📣 SNEAK PEEK: New APPICS Blockchain With Cross-Posting to HIVE!

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Exciting news for the HIVE Community! 🌎

In the last few months, APPICS had to deal with the instability of the STEEM blockchain deleted blocks, and hardforks, all of which affected our app performance as well.
After waiting for the release of SmartMediaTokens for over 3 years now, we decided this spring (even before the Steem/Hive split) that we needed to take matters into our own hands and work on our OWN blockchain solution, independent from STEEM.
Our developers have been working tirelessly and now the new blockchain is mostly ready for internal testing! 🙌

This independent blockchain solution will enable APPICS users to decide for themselves if they want their APPICS posts to be cross-posted to HIVE 💪

We have announced this cross-posting solution since the beginning, and always wanted to have the option for our users to have their APPICS posts on HIVE. Obviously we focused on developing the blockchain itself first, but now we are ready for testing and for implementing the cross-posting option as well.
The new blockchain will have a 83% speed increase (from 3 seconds, as it is on STEEM at the moment, to 0.5 seconds) which means that the user experience will be improved and rewards can be reflected almost instantly after an upvote. We have also integrated other new features like a longer reward period, an option for tipping (where you can tip others even after the rewrd period ended), and more.

Watch the video below to learn more about our upcoming announcement & major future plans for APPICS! 💥

It’s been some time since the last episode of RAW & UNCENSORED 🎥 where we share with you some content behind-the-scenes of an APPICS meeting.

Finally after a long break due to the global pandemic, we had our first in-person meeting last week and it was great to see everyone again personally and catch up! 🙌
As promised, this video includes a sneak peak at some major news 🔥 namely that we’ve been working on a blockchain solution for APPICS, that will allow us to operate independently from Steem, but at the same time allow our users to decide if they want to cross-post to Hive or other social media platforms ❗️

These are super exciting news and an official announcement will follow where we will share details, technical insight, and timelines. ⏰ there will also be a token swap to the new blockchain-based token for our APPICS Mainnet.
We always act with the best interest of our community and the growth of the platform in mind, so we couldn’t rely on an unstable blockchain any longer and setup our own solution. 💪

With the new blockchain, we will be able to have a seamless onboarding process with the ability to create unlimited instant accounts - which is one of the most essential features for global mass adoption. 🌎

Additionally, the signup process will also be simplified with the option to sign up through your facebook, twitter, or google account.
Another exciting feature that we're currently working on implementing is LIVESTREMING! 🎥 stay tuned for that as well!

Just know that we are very close to the public launch and can’t wait to finally release the official announcement 🤫 and show the World what APPICS is all about! 😁
We are are also working on a referral program for HIVE, so you can get rewarded for onboarding new users to APPICS as well!

After our Sneak Peek announcement yesterday, our APX token price rose over 40% as seen on Coingecko


🔹 Trade APX/BTC at: https://hoo.com/trade/apx-btc (Tutorial here)
🔹 Trade APX/EOS at: https://newdex.io/trade/appicsappics-apx-eos (Tutorial here)
🔹 Trade APX/STEEM at: https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=APX

Take a look inside the APPICS App

We've had several new updates to the APPICS app in the last few months: the user experience ws drastically improved, the app now features continuous scrolling, animated video previews, category tags under each post, new categories and more.
We also have more and more talented artists and influencers join our platform to get their PASSION REWARDED! Check out some of the talents in the video above!

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our APPICS community on HIVE to stay up to date with the latest news & announcements: https://hive.blog/trending/hive-142013

Are you an APPICS tester yet?

If not, please visit ios.appics.com if you're an iOS user, and for android users softlaunch.appics.com to download the APPICS app. Or visit account.appics.com to create an instant APPICS account including APX power!
Once you have downloaded APPICS, you can login directly with your account and private active key!

