Dormancy, Or Denial? Maybe Just Determined!

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Isn't that the god honest truth! Hey fellow garden nerds:) Here it is in the middle of November, and I am still hanging in there seeing if I can manage to produce a mature Yellow Watermelon, among other things. The real goal is to get 1 or 2 Yellow Watermelons. I still have to redeem myself from this years misidentifying a Squash for a Watermelon. If you are just tuning in, and wondering what the heck I am talking about(as must do), let me briefly fill you in.

So above is one of the actual vines I was so sure it was a Watermelon for most of the grow season. I was so excited to get some sweet Watermelons. Although I am not a huge fan, it is something that is surely more enjoyable then a Chilacayote Squash. Which is what it actually was, and I did not find out up until I took a mature Melon, and cut it open. But it was not a total fail. Turns out this varietal is rich in vitamin B8, and perfect in soups!

The one that you see in this post is actually one that I cut back, and is about to give me a second harvest. Now that I know more about Chilacayote Squash, I will get to enjoy them more. Turns out it is better to harvest before they get mature. Just this one vine is going to give me more then 3 of them at the middle of the year!

In fact I had to cut some of it back, just to focus more growth into the bigger fruits.

This will be a completion of a full circle. Since this started from seed in my compost heap, it will end its life in the compost.

Since last update I went ahead, and put the other rescued Pumpkin in the ground.

The nights have been cold, but days are warm. Slowing things down a bit.

Underneath this layer of dirt is corn husks, to hopefully help the roots stay warm.

The other rescued Pumpkin is looking healthy, but I have doubts on if I will see any actual Pumpkin.

Awaiting it's fait to end up in the compost...

Just as what happened to the Tomato plant

Which is maybe all that I am doing. Making material to add to the compost. Which means will be used next year. All in all, I can not complain. As each day passes I see my little baby Yellow Watermelons persevere. Maybe, just maybe I will get to have my cake, and eat it too. Or maybe I will be stuck with the tasteless Squash. Those for sure are coming. Or maybe not.

One edible plant that I am growing, and it is growing like a beast is my Nasturtium at home. This plant loves the shade, and loves my back yard! It all started from one little transplant. I really did not think it would take off like this. This place used to be so ugly, and with the occasional weed. Even though I can grow much due to lack of sunshine, I am happy with what I got. So if I do end up with little berry sized Yellow Watermelon's, I still have plenty to be happy for. Most of all, excited for next year. But just it isn't over yet. so stay tuned. ;)



Even though it's November where rainfall is scarce but I could see that your pumpkins are healthy flourishing in good shape. I hope with little dews and precipitation the crops would be fruitful. Thanks for your great work.

Really appreciate you checking out my post! And yeah we got some good rain last week. Then with it being cold I am good on the watering part. Question remaining is will fruit actually ripen?

Very wonderful work, I like that

Wow! I see you really are a big fan of gardening in general since you have fruit trees and ornamentals.

In my house it's my mother, but my kids are following in her footsteps so we are always planting with them, but I'm more excited about fruit trees and aromatics.

I have always wanted to make compost for fruit plants, but I don't take action. I hope all your plants can bear fruit and I'll keep an eye on your progress!

Yes I really love growing! You ever thought about growing cannabis? It has to be one of the most aromatic plants out there! I was actually trying to grow some in my backyard since my neighbor had a dog, and it just stunk like pee, and poop. No luck though due to the lack of sun.

What are some of your favorite aromatics?

This type of green life excites me a lot, I wish I had a large piece of land to grow my own vegetables and fruits, I used to do it in pots but I moved to an apartment and I don't have that much space here

Same here! This is actually at my work, which I am blessed to do it here. Ever thought of getting a tent and use artificial light? I used to do that at my apartment. Granted it was cannabis though lol

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