What did you use in recording the live video game?. I love the weapons mass destructions as well as action packed

I use OBS software usually, today was using GeForce. Nice bro hope you tune in sometime, will be streaming more often.

Of course I just saw another of your stream haha, I'll be dropping often soon

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You only play Apex?
Or do you also like other battle royale?

I mostly just play Apex and Call of Duty. I used to play PUBG but have stopped.

What do you play @wesp05?

Well, I can only play League of Legends, and I used to play a lot of Pubg Mobile and CoD Mobile, now not so much.
But I like to watch Pubg streams for pc, fortnite and warzone. In some cases I saw a bit about Apex but I don't know much about the game really, I saw all this in the streaming of winghavenistheman, a spanish youtuber, and pokimane😍

It blowed up real good.

awesome.. wow you just powered up 1 million Hive.. what a great day.. have fun..

Thanks for the support!

anytime brother, appreciate all the content over the years.. keep it up!

It's a really cool game and I think it's very good that you're making it even better known.

Greetings Michael


Grateful for the evaluations of my publications. Successes in your Healing work. With my 68 years of age I have learned a lot in hive. Hugs from Omar Gustavo Rojas Ortiz from Cumaná-Venezuela.

Dear, @encrypt3dbr0k3r

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just 1 hive post, don't like streaming anymore, myself trying to get streaming and gaming!