I started a YouTube channel. Presenting Totally Free Gaming!

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I did a thing.

Ever since I started my journey of content creation here on Hive around 18 months ago I've tried to gradually evolve it. As many already know I tried my hand at streaming a while ago and while that was a great experience my current living situation doesn't really let me stream much.

Growing a Twitch channel is also really hard and is borderline impossible without having some kind of presence on other platforms. Hive is currently the platform where I have the biggest presence but I have close to no presence outside of Hive.

And so I decided to start a YouTube channel. I feel like I've been going in circles for a while with my content creation not consisting of much more than playing video games then writing about them. With YouTube I want to try and take it to the next level.


And so Totally Free Gaming was born. Since gaming is my passion it had to be a gaming channel. The most over-saturated topic on YouTube. I didn't really want to just start a personal gaming channel as I feel like that would be harder to grow than if I focused on a specific niche.

That niche ended up falling on Free To Play gaming. Here I will be focusing on Free To Play gaming in general. I'll be posting reviews, "Should you play", "Top 3 / Top 5, tips & tricks and content like that. I want the channel to evolve as I go. Early on I will likely mostly focus on reviews to kind of build myself a little library of videos.

Now creating video content is way more time consuming than writing content. After playing a game and recording it there's a few hours of work included in writing a script, recording the voiceover and editing the video. There used to be a time where I published written gaming content daily, later on bi-daily, and that won't be the case anymore. I'm gonna try my best to get out weekly videos which will probably work out fine during my summer break and be more of a challenge once I go back to work in mid August.

Intro thumbnail.jpg

I just uploaded my first video to introduce the channel. This isn't a video I expect to do well in any way but I thought having a video that potential viewers and subscribers could take a loot at to get an idea of what the channel is all about would be a good idea. I pretty much have my first review ready to be released in a few days to follow this up. Just need to put on some finishing touches.

This here is also the reason why my blog has been a bit blank lately. I've been putting a lot of time into working on this project. That doesn't mean it's taken me two weeks to produce this video but I've been thinking a lot if this is even something I want to spend my time doing and if it's gonna be worthwhile at all. After a lot of thinking I decided to go the "ah fuck it" route and just go for it. If it fails it fails.

This channel will now get most of my attention when it comes to video game content creation. I might still dabble in a bit of written content every now and then for when I don't play Free To Play games for the channel. Going forward you're gonna see more personal life blogs and blogs about this project on my blog.

I also go into this project with little to no expectations. I've always said that expectations are the root to all disappointment. I also understand perfectly that growing any kind of online presence is a massive grind. It could take years to even get close to a 1000 subscribers but I'm willing to do the grind. If it ends up fully failing I can always fully re-brand it to just become a personal channel in the future.

Hopefully this can be a way for me to help onboard some users to Hive as well. I'm gonna be linking to Hive from my profile and right now it's the first socials link people see in the channel banner.

I also plan to write some "behind the scenes" stuff, like I'm doing now, when I post about my videos here on Hive which is another thing I hope can bring potential outsiders to come check out Hive.


And so, before this gets to long and you lose interest, I present my first ever YouTube video on the Totally Free Gaming channel:

Expect to see more videos about Free To Play gaming in the coming weeks.

Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel if you want to help me on this journey.

My first goal is to reach 100 subscriber so that I can get a personalized URL for the channel and not this randomly generated mumbo jumbo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQASWC5vkAlN_4-Io6zi_Og. Baby steps.

All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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Hello pusen

I think your idea can change the meaning of gaming in hive.I have seen play to earn games on hive but believe me I find interesting none.I tried to play splinterlands but it bores me. Still I am trying to learn it and I want myself to like it. Let's see what happen.

I have seen many players try to make gaming career. Many of them shined and most of them was in vain.The beauty of having a youtube channel promoting games and giving knowledge how gamer can earn joining hive and posting or blogging their gaming experience. Believe me there are numerous to join hive but they need someone to guide.
Your channel will be the first to promote gaming and hive together.

I joined hive 2 years back. I had no knowledge of it. Just came message in the ear and there was a sudden excitement and I created an account and posted some pic without making a word in bolg section and got a few votes. But the harsh think is my excitement was gone. After two year somehow I got to know about gaming in hive and being a gaming lover I started making blog and then video. I love doing it.

I think there are numerous people like me can join but they need a introducer who can promote gaming and hive. Your channel will be the to do so.

Thank you for sharing your thought.
Have a nice day.

Thank you!

I really hope I can draw some people towards Hive using my channel. I'm not gonna be to aggressive about it though but rather do it subtly. I don't want to be like "Hive, Hive, Hive" all the time. I'll be focusing on my content and let that draw people towards Hive at its own pace, if they want to join.

I likely won't be featuring any Play 2 Earn games on this channel unless a really good one comes around. It would have to be in the realm of Gods Unchained where it can really be played Free 2 Play as well. That's pretty much the only game I can see ever being featured out of the ones I know about and that exist now.

I liked the idea of a Youtube channel and subscribed. I wanted to join your streams but hey Twitch lost a streamer, Youtube gained a content creator. I hope you will be very successful and reach your first goal of 100 subscribers as soon as possible.

