The Weekly #CreativeGarden Challenge!

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Yes yes, I'm three days early with this one - it's meant to come out on Sunday. SOMEONE got trigger happy and hit 'publish'. Unbelievable. I should sack them.

However, this does mean you have an extra couple of days to write - woo hoo! No excuses now!

Something different this week for the prompt! I hope you guys run with it and enjoy it. There's plenty of good poets on Hive that will appreciate this one, but even if you're not, you might love it! As usual, I'll challenge myself to write as well, even though I don't win a prize. My reward is reading your amazing work and trying to support Hive gardeners as best as I can!

Before you scroll down for the prompt, a quick thankyou to the following entrants:

Our Taps Run Dry by @sofs-su
Thinking About Water by @riverflows
Rushing Water - Signs of Abundance by @iskafan

Both @iskafan and @sofs-su wrote such engaging, beautiful stories that the prize this week is divided between the two of them!

Let's Move On To This Week's Creative Challenge...

The trick is to write CREATIVELY and BE creative. For example:

  • Showcase a creative response to a problem in your garden
  • Write a story of any genre that features a garden somewhere in the story
  • Write a creative non fiction post about a garden memory
  • Draw, paint, sculpt, write a poem
  • Write a comedy script
  • Write from the perspective of an animal or a tool in your garden!


  • Posts should contain only ONE image. This is a writing challenge not a photo challenge
  • Publish in the community
  • Use #creativegarden as your first tag
  • Refer back to this challenge at the END of your post
  • Reblog this if you can
  • Comment on other people's posts in the Hive Garden community.
  • Check the COUNTDOWN timer on - no late entries

This is a great opportunity for those in the northern hemisphere who might be shutting down their gardens for winter, and still want to write on #gardening topics.

🐝🌷🍄🍃🍎This Week's Prompt🌿🌼🌱🍓

This week's prompt is a little different, where the word count doesn't really apply. You'll need to read the following first. Don't forget to keep it 'garden' related!

WRITE THREE HAIKU and a short paragraph about what you were trying to achieve (you can write more if you like - or even write a story and add the haiku as well).

If you've been on HIVE for a while, you might have noticed @dbooster or @boxcarblue talking about haiku - a Japanese poetry style that reflects the seasons, nature, and something about being human. There's usually a really specific word in there that immediately makes the reader thing: 'ah, I know and recognise this season'. Think 'mosquito' or 'icicles' or 'falling leaves'. I bet you could pick the season!

Most people will know the basic rule of haiku - they have three lines and 17 syllables. The first and third line are five syllables. The second line has seven syllables.

They might look like this, such as these written by the famous Basho:

On a withered branch
A crow has alighted;
Nightfall in autumn.

have grown here and there
in the ruins of my burned house.

in a dragonfly's eye

One doesn't have to be in Japan to write haiku. You can write it about your world in the Phillipines or in Vermont. This is a beautiful poem written by an Aboriginal girl in Australia:

Fire licks the trees
Birak awakens sun burns
As red colour blooms

I hope you have fun with this one - I can't wait to read them!


Image by Chloe Evans on Unsplash

Don't forget to follow the community rules - and most of all, have fun!

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I HAVE GOT THIS! But I'm a tad confused - are you requiring 5/7/5? And isn't it Thursday?

you have hadrianwild as the beneficiary on this post. is that on purpose maybe it's none of my business

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It's really not my day.

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Again and again, I am so sorry I dropped the ball on curating these creative garden posts! I'm always overwhelmed myself this time of year; I can't imagine how you are still getting so much done. I cannot access discord at this time either (new computer for a tech-challenged little old lady). I see you sent me a message there. How's your father?

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Actually, it's Friday in Australia, which is the boss woman's time zone and thus the only time that exists in her mind. Either way, more time.

Three posts were meant to go out this weekend - a triple whammy which happens when the dates line up and perplex @riverflows - the InLeo voting, the Garden Journal for Dec 1, and this one.

@hadrianwild will have to be the nice guy he is and send on the rewards half half to @sofs-su and @iskawrites, or back to @gardenhive so we can send them on. Sorry, @hadrianwild.

Please pour @riverflows a garden mojito. She's dying over here.

No problem! Although please don’t be shy about reminding me when the time comes.

I actually had something almost ready for this week but I can just make it a normal post and add more photos.

Sorry, I don’t know how to make a mojito but cheers!

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Thanks ever so much -- I'll remind you next week. Mojito - lots of garden mint, white rum, lime and soda. Hold the sugar for me. xx

I just got the rewards for this contest of 1.555HBD and 4.264HP. I can send on the HBD no problem but I can’t send HP, can I? I have almost no Hive so do I need to power down some HP? But that will take a while… I’m new at this, instructions welcome. I could cover it by withdrawing some savings and transfering to Hive, or sending all as HBD?

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You can send either HBD or HIVE if it's in your wallet and not powered up. You shoudl see the 'send' button in either wallet. Thanks for doing this @hadrianwild!

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OHHHH I see - it got powered up straight away. I see. Sorry. Look forget it - just send them half the HBD each, and I'll cover the HIVE. I have more than you and it's my dumb mistake, so it's all good! xx

That's generous, thanks. I'll return it to you whenever I get enough non-HP, just to keep things tidy.

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@iskawrites @sofs-su - and I have just sent the HBD balance that took a detour through me 🙂

Thank you very much 🙏🏿

Thank you @riverflows. I appreciate 😍

Goodness me! The trigger-happy person and @riverflows, are they one and the same so I will know who really needs this mojito? 😁

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WE both do, so that's two mojitos please!

Awwnn..Thank you so much @gardenhive. I am happy to draw with @sofs-su, she is a great writer 😍

A poem this week? Oh no, I am no poet....maybe I'll skip this one, or maybe I'll pretend to be a poet and write something ..hehe

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I bet you can!!!!! See it as a challenge!

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Congrats @iskafan Thank you so much for your kind words.
Have a lovely day!

That's a great oportunity, but yesterday I públished with the normal role of the community, I'm so sorry.

As much as I love this week's challenge, I'm not sure it is my forte. I will gladly excuse myself and rather wait for the entries of those who know their onions in this genre.

 3 months ago  

Oh but it's a fun one to experiment with!!! Honestly, because it has 'rules' you'll be fine with it - give it a go!

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Thank you, its an honor.
Congrats @iskafan shared happiness is multiplied 😊
Hmm.. I haven't played around with Haiku in the last ten years, maybe this is an opportunity to get back to those forms of poetry once again.
Thanks for the opportunity @riverflows

Congrats @iskafan shared happiness is multiplied 😊

I completely agree. Congratulations to you too 🥳🥳🥳

Thank you for the mention and for inspiring some new poems.