AquaShop - Stock Log #3 "The Betta Fish"

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AquaShop - Stock Log #3 "The Betta Fish"

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Hello and welcome back to The AquaShop Stock Log. 🐠

In this series we will be showcasing the different types of fish you might find in an aspiring fish shop!

take notes shop owners!

Starting with some of the more commonly found fish we will work our way up to the more sought after species of fish that only an experienced caretaker could handle.

The Betta Fish

Betta splendens

Betta_DownTail (1).png

The Siamese fighting fish, more commonly known as a betta fish, love fresh water, but when times are tough they find a way to survive in some of the harshest conditions. Although not ideal, they have been known to survive in high polluted water with low oxygen levels.

Like many other fish, the betta can have multiple colors on its body, usually 2, and a 3rd color for its tail. Because of these amazing color patterns they continue to be seen in personal tanks across the world.

Where do they come from?

The betta fish is native to Thailand and was originally domesticated at least one thousand years ago!  Over the centuries they continued to flourish both in the wild and in the homes of the Thai. However, the betta  fish wasn't known internationally until King Rama III came along and gave some of the fish to the Polish in the late 1800s. From there the betta fish flourished from country to country and it is now domesticated     around the world.

They can breathe air?!?

Betta fish have a special organ, known as the labyrinth organ, that allows them to breathe air at the       water’s surface. The organ extends from the fish’s gill plate and is made up of many folds of bone. When the Betta fish gulps down air, it passes over the blood vessels that run over these folds. This allows oxygen to be absorbed into the blood in a similar manner to what happens in our lungs.

We will continue to show more information on these fish as time comes. More information can be read about these fish HERE.

That's all we have for today shop keeps! Keep an eye out early next month for our next post and expect to see more of these Stock logs soon!





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