Path of Exile ~ Lake of Kalandra ~ try to freeze me now!

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In my last Path of Exile post, I mentioned that I needed to capture the soul of Ara, Sister of Light so that I would never get frozen again.

In order to capture her soul, I needed two items: Cold River Map and Divine Vessel.

Although I had plenty of Divine Vessels sitting in my stash, the Cold River Map was a tier 10 map that I didn't yet have. It was time to go map hunting!


Map hunting basically entails running through other maps and hoping that the one that I want randomly drops. I can also complete Kirac's missions then hope that he'll randomly have the map that I want available for sale... which he did not.

I did, however, find an expedition run by Tujen, my favourite of the expedition people. AND he had the good grace to allow me 3 of his exotic coinage to re-roll his supply of goods.

Did he have anything interesting at all during these rerolls? Nope. Of course not. I managed to weasel 4 whole chaos orbs and 1 scarab out of him. Rude. What a waste of exotic coinage.


I've been doing the Lake of Kalandra mechanic whenever I can be bothered; I started stashing the map device things in the bank for now, not really overly interested. In this one though, I found two reflecting mists!

A pity they gave me garbage.

I've been seeing people get such interesting drops from the mist, and then there's me, losing 300 life per hit and or gaining it and losing 500 intelligence instead. A slight over-exaggeration but that's what it feels like. Awful. Just awful.


There are so many people complaining about the loot changes that came with this league... I, however, haven't noticed. I'm still getting plenty of uniques dropping. And for the first time ever I've had multiple 6-link items drop which I have sold.






I never did find the Cold River Map though. I ended up going to and buying it off someone else for 4 chaos orbs.

Then, as I was doing it, I realised just which boss it was. Let's just say that fighting this map with "two unique bosses" activated was a very bad idea and I jusstttt killed the four of them on my last portal. As a result I didn't take any screenshots, haha! Too hectic!

But it was all good. I got her soul and delivered it to Sin.


And from that moment onwards, I could never be frozen again!

I am now immune to chaos damage and I am immune to being frozen. I'm going to grab the other 2 souls for the Brine King pantheon god too so chill doesn't affect me as much and my recovery is a bit better, but I got the important one. No frozen!


While I was in the mood to capture souls, I also grabbed this minor god soul too so that burning ground no longer affects me.


My Atlas tree is starting to be a bit more filled out now. I've got all the Blight nodes that I want and am currently working towards making the "fortune favours the brave" map perk a bit more rewarding. Increasing items found and things. Because... LOOT!

I still have quite a few points to unlock. I'm missing a few maps in the lower tiers, and in tier 8 I have seven maps of one and none of the others. Thanks RNGeezus. I'm hardly finding any Orb of Horizons to reroll maps and when by some miracle I do find one, I end up rolling a map I've already completed. Ugh.

Then of course Kirac isn't selling me the maps that I need, and the missions he's offering suck. Most of them I refuse to do because they reflect elemental damage, and then I reroll them, and they're still awful. 🤣


Last night I found my first ever Enhance Support gem too! I need Enlighten, but Enhance is one of the rarer ones that I quickly put up on

Other people were selling them for 8 chaos orbs but I thought I'd be greedy and popped it up for 12. Someone whispered me within 10 minutes. Woo! Maybe I could've gotten away with 15. xD


Next on my list is to complete the Maven's challenges and get started on the Eater of Worlds and whatnot. Start going through red maps.

I completed my first red map last night with ease, only tier 11. And I forgot that I needed to corrupt it for it to count towards my Atlas tree, ugh. But that's okay. I'll just have to do it again. xD Do ALL of them!


Until next time! 🙃



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Path of Exile.


Great post as per usual. 👏

Have you been keeping up to date with the recent drama surrounding the game, Kae? I personally find it silly, how the extremely elitist parts of the community ban together to bash a company that has done nothing but be consumer friendly. And then people bash on the corporate shills that just make games to fit their bottom line. I dunno, we truly don't deserve nice things. 😅

This league mechanic looked super fun, and I almost jumped back in the game. But no. I'll wait for PoE 2. 😁

 3 months ago  

All I've really heard is people whinging about loot changes and whinging because exalted orbs are now worthless. 🙄 People whinge about everything these days... and this is why we can't have nice things, haha. 😅

Any other drama I've conveniently managed to filter out. It's all ridiculous. 😣

I feel as though you're going to be waiting a while for PoE2 xD it's all going to be added to the current client anyway, may as well enjoy the game every now and then! 😁

Are you watching any Netflix shows?

 3 months ago  

Not really... the only Netflix show we watch is Stranger Things and that's finished til whenever they finish next season. We're watching through all of the Walking Dead at the moment though, on Binge, another streaming thing like Netflix. 🙂

@kaelci I've not watched Stranger Things yet but its in my wish list but I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead and I've finished watching everything and now I'm waiting for the next episodes and its been long that they last broadcasted an episode.

 3 months ago  

We're halfway through season 10 at the moment 😊 we'll be all caught up to season 11 and waiting for the new episodes very soon, haha!

I heartily recommend Stranger Things! It is an amazing show! 😃

 3 months ago (edited) 

You should try "Suits". Have been binging it for the last 2 days and already at season 2 ep-3.

 3 months ago (edited) 

@noomer, Why do you ask that? Is there any show about this game? If so then I need to check it out.