Trying out Peakmonsters new Rental System!!!

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Well I heard this new rental system is a game changer.

And since I have A LOTTTTT of spare cards that is just lying in wait on my account waiting for God knows when I will use them , I decided to give this new rental system a try.

And what do you know, I have successfully managed to rent some of my extra cards and is now getting 28.249 DEC per day. *Pretty sweet right?! * Better than those cards just bumming around on my collection. XD


I noticed that most of the cards that were successfully rented were the GOLD ones. I believe most of the renters were 'new players' since it is quite easy for them to increase their Collection Power by renting Gold cards rather than the normal ones.

Not to mention that using a Gold card also gives one additional DEC bonus on every ranked match win so it does make sense that there is such a high demand for Gold cards especially the low level ones.


Anyways, as to the new rental system there are things that I love and things that I also quite dislike.

What I love is that one can rent multiple cards at one go. They also have this thing called yROA (Return of Asset?) button in which in one click would give one suggested DEC price to get the inputted yROA percentage.


What I hate though is also this yROA. Truth be told I didn't quite understand this when I used it even at this moment. XD

I thought that it would get the lowest current rental fee on every particular card and will calculate the DEC based on the lowest current rental fee of that card.

Take for example my Gold Level 3 Undead Rex above. I thought choosing yROA 1% will give me the current lowest rental fee which iss at 0.219 DEC and calculate 1% from that. So I thought it would be rented at least around 0.219 DEC BUT as you guys can see above, it calculated 0.1 DEC instead of around 0.219 DEC.


Not really that much of a big deal but yesterday when I rented some of my gold cards I wasn't aware of this. I have rented some of my gold cards at a very low of only 0.1 DEC when in fact some of the cards lowest rental fee at that moment can go up to 1 DEC. So I might have lost a potential 0.9 DEC per card per day (and I have rented around 30 gold cards at only 0.1 DEC each). XD

I didn't cancel those rentals though, I'm just gonna think that I am doing the newbies a favour by renting some very cheap gold cards at almost nothing.

So, if you guys wanna rent your cards for good profits, I highly suggest double checking the prices of individual cards before hitting the 'confirm' button. xD


You are right to double-check the current prices before confirming the transaction.

Good tip. I think it's going to take a while to get used to the new system but I see a lot of potential when things settle down.

I have loads of spare cards that are just lying around at the moment. Mostly Level 1 though so not sure there will be too much demand for them 😊


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I myself have rented ALL my spare DICE cards. My level 1 Mylors were all immediately rented and almost half of my Lorna's too. As for Vera and Qid, no renters. xD

Also decided to rent out my spare gold cards and most if not all of them were rented out except for the Gold Foil Legendaries (maybe 50 DEC was too much).

At the moment, I am currently getting 43.189 DEC per day from it. So not really bad than just letting those cards sit out in our collections . xD


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At the moment, I am currently getting 43.189 DEC per day from it. So not really bad than just letting those cards sit out in our collections

That's great. I need to get organised. 😁


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