Travel diary - This is Africa: happy faces, part I

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Hey guys,

I have a special post for you today, it's full of joy and laughter. I managed to capture the happy and no worries faces of the children of Africa.
Children don't have much here, like here in Europe, I mean expensive toys and their own electronics, but they are still very happy. They are very curious, even very ordinary things for us like dyed hair or polished nails will surprise them. They don't know these things.
They often play only with sand, or washed-up plastic from the sea. They have one balloon in common. They don't get angry, they don't cry, they are just happy. I was shocked by how well behaved they are and how beautifully they play together. They are often alone on the beach, without adult supervision.
I saw this as a big difference, compared to Europe, where children go nowhere alone and don't go anywhere until they are old enough.
Children here are a little different. It was a nice experience.✨

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This is so lovely to see and read. I think where you were must have been safe. Nice to see that kids have such freedom. It is how it should be. I know what you mean about here in Europe - we think we are so free until we visit a place like this. I love all those curious and cute faces. Thanks for sharing.

You wrote it very correctly, they are so free and happy. Thank you for nice comment!

Moc krásně jsi to popsala a zachytila :*

@tipu curate 3

Asante sana✨🙏

Dospělí nemají čas hlídat děti. Před sto lety to u nás bylo stejné. Což mělo a má vliv na dětskou úmrtnost, když děti hlídají děti.
Nicméně děti, které přežijí, jsou samozřejmě samostatnější a odolnější.

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