories might have been bigger had they not been overshadowed by coronavirus news coverage?
  • What would the money and resources that have gone toward fighting the pandemic otherwise have gone toward?

It’s up to each user who submits an entry what they want to focus on when describing what an alternate timeline without the COIVID-19 pandemic would have been like.


Out of all the entries to this challenge submitted one will be chosen by me (@holovision) to receive a 30 (thirty) HIVE reward (on top of the winning post's rewards payout). I will read all the entries and chose my personal favorite out of all the entries as the winner. The winner will be announced within 24 hours after the challenge deadline (see below).

While judging entries what I will be giving most of the weight to is the logic and reasoning of the alternate history scenario. As examples of how an alternate history scenario can be played out the YouTube channels Whatifalthist, alternatehistoryhu and Monsieur Z have many "what if" alternate history videos. In the Alternate History community I have made posts about Caroll Spinney being on the Challenger when it exploded instead of Sharon Christa McAuliff and the DeLorean never having been designed.

If anybody would like to increase the reward amount with a donation please feel free to contact me.

Rules to qualify:

  • User submitting an entry cannot be on any official Hive blacklist. This tool can be used to check status of an account. Being on any official blacklist disqualifies the user from this challenge.
  • User must reblog this post.
  • User must either post or cross-post their entry to the Alternate History community.
  • User must comment a link to their entry on this post to help ensure that I am aware of their entry. Within 12 hours I should be able to reply back to confirm that the entry has been seen.
  • User must include a link back to this post about the challenge in their entry.
  • User must use the #AlternateHistory tag.

Not required for users entering this challenge but it would be appreciate and help to promote the spirit of this challenge:

  • User can upvote this post.
  • User can subscribe to the Alternate History community.
  • User can follow @holovision.
  • User can publish a link to this challenge in their favorite Discord groups or out to their followers on the various centralized social media platforms.


This post should be published around March 01, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. GMT to begin the contest. This challenge will last for 7 (seven) days and end when the reward payout for this post occurs. After the post payout occurs no new entries will be considered in this challenge. Posts about an alternate history without the COVID-19 pandemic can still be posted on the Alternate History community but will not eligible for the prize.

Good luck to everyone who enters this challenge. I look forward to reading all the submitted entry posts.


Blacklists are based on the complaints of whistleblowers and moralists, they should be abolished as a phenomenon

I respect your opinion and I am not claiming every blacklist is 100% infallible. I want a certain amount of quality control in my contest and relying on official blacklists is a simple way of doing that. I will be spending time reading the entries and the extra step of going through each participating user's account to make sure they are not a known plagiarist would probably take more time than I have set aside for judging this contest if a lot of users enter.

I guess the tool I linked to above in the post has been under maintenance for awhile. I've asked @themarkymark in a reply to his post about the tool when it might be up. I guess in the meantime when there are entries I'll have to check to see if any blacklists are replying warnings to posts to verify whether or not a user is on a blacklist.

This is a very well thought got contest with an interesting topic. You communities are of topics that interest me a lot.
I’m happy to know that my reward to you for winning my challenge is going towards a good cause. I’ll do my best to help you promote this contest.

Thank you for your help. I hope I get as many creative submissions as your challenge got.

Love this! I've been fantasizing daily about many scenarios like this the last year. I'll fit an entry into my posting schedule over the next week.

Wonderful! I look forward to reading your entry.

Can you please change the tag in your post #AlternativeHistory to #AlternateHistory or add #AlternateHistory as an additional tag?

Last rule above states:

User must use the #AlternateHistory tag.

Once you make the change I can validate your entry into this contest. Thank you.

Correction effected. Thank You for calling my attention

You are now entered into the contest. Good luck!

Thank you for entering the #AlternateHistory challenge. Your entry did not win but I have given your post an upvote and I will re-blog the post.

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I'm sorry. I started writing and it just never stopped. It was to fun creating my own EURO Football Championship.


Hoping for more entries!

No apology necessary. I have verified that you have followed all the contest rules to qualify and you are now entered into the contest. Good luck!

Great! Hope you weren't bored to death.

Congratulations! You are the winner of the #AlternateHistory challenge and you have received the prize of 30 HIVE. Prize transaction ID: https://hiveblocks.com/tx/b267bd124ee888b897180854c6c55bcf0c0b89e1

Entry into the contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. The winner will be announced within 24 hours and the prize will be awarded when the announcement is posted.