🌋 Washing Veggies, Eating Carbon, & Missing The Lost Hammock Hut 🛖

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Today was a typical one involving activities such as washing veggies, eating extremely burnt food, and remembering the hammock hut.

Carbon-Based Lifeform Eating Carbon 👽


     Today Srey-Yuu decided to do some cooking, or should I say overcooking. We have some vegetarian pâté, and the most common way we cook it is to thin-slice it and fry it in a bit of oil, but you do need to keep an eye on the flame. The finished product was given to Monkey-B, and she wasn't pleased, but yet still ate this black disc. Perhaps it will detox her a bit, it's basically activated charcoal anyhow.

Good Signs 🐛


     It may seem counterintuitive, but I actually like to find pests and bugs in our vegetables, at least these are signs that pesticides likely haven't been used for many weeks leading up to the harvest. Cheap Vietnamese chemical products are slowly becoming the norm in Cambodia, and not only are many of these agricultural products toxic, Cambodians can't read the Vietnamese safety or mixing instructions, and often eyeball the measurements using intuition, not exactly ideal.


     While Srey-Yuu cleaned and prepared the greens for the second meal of the day, I snapped a few pics and then decided to check on the drainage situation near the former site of the hammock hut.

Gone But Not Forgotten 🛖


     I have been working on trying to manage surface water runoff, and this mostly means not allowing any of the water to head towards the cliff's edge because it causes further erosion and makes a spongy unstable cliff. I suspect this played a small role in some of the collapses during the massive rains and flooding a few months ago. So far it looks like my drainage plans have worked, and I've noticed the land becoming more firm.


     Do you see the two trees in the river? These were the two trees that supported the corner of the hammock hut and prevented the hillside from collapsing, well used to prevent the hillside from collapsing. There is not enough of an outcrop to rebuild anything there, but this year's flood reached the roofs of both hammock huts, so there is no logical reason to build anything that low and close to the river again.

Round #2, Eat 🔔


     Dinner was a chance at redemption, and I snapped this pic of Srey-Yuu helping Pov to prepare a quick and simple noodle soup. This meal went without incident, and good news for me, another surprise holiday at school means I get to sleep in tomorrow (this) morning, so it looks like even though I'm posting this at 2am, I won't have to wake up at the usual 5:20am, and for me that's a victory.


Monkey B
 2 years ago  

I'm wondering how that veggie pate taste like. The black disc doesn't look too bad at all. I'm seeing myself dunking it into my coffee and shoving it in 🤣 Every year of the lent season, I will give myself enough excuse to try to stay vegetarian for 40 days, somehow or rather one or two days between will fail miserably.

I wouldn't focus too much in rebuilding the hut just yet. For now, I'm thinking how to strengthen the cliff will be more important. I still not quite able to draw a clear picture on how far your house is from the river, but I generally get the picture of the hut is way down since the butt skiing slope is steep.

 2 years ago  

The veggie is okay, salty and a bit like seitan, but it tastes when turned into 90% carbon 😉. You're right about the hut, I have been watching some reinforcement methods on YouTube, but strangely enough a very simple method I've used has worked well even in the floods, simply pounding bamboo stakes in at intervals all over the hillside, they seem to work as false tree roots.

 2 years ago  

It may seem counterintuitive, but I actually like to find pests and bugs in our vegetables, at least these are signs that pesticides likely haven't been used for many weeks leading up to the harvest.

I can relate. I've seen a lot of people going for the "perfect" leaves when buying leafy vegetables. For us who know how pesticides are sometimes being drenched to vegetables for a high yield, we prefer those that have those yummy protein-rich worms. It is an indication that it pesticide free. 😊

The cliff makes me a bit worried. Maybe you should see of the possibility of reinforcing that with stone wall.


 2 years ago  

Yep, I agree, cosmetically beautiful veggies are not required, and as chemicals get cheaper and cheaper, more and more farmers here in Cambodia are choosing chemical farming.

Our neighbor actually owns an excavator, and about 10km from here, I saw an excavator enter the river at low water and move boulders to one side for reinforcement. He said he could do this at the right time of the years, and we've estimated it might cost around $1,000 USD to reinforce the riverbank along our entire property with boulders moved from the opposite side and the middle of the river.

 2 years ago  

That just sounds like a very fun day. I'm glad to read that the land is becoming firm. It's really nice to see that you are growing your own food. I'm glad that you'll be able to get enough rest tomorrow. May you be able to bond with your family some more and have fun! Keep safe always

 2 years ago  

Today marks the first day of me not taking the kids to school, paying the neighbor to do it in his truck now. It will be easier for him because driving a nice car is less fatiguing than a bouncy diesel tuk-tuk, and he's earning some money too. I still hope that my wife will learn how to ride the moto so she can take the kids to school some day.

Honestly, whenever I got a chance to visit any farm, I would prefer to get the ones that have some insects on them because I know it's healthier than what I buy in the local markets. Vegetables that have no pesticides are good and more delicious though. !PIZZA

 2 years ago  

Most people avoid fruits and veg with pests, but I just cut the bad parts away and happily use them. When a tomato is too perfectly red, round, and symmetrical, I am suspect 😉.

 2 years ago  

there's not much that I can investigate in your post this time,, only about carbon eating carbon, aka charred food.and about the story of the hanging hut can't be forgotten, because there are so many stories that you have passed with that hut...

 2 years ago  

I joke with Monkey-B now about eating carbon, haha. I hope we can rebuild some kind of shelter near the river for future use, but I think anything so close to the river should be made with cheaper materials in case of another flood.

Glad to see you are serving healthy food for your kid..As a mother, I am doing ny best to do the same BY God's grace. Thanks for this @justinparke

 2 years ago  

That is one thing I do well, cooking, as I've worked in restaurants since I was 15 years old, and also owned my own restaurant here in Cambodia. My wife is also a good cook, and between the two of us we can make a wide variety of dishes. Give thanks for the kind words 🙏.

That's good to know. I hope I could go visit Cambodia soon to try the foods you offered in your restaurants. God bless!

Could you plant shrubs at the edge of the cliff? The root system should hold it in place as well as suck up some of the water.

 2 years ago  

Very few things will grown in this clay soil, but we've found that sweet potatoes are working well. They provide a nice blanket of leaves to shield from the rain erosion, but they take a while to get established. The most important thing was directing the surface water away from the cliff, and since doing that, we haven't lost any more land. We're working on a compost project at the moment, and once we have some good dirt we'll begin growing more things.

a very complete post from eating charred food, washing vegetables to making erosion barriers. A very perfect activity.

 2 years ago  

Haha, charred food, yes, a little overcharred 😆. A day full of random activities, thanks for stopping by my friend.

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks my friend fellow curator friends 🙏🤘

You're very welcome :)


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And, where is the result...?🤔

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In our bellies if you're referring to the food.

If I was there, the food would be in my belly too.😂😂

Yay! 🤗
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