The First Challenge of 2022 for the Herbal HIVE!

We're a big believer in the body's nourishment in the Herbal Hive, and what better nourishment is there than rest for the first part of the year? One needs to let the seed take form in the dark ground, so that it finds a way to crack open and blossom.

With that in mind, the theme for the first challenge of 2022 is REST.

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Anything plant medicine related and related to the word 'REST' is perfect!

Here's a few ideas - you are absolutely NOT limited to these and might like to adapt them:

  • What herbs promote sleep?
  • On the flipside, what herbs help wake you up when you're feeling lethargic, unmotivated, tired and sleepy?
  • How might herbs be used to create a restful environment?
  • What herbs might support stress or anxiety?
  • Are there other ways to experience a herb supported rest other than ingesting?
  • What about mushrooms or other plants not traditionally thought of as 'herbs'?

Remember we don't want to read something we can easily google. We'd prefer to read YOUR stories about these herbs. Of course, science is also appreciated. For example, you might start talking about a herb you always use for sleep and go on a journey of discovery that makes you understand it's properties and how and why it works. Or you might share a recipe for a syrup, powder, tincture, soup, bath salt or anything else you like, that you have personal experience with.

We don't support:

  • Posts with far too many similiar photos (think quality over quantity)
  • Blurry pictures
  • Plagiarism
  • Inaccurate information.

OH, and do check what OTHER people have written first. If there's already two posts on lavender, we really, really don't want to read three, unless yours is spectacularly different!

A Few Other Guidelines

  • Reblog this if you can
  • Tag one other person you think might like to join in
  • Post in the community!
  • Drop your link under this post - we won't count it otherwise!


20 HIVE, divided amongst winners. If you'd like to sponsor, do let us know!

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Would be nice to see some posts that can help with REST - got up after 5 hours to see this :)

Thank you so much for the mention! I look forward to reading the entries! Perhaps I'll post one too! 🙏💚

I love this theme!!! We live in a society that promotes we should always be busy, so searching for, exchanging and promoting natural ways of REST is awesome!
Thank you so much for the mention and all the support, always highly appreciated!

Thanks for including me on that list! Much appreciated! This will be an interesting go around and I look forward to reading these entries.

Hi awesome challenge! I agree, it's good to start the year with some rest :)

By the way, here is the link to my entry:

Mostly discussed about herbal products that help improve my sleep. Thank you for this challenge :)

It's been a while I wrote something on herbs. It's high time

This is great! I would love to hear those herbal that's effective in relieving stress and anxiety.


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This was fun! Here's my entry!

Hello team Community #theherbalhive, can I share posts in this community, please permission and suggestions for me? thank you