Indoor Garden Update - New Clones

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Hello Everyone,

Today everything is going great with the indoor garden.

The Big Mac Superstar is quite large and healthy and starting to grow buds rapidly.

The Wedding Crasher is also surprising in its small planter :)

I clipped some Lemon Drip for clones last night, they are the bigger plants in the veg room.

That's going to do it for today,

What do you all think of the indoor garden?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section!

Have a great day! -@futuremind

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Looking great bro! Just watch out on over watering. That clawing of the leaves may be because of that. Simple fix though 💪


I had the feeling I might be overwatering slightly, thank you for confirming my suspicion. I've been giving her a gallon a day for the past few days, also with a pretty heavy feeding, so I will tone it back to watering maybe once every 2-3 days. She sucks it up fast though so I'll have to pay close attention.

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Very healthy plants

Thank you!

Looking good buddy! The clones are looking extremely healthy too.

Miss the caption on the picture though. Still better than my giant post, stopped working and crash after many hours of editing 😂

Strange you mention that, because I made this post and lost the entire thing then had to redo it.
You might notice how brief I am in the wording, that was due to being a little frustrated, but no big deal. Errors are expected on newly developing platforms.

Thank you for the kind words, today I found a gnat infestation that was far worse than I thought, so I've been working towards fighting pests all day.

I hope you're doing well, I'll try to stop by your blog today, been so behind with things here.


And it happened again yesterday. I thought I'm smart enough to save post first. Guess what, it stuck at photo upload and failed again 🤣

However, third time's a charm. I literally had to keep on flicking the mouse to keep my desktop active so the upload continues. Not sure if it's luck, but the longer time it takes to upload, the higher chance the web app stopped working. For now, I think I will limit the picture resolution. Some of the high definition shots that rack up to 10mb can kill the bandwidth

@elmerlin and @liketu team, if you're reading.

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wow, very fascinating garden.

Thank you!

Youre welcome my friend..

If the cuttings get as big as those two plants you'll be short of carp again :). they look great.

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Yes I have to consider tent space. The 7 gallon planters are a bit too big for more than 2 plants in the tent, I'll have to go a little smaller and induce flowering sooner with the plants.
Thank you for the kind words :)


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