November Rain

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Hello fellow Hive Gardeners! It has been a bit of an uneventful week, since now things seem to be growing a little slower from the colder weather. I was felling optimistic last week with the warm weather. Silly me, since it is November, and it is not going to stay that way. Now I have doubts if my Squash, and Melons will mature. Although now signs of frost in the forecast, perhaps they still have a chance. Time is on my side, and I am determined to not give up. Besides if this experiment does fail, I will have plenty of material to add to the compost heap. ;)


As you can see it is getting damn near to frost, which is about as cold as it gets here normally. Of course we have got some freakish weather, but let's pray if it comes, I will be eating some Yellow Watermelon then.

We finally got rain!

With more in the forecast this coming week. This is great news overall! California has been in a drought. Now this is no where near enough. However it was a nice rain. But with rain comes.....


Yes indeed, look closer at that picture above...

It has been awhile since I have seen these venture out, and about. Great thing most of the plants in ground are mature. Seedlings, and smaller plants usually fall victim to these herbivores.

The rescued Pumpkin

Which is the only one that I was worried about with the Snails since I just transplanted the day before.

I did not have any Mycos for the transplant, but in one of my top dressings I have Mycos, and a whole bunch of other goodies is in it. So I added a generous amount to the bottom of the hole, to be in contact with the Pumpkins root ball. It is always cool to see the roots, especially of where I found these seedlings. Growing in mulch on the side of our apartments laundry room!

Taken a day after the rain

Habanero still producing, with some more on the way. But like I mentioned, it may be a slow process if they do. Still looking back at the start of this, and even in the middle. This pepper plant is a testament to patience, and how a plant can come back from the dead if treated right, and of course as long as it is not actually dead-dead lol!

The Re-Vegged Chilacayote Squash creeping up, and down the property like a spider.

The fruit here are further along then the Yellow Watermelon, and these will most likely make it. Which is great, but nowhere as excited as a Melon.

Which are still looking healthy. But with only a few little fruits showing.

Not much different from last update, and I don't want to say it, they almost look like they will fall off any day. :(

Maybe I can get some small panty hose like @riverflows did, and perhaps they will keep warm, and thrive? But do they even make them this small? Perhaps in the elf section of Target?

Oh yeah can not go a whole post without talking about the stole away Chilacayote Squash. Perhaps I should start a betting pool to see if more of these will grow next year in the same fashion. Then again I would have to compost another one, and then assume it is a Watermelon, and then cull all the hundreds of seedlings that pop up in the compost bin. Or, I will just skip that, and use my garden space for something I enjoy more. Yeah that sounds a lot better now that I have typed that out. Ok let's move on.

Did I get you? Don't be afraid, this is just future compost. The gift that keeps on giving!

Yeah it's always sad the day after Halloween since you have to throw out those Jack O' Lanterns. But the beauty of composting is they do not have to go to waste. In fact chances are I will be using it to grow Pumpkins myself. But that does not mean I will miss a chance to go to the Pumpkin Patch. But it will mean I will have even more composting material next year!;)

On the left is my homemade composting system, and on the right is the composter that was gifted to my wife. For sciences sake I am going to be using them both, and compare the differences.

I through the bigger Pumpkin in my homemade bin, and cut up in smaller pieces. This helps it breakdown faster. That is shredded paper I use for the carbon. Now I usually mix this in, but I am leaving it as is since the Gnats have been really bad the last couple weeks, after I put some Papaya in.

Then the smaller Pumpkins went in the new composter. Again I will wait till a few days to spin this to help with the Gnats. At least I am hoping they die down a bit. Any tips, and suggestions is very much welcomed here.

One last thing to leave you all with until next update, the very last of the Glass Gem Corn. Not as vibrant as others, but still very cool looking. Almost looks like pearls! Sad to not have any more, or wait a minute!

I almost forgot that I had these as I was writing this post! Yes these are seedlings of the Glass Corn. They do look better then last week, but will they make it? Will my Yellow Watermelon make it? Will I have some Pumpkins in time for Xmas time? Hit that follow button, subscribe to Hive Garden to find out. Until next time, everyone have a great Week, and a safe Weekend!



Hey pal, whats good man...
The passion you have for all things green is awesome. I am seriously thinking of pulling anchor for somewhere I can enjoy greenery all year long.

Peace brother

I gel you bro. I really can’t stand weather below freezing. Probably just brings back bad memories

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Thanks! Really cool to see support for DIY. I honestly think a person who does something such as gardening, building, fixing stuff is the type of person who would take to Hive, and do well. :) compared to someone who wants everything catered to then, such as an app that makes things simple.

I see we are in opposite hemispheres. Here we are entering the middle of spring and, curiously, despite being a traditionally rainy season, we are experiencing an unprecedented drought.

I just published a post about the work done after a day of very little rain, barely 10 mm, but it has served to reinvigorate the plants in a remarkable way.

It is incredible the rain in spring the effect it has on the plants.

In this area it traditionally rains between 800 and 1000 mm a year and so far this year we have had less than 600 mm. For this reason all crops in general begin to suffer from lack of water.

That is rough. Hopefully rain comes both our ways :)

The rain will surely enhance the green of the garden.
BTW, those are some quite big snails. We usually don't get to see them here.
Good to see your garden photos.

I appreciate you checking it out! These snails are so destructive, and I just learned this a couple years ago when they devoured a decent size cannabis seedling!

I also came to know this about the snails. So what you usually do with them? Kill them or throw away?
We have different kind of bugs that's ruins the field overnight but not this snails.

Be really vigilant with the seedlings, since that is what they usually destroy. So I try to wait for plants to be a good size before transplanting. But if I have no choice, I lay crushed egg shells. It makes them avoid it since they will cut up there bodies.

Using egg shells is a cleaver idea. Good to know all this info.
Have a great day.

Composting is awesome! Always love seeing how that corn looks! Can't wait to see how mine turn out! Hopefully you guys will get some more rain.

Thanks man! Cant wait to see how that corn does for you next season!

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Your plants are looking good! that rain will definitely help them

 5 months ago  

Same here! November, and I act as if the summer just ended :)
Hope your experiment will go well and the plants will grow happy and even make fruits, that would be almost... magic!
I saw you were talking with @rem-steem about snails, putting some ash around the plants works pretty well too as long as it won't get wet :)

Thats a great idea too! Thanks

Nice man. Hopefully those pesky snails dont eat up your goodies.

Muchas gracious senor!

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