Aşure! 🍨🧑‍🍳

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Today I made Ashura, a dessert that has a spiritual meaning for Muslims! This dessert is only made on certain days of the year, shared with neighbors and is said to bring blessings. I learned this from my grandfather. When we were children, he used to make Ashura dessert and invite us home. Then we would go out and distribute it to our neighbors. I wanted to make it both to keep his memory alive and because I liked the taste. I went shopping for the ingredients. You need to put at least 7 ingredients in it. The ingredients consist of legumes and nuts with extra dried fruits and sugar.



When you look at the ingredients, you worry about how they will taste when they come together, but the result is a tremendous flavor! I have no idea how so many unrelated ingredients come together to create such a good taste.



It takes about 2 hours to make. It is a very demanding recipe. Although it took me a very long time, it was quite delicious. Both those at home and our neighbors liked it very much. This made me very happy. I hope this dessert brings abundance and blessings to our home. 🙏🧁



This looks so good !

Thank you so much 🙏☺️🍨

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