If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group

APPICS - South Korea APPICS - Deutschland APPICS - Russia APPICS - Nigeria APPICS - Bangladesh APPICS - South America

Everything you need to know about APPICS



so much for staying at steem, mh? 🤣

You can read in our open letter from 3 months ago that we already planned to have an independent blockchain solution with cross-posting to steem and hive. we never stated otherwise.

lol @telosnetwork

wait so you ARE gonna use hive? I didnt know all my APX is still on steem https://steem-engine.net

I see iOS working on telos appics steem cross over workin yay nice
WHEN can i get APPICS on HIVE + ANDROID ?? THATS the REAL winner

Pretty sure they aren't leaving with that juicy delegation.


probably the reason why they do not talk about how shit steem network is in their steem announcement 😅

You think they are gonna lose delegation soon or it'll take time before them bozos find out?

probably only a matter of time 😅

Omg, stop being a follower and kissing hives ass! Do your own homework!!

Do you want to speak with the manager?

jeff bozos isnt a @telosnetwork block producer .... yet ......



telos network ram eosio blah blah zoom zoom vroooooooooooom purchase our decentralized super computer for aw3 DSTOR ENGAGED ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz





This video they posted is pure bullshit.

At the very least, it's more crossposting nonsense.

Theyre faking payouts. Thats what i meant.

Just replied to your comment below. We are not "faking payouts", you just can't see the APX rewards if you are not viewing the post from inside the appics app.

Lol, I can feel your power ( Negative + Jealousy ).

What's wrong with cross-posting? Have you been on APPICS, have you used the App? Just curious why so much negativity.

Crossposting is not inherently bad.

Taking traffic away from Hive may not be beneficial. Then again, if APPICS is as good as they say, it could be mutually beneficial.

On the other hand, there have been complaints from others (to me and some of those I work with) that the dapp reeked fake models and possible ID thefts. I have never investigated that allegation or do I really care to dive into it.

I stayed away from Instagram a long time ago. It's not my type of thing.

Fair enough, I agree it is not for everyone but the similarities to IG are one approach to get more users into the social crypto space. Regarding ID thefts, yes that was a big problem in the past, as it is very easy just to copy/paste plagiarism from conventional social media sites. However, for several months now we increased the ambassador team and one duty is to verify accounts. Due to this effort, we are ahead of the catfishes for the moment and we will continue improving the fight. For now, the community is mostly healthy and I see a great advantage to introduce new user as well to HIVE and its other dapps if they want to extend their interactions beyond posting photos. I see a great potential in it. Have a good day and don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know anything else about APPICS in the future.

jelous energy lol heres some telos , I Ackza-dentally sent you 2


me too, concidering that its the only instagram like app on chain? Theres most proberbly just some background facts we dont know, politics I believe its called

Why so much hate? You haven't even tried the app. You seem not to know every detail of how it works, so why you just dump your negativity here on a positive post for HIVE. Many have been waiting for this step and all you come up is 'stay on Steem'. Give it a try, the APPICS community is supportive and overall full of positivity. I am sure you will like it.

It was never the plan at all to stay solely on Steem , you are very misinformed as many are here on Hive. Do your own homework.

Wait, are you faking the $ values on your posts, because it seems you are. GabbyFontes most payed post is 18$ and most are under 1$.

Yeah i knew you were up to no good.

Heres a screenshot from the video at the exact same time as it is in this compilation you had valuated at 133$ and it actually earned 12$.

Screenshot 447.png

Youre full of shit. Stay on Steem.

Hello @lordbutterfly,
it seems that you are talking about the rewards that are visible on STEEM/HIVE.
However, APX rewards are only shown inside of the APPICS app. That's where the difference comes from, nothing fake about that.

Users on APPICS earn both APX and STEEM at the moment. STEEM rewards are shown on steem/hive, while APX rewards can only be viewed from inside the APPICS App.
So that's why you see a much lower number if you are not viewing the post from inside the appics app.

The APX token is a steem-engine token at the moment. that's why the value doesn't show up on steem or hive, but is visible at steempeak for example.

IMAGE 2020-06-02 17:03:42.jpg
this is a screenshot from deadlygames profile at https://steempeak.com/@deadlygames/transfers

I checked steem engine. Youre misrepresenting payouts based on a very small market depth.
Just 5 of these creators couldnt sell their apx and not have the price drop significantly.

Using $ values is a misrepresentation of reality.

