Taking a nice picture of me 🌻

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Happy Friday, I hope you are feeling great friends!!!!

Today I took some selfies in the window of the house, they turned out really nice and I liked how my hair looks more than anything, it looks pretty good.

You know we always have something about ourselves that we like and in my case it's my eyes and my smile, these are my favorite parts of me that I like, I feel they are in complete harmony with my face. 😌

Feliz viernes, espero que se encuentren muy bien amigos!!

Hoy me he tomado unas selfies en la ventana de la casa, quedaron muy lindas y me gustó cómo se ve mi cabello más que todo, luce bastante bien.

Saben que tenemos siempre algo de nosotros mismos que nos gusta y en mi caso