Hive overtook EOS to become the most popular blockchain for gaming

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DappRadar released the report in conjunction with the Blockchain Game Alliance on the state of the blockchain game sector during August 2020.

Key trends

  • During August 20202, the average number of daily active unique wallets playing games across the blockchains tracked by DappRadar was just under 23,100.

  • This total was marginally up compared to July (+1%), and up 8% compared to the year’s low point of May.

  • But it remains down compared to the start of 2020. During January, the average daily total was almost 26,600 active unique wallets.

  • Hive overtook EOS to become the most popular blockchain for gaming in terms of raw daily activity.

  • The big change during August in this area was the rise in activity on Thundercore.

  • Splinterlands has experienced month-on-month growth throughout 2020, rising from around under 4,000 daily active unique wallets in January to over 6,100 in August.

Learn more about what has happened in blockchain game sector during August 2020


LOL beating out both Larimar chains ain’t that neat, clearly that’s out niche and we should start doubling down on what works

Gaming is for sure growing on Hive!

Just today I did the report on the Hive activity, and the custom jsons are now dominating the blockchain.


I'm surprised how low the numbers are.

Hive keeps getting better and better, haha!

Interestingly, Hive picked up from where Steem left off at the precise time of the hard fork in which Hive was created. At that moment, gaming activity cratered on Steem.

Can anyone recommend any Hive-based games though? ^^

I just don't like EOS. I tried Trybe, Murmur, Karma... some other stuff. Wasn't really into it.

I am glad to know that gaming community is progressively adopting Hive.

Great to see it and no surprise that hive is thriving with its games. Fast free transactions gives us a huge advantage over some of the larger chains.

August 20202


August 20202

We live in the future bois

Awesome! Some cool stuff coming down the road as well. Our numbers are just getting started.


too many 2's in first date under key trends 👍

Great News for Hive.

Glad to see this blockchain putting
to good use. We need a lot more games
in here or more dapps to jumps start
this phenomenon #Hive

Gaming community on fire, Yeahhh

Great News. I believe if the crypto press would cover more the success of HIVE Gaming like. no transaction fees, 3sec confirmation time, great and active community tied to a social media platform.
We would do much better and many players who got frustrated on Ethereum and EOS would have moved over. Unfortunately the mainstream crypto outlets don't won't to admit that HIVE has great success in gaming and building active communities.
Thanks for your great work!!!

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