Enviable Goose

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The bottom dropped out from under me. A little buoyancy would have been nice. Sometimes, though, there's just not enough cash to float you into the next week.

I envy this goose for not having credit card debt.


I envy her the simplicity of her routine, her absolute ignorance to the concept of needing to get out of the city, away from all its stifling buildings and loud cars, all its people, all its things. I envy her for already being there, and for not needing money to do it.


I envy her relative lack of ambition. Eat, bathe, poop, don't get eaten. Try to keep the kids from getting eaten, too, when you have them. Fairly straightforward. Goose will never need to consider going back to school to get a Bachelor's in Journalism because she wants a change in how she lives her life. She probably does not ache for creative freedom and self-expression beyond what her civilized life can give her. Doubtful she ever beats herself up for wanting to spend the day just bobbing around the lake, either, instead of writing her way into the future she imagines for herself.


My plan is not to escape the adversity and challenges of dreaming big by abandoning it all, of course. I have no desire to actually be this goose. That would be silly. I like my desire, and I can handle the suffering that comes along with it.


But if I had never known this life, never tasted the endlessness of all its possibilities, being goose would be all right. I'd try it out for a lifetime. Could be the destination, if you think about it. Oblivion is bliss. Coming back as goose might very well be the reward.


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Oh, this avoiding being eaten or avoiding having your children eaten can be more difficult and even desperate, than anything you need or intend to do yourself. I don't know, that's just my point of view.

Life imposes challenges to make us better. Don't hold back.

Very true!!! Thanks. I guess from that perspective it's better not to have a calloused heart over watching my eggs and hatchlings disappear into the maw of mother nature every year.

With that talent you have for photography you have to do something, you know that, don't you?

I do?? I mean, I figured I was good at bird pictures but there are a lot of people out there who are good at bird pictures. Photography is so competitive. You think I could be a bird picture-er for National Geographic like I dreamed when I was a kid?? lol

Dreams that are kneaded in the heart come true. Don't stop dreaming.

Not getting eaten is one of the guiding principles that shapes my life 😀

So THAT'S why you got rid of the lion.

*mine too, when I venture wildernessward

Haha, that's exactly why!!

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Thank you @brumest and @qurator team!!