Time for some Dark Souls


I am scared


I have never played any of the Dark Souls games before. I have just heard horror stories about how difficult and frustrating the games are. But I have also heard that they are amazing games and well worth playing once you get the hang of it.


So now that I have a bit more free time on my hands, I figured it was time for me to give this legendary series a try. I picked up the game on the Xbox Game Store last night and got the deluxe edition that includes all of the DLCs for about $22. Not a bad price considering it is $85 for all the content when it is not on sale.


Dark Souls 3 is the final game in the series and from what I have heard, it is the best one. It takes all of the good from the previous games and expands on them. So instead of playing any of the earlier games and I decided to go with the most polished installment.

One of the things that I was always interested in and thought was so cool about these games was the massive bosses that you fight. I like fights that have different mechanics and this game is all about combat. The fighting makes me think of some of the raid bosses in World of Warcraft, where there are different phases to the fights.


My first impressions of this game is that the graphics and sound are pretty amazing and they give a real feel of the world they have created. The gameplay is pretty good too. I really like the controls so far. The buttons are pretty responsive and there isn't really any input delay in what I want my character to do. I hate games that have a delay in when I push a button and my character doing what I want them to do. That would be a game breaker in this type of game where the difficulty level is pretty brutal.


Character creation is pretty straightforward in this. I went with a thief as my class. I wanted to do something different from the big armor wearing warrior and knight classes that you usually see in these types of games. Plus I have heard the mage class sucks pretty bad.


Within the first few minutes of playing, I ran into what looks like some weird ice giant thing that killed me pretty quickly. I am sure this death will be the first of hundreds as I try and progress through this game. I am looking forward to playing through it though because I have heard there is a lot of exploration and things to do in the game. Hopefully I enjoy this game. It seems pretty awesome so far and I am kind of bummed I never got into it earlier.


Good luck bro! Dark Souls games have always intimidated me as well. I’ve played Bloodbourne and Nioh a tiny bit, but never have given Dark Souls a chance.

It seems cool so far. Definitely a lot harder than other games tho

Just try the Griff Challenge in Brawl Stars. You will immediately change your opinion, I guarantee.

One of my favorite games. I've played all of them and this one is definitely the best. It looks the best and plays the best. Even has the most interesting bosses, especially in the DLC's. Shame there isn't crossplay between PC and consoles if not we could have gone for some jolly co-op, aka me carrying you.

I am going to have to learn the different techniques for these bosses. The first one is super hard. lol


Gotta watch out for animation triggers and learn their attacks and such. The trick is often to wait for an opening, go in and get 2-3 hits and the get out. Greed is what kills you in this.

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It's normal to be intimidated by this kind of games, I say this because many times they can be super cruel, but if you get used to them they are excellent. I don't think they are the most difficult, there are more, but they are a challenge.