The Introvert Went Out

The introvert went out.
At Carcar City's Night Market.
With my friends at work.
From another angle, with the City Hall at the back.
Food and more food! 😋
At the park.
Still at the park.
Saw this beautiful sight and took a photo.
Kids at the park riding their bicycles.
Movie marathon at the park.

As you know me, I am a very introverted person. I recently took the MBTI Personality Test again and got a 79% score for Introversion, lol. Hello to my fellow INFJs out there!

Anyway, I brought this up because someone once told me: "I can't believe that you are an introvert yet you have so many friends and connections." While this is true, I can't say that being an introvert has something to do with the number of friends you have and vice versa.

I admit: I have a lot of friends but I can only open up my true self to a few. And I prefer going out with 3 to 5 friends at a time and with at least two days interval in between. This is mainly because big groups tend to drain my energy so quickly. I'm not being dramatic here but that's one truth about me.

Speaking of friends, I went out last Sunday with my friends at work. At first, I was thinking of not pushing through because I didn't feel like interacting with people that day. Is it just me, or do you also have days like that?

But then I remembered that this plan had been postponed twice and mostly, I was part of the reason. So I forced myself to just push through and spend time with them. Who knows, it might turn out just good.

We agreed to eat dinner at Carcar City's Night Market. For those who are wondering where it is located, Carcar is a city in Cebu and the night market is just beside its City Hall. I'm actually from Cebu, Philippines for those who have not read any post from my blog yet.

Back to the topic, a friend offered to pick me up at 4:30PM. We arrived at the night market before 6:00PM hit. By the way, the night market opens at 6:00PM, so when we arrived, there was no electricity yet. But there was still daylight and not all food required an electric appliance to be cooked.

We looked around as many stalls offer a variety of food. You can find barbecues, streetfood, beverages, and other unique food. We chose to eat at a barbecue stall and ordered sisig from another stall. Sisig is "a dish of chopped pork, onions, and chili peppers seasoned with calamansi and topped with an egg, usually served on a hotplate." Source

After we ate, we strolled around their park, which is right in front of the city hall. The place was open to all and recommended for families. They have a lot of benches around the park. You can also choose to bring your own blanket or any cloth you can sit on, spread it on the grass and have a lovely picnic with family or friends. They also have a big screen and the movie Ice Age was playing at that time. We stayed and talked for about 30 minutes. Then, off we go to our next agendum.

We initially planned to enjoy the rest of the night with coffe at Lokal Brew, a famous coffee shop in Carcar City. Unfortunately, when we reached its location at around 7:00PM, they were already closed. So we decided to go to a karaoke bar in San Fernando, a town next to Carcar. There, we spent two hours singing our hearts out. I wasn't able to capture pictures anymore as I enjoyed the moment and forgot to check on my phone.

All in all, I didn't regret pushing through this hangout. It, indeed, turned out to be a great time!

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, or night (in my case). 😉

I'll take delight in writing for you again soon.

Sam ♡

All photos in this post are owned by me, unless stated otherwise.

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 2 years ago  

I really enjoy reading about your experience dear. Of course, I find some people who kind of introverts, but they do have a lots of friends and even have a good communication with other people. I think they speak for a necessary thing that why people respect their idea.

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Good to know that you had fun ✨☺️

I also have that kind of day, where I only want my own company.
Before, I'd say NO and then put up some excuses. My perspective changed when one of my friends died at a young age and we never get to hangout with him again. I felt guilty for saying no when we had the time.

Life is short, we should enjoy and spend time with the people we cherish as much as we could.

I think we're similar. Although I'm introvert guy, I have plenty of connections and circles of friends out there. I like the free cinema a the park. What's the movie they were watching at? I love parks btw.

 2 years ago  
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Nice experience, tita. I love your pictures too. My mom is introvert too and doesn't like being out with people but we constantly go out together 😍

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