"Creating Memories" ... This is my entry to the #Monomad Challenge

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Hello, people. This is my entry for the #Monomad Photography Challenge sponsored by @monochromes. Feel free to join the challenge here

They are my nephews and my son, before the pandemic each had different interests, but now that they must stay at home, they have become more united and enjoy doing things together.

A few days ago, they asked me to take them for a walk up the mountain. And since I want to keep my title of favorite aunt, I couldn't resist wearing them and obviously capturing those happy moments.

I was exhausted very quickly, since I am not used to exercise, but because of them I resisted and we reached as high as possible. I wanted to give them a special day, since they have had a very bad time at home.

We plan to go up once a week. I hope I have the strength to achieve it and continue "Creating Memories" with them.


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Los visitaré pronto.

really cool family and your post remind me of my childhood memories. Going out with friend and cousins on weekends and spending a vacation together. Amazing work and beautiful kids

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Precisamente quiero que ellos, a pesar de lo que están viviendo, tengan recuerdos agradables de su infancia.

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