I am a veteran of 4 years on steem. As mostly all the Hive people are from Steem to begin with. I was just as sadened as many others when Ned Sold us all out. But we should try and move forward in a positive manner and stop all this stupid childish hatred, get over it all ready and move on!!! Why are you guys so against onboarding new people to Hive with big wallets!?!? Appics would bring thousands here once it fully launches very soon on its own!! I will never understand this HIVE Mentality...

I was very happy when I saw the sneak peek announcement. Appics has been fun all the way and the new announcement of blockchain solution made me feel very happy. Also happy with the pump in price since yesterday.

Go Appics🚀

This is amazing news indeed 👌 Excited to see all my posts on Hive and engage with this amazing community!

excellent news!

so so proud to be a part of the team!!!

This is great news!! Happy we can choose wich platform to post our Appics content

Yes yes yes!!!!! So happy to read this article and news

More ways to post to Hive are a good thing. Steem may be declining, but I have hopes for Hive and this gives people another option. Thanks for supporting Hive and good luck with your project.

Yes indeed, to bad so many Hive members still have a hate on...

Oh yesssssss, this is everything to me and will take this mainstream for sure. I'm so happy I could cry. Wanna know why- its Patients which has proven well with us all. Super excited, now I want to learn German cuz you guys are so 😎 cool haha. Love you guys and all the work and support you have given the whole community even in the ups and downs. And especially the neutral stance you have taken in an epic reveal of an example why I believe so much in this project. We have so much ahead of us now. So much love and respect to you my friends. And all my fellow ambassadors and appics community who stuck it out just like a true (hodl) Now Let's do this. . . Appics family lets ride. . . time to shock the world with a passion driven world of crypto and social media new paradigm.

Be well

Great to see Appics moving to Hive.
These days the only things on my Steem feed are Appics posts, so I'll be glad to see Appics users have the option of Hive.
With Splinterlands moving yesterday Steem is dying fast.

More and more great news from Appics team 🙏🙏🙏🤩🤩Let's Go Guys 💕 🙌🙌

Amazing news👌🎉

Ah now here you go, I was waiting for this option for so long... Thanks for the update...

I just want the new blockchain as I have asked since Krakow. ; ) Cross-posting is not important.

Woot WOOT! Such fantastic news!! Go Go Appics! 🚀🚀🚀

Great news team APPICS, I believe this is the best way forward for the community.
Despite the tension and complications between HIVE & STEEM, you have been neutral and acted in the interests of your own community. I strongly believe the APPICS blockchain solution with possibilities to cross-post where ever you want is the best way to grow. As very well shown in the comments of this post, haters expressing their disagreement will be everywhere, even tho they don't know the bigger picture, still have this big need of dumping their frustration into comments.
Way to go APPICS, looking forward to the new blockchain and the big GoLive where we will take over the social crypto space.

This is a fantastic posting here to Hive and I have now subscribed to Appics @Appics on the Hive Blockchain! Also resteemed to help spread the great news! I have not posted on here in like 18 days since they flagged my last post about Appics to 0 , so we will have to wait and see if they will be accepting now... To much bad blood with Steem. Eighter way Appics Will be Epic with or without Hive, it would be their loss of thousands of new members that will soon be joining!! GO GO APPICS , IM READY FOR 3 YEARS TO BLAST OFF!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

This is a really great news!!! 🔝

Amazing news, I was just checking your video today!!

This is great news. Looking forward to this new development. 😍

amazing, thanks for keeping us informed.

Excited! I If i had some APX on a different steem account and want to send them to this Hive account, is that possible? Can the APX token be accessible on HIVE? Seems like those APX might be stuck with my other account :(

Made my first post today ;)

Howcome we are only allowed 4 hashtags when posting to appics? Can this be increased to 10 or so like it is here on HIVE?

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are there any news today?

@appics, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

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The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @lizziesworld!
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I want to be very frank here. Appics is a great Project but I don‘t put content on STEEM anymore, that‘s why I stopped using it. I really need to have my content far away from STEEM, because SteemitInc is the embodiment of what’s wrong&evil in the current crypto space.

good news and I’m looking forward to updates

I just simple love APPICS!



Glad to have you ✊😎🥓👍

Pretty cool @appics !