If anyone is hesitant after reading this comment, man, look at this guy's humor and editing skills. None of the youtubers you are watching right now could do that hidden gem thing. Subscribe and enjoy the next video.

Thank you mate! The streams will return when we move to a new apartment and I have my own room. That will just simplify a lot of things.

My humor and editing skills are immaculate. Imagine when I get some real experience.

It is a very good idea of project to create content because the free2play are taking a lot of field in the world of the gaming. You have a new sub. !PIZZA

Thank you! That is much appreciated. I've had decent growth since starting out so lets hope it can continue.

Excellent friend, it's good to have you create content on youtube too. I'm going to follow your channel, I see you started your video with The Cyle, if you're playing this game let me know to play. Very good post and thanks for the info! take care of yourself!

Cheers! Appreciate it. I've been playing a little bit of the Cycle but haven't gotten properly into it yet. My Steam friend code is 56994170 if you wanna add.

Excellent friend, i ready add you! am VenapGames.

Woohoo! Your editing is great and your voice is great to listen to.

I love myself some free fun, so I'm subbing! Great job pusen!

Thanks a lot! I haven't done a lot of editing before so I'm pretty satisfied with what I managed to do. I'll get better with time.

Not meaning to dampen your enthusiasm, but my advice is not to waste time on youtube. check out my latest post🙃

Damn, that sucks. I'm not really doing it to suck as much money I can out of AdSense though. I've seen this happen to a few people and most of the times it's due to AdSense being used on external websites, like a blog, where it's harder for Google to control and interpret what's abusive use or not and then they disable it at the slightest notice of anyone looking like abuse. Even if it's not coming from you. It's sickening that they just disable it like that forever though with no chance to appeal or get to know why.

Good idea for a channel because I think 'free to play' and 'play to earn' are the future. Your accent is totally cool. Added the channel to my subs. Good luck on the new endeavor.

Thank you! Maybe the Norwegian accent can be my uniqueness.

Loved the hidden gem. Haven't heard your voice in a while, it's still as sexy as I remember.

Best wishes for your new channel mate.

Cheers! Maybe I should do ASMR instead.

💪😎🤙 subbed.

awesome concept for a channel. I hope tons of new hivers will come now! :)

Let's hope so! That's a way down the line though still.

And thank you for the sub!

I send you best wishes for this new project, I'm sure hive will always be your home but it never hurts to spread your wings to other platforms, when I get home I'll subscribe!

Thank you! I'm not leaving Hive in any way or sense. Just using another platform to try and grow a bit.

Awesome dude! I think it's a cool idea, nowadays in the saturated world of youtube gameplays I think there are no channels that focus on exploring this niche, that are really good free games. I know you will succeed in this new channel and as always you know you have my support bro. I'll be looking forward to discovering those hidden gems XD

Appreciate it mate! There's probably channels that focuses on the same but I didn't find any of them. Could just be because of YouTubes SEO. I did find a ton of "20 free games you must play" videos and such though. We'll see how it goes. Cheers!

 7 months ago  

I love the idea dude, especially since I don't usually buy a lot of games hahaha, I'm already subscribing to stay tuned. Best of luck.

 7 months ago  

Just subscribed! 🙂 Only 89 more required for your personalised URL. 😁

Good luck with your channel and your videos! I tried doing videos once before and failed terribly, too anxious, and my voice... my voice!!!!!!! 🤣😂... but then I see posts like this and want to try again. Maybe one day. Some year. Maybe long in the future. I can be another Skyrim Grandma.

86 now! Thanks a lot Kaelci.

Your voice is just something you gotta own. I've been getting some practice from my streams to be comfortable in front of the mic. A good microphone helps a ton as well. When I did my old Let's Play videos I was using my headset mic for a while and now I'm using a standalone mic. You can hear the difference from this video.

 7 months ago  

Yep, can definitely hear the difference! 😊

The times I've tried have all been whilst using the headset, that's probably my issue. xD Though the headset I bought, I bought with the intent of doing Let's Play videos... I'm all good intentions. 😅

Sweet idea, I'm excited to see what you produce!

Good, I hope to find offers here then, the more free the better haha.

This is awesome, congrats!

Awesome :D This is sooo cool :D <3

Going to subscribe! I've been slowly building my subscriber count up. Going to put most of my effort into Youtube once the summer season is over!

Awesome! Your channel has been growing nicely and I've seen you getting some decent views on your videos. Looking forward to seeing more.

I'm throwing up another video tomorrow with an article with it that's going to be a lore video/article about the School of the Lynx in the new Witcher game coming out!

Awesome! I'll be there. Haven't really looked much into the new game so you'll be my go to source.

Good initiative friend.

Wish you all the best:)

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Congratulations on your new YouTube journey. I have been procrastinating on starting a YouTube channel. I don't know why actually. I am guess I am not mentally prepared for it yet. I think your channel is unique. I mean games is something not everyone will want to have a YouTube channel for.

Congratulations once again. Let me add that I wish you a quick monetization over there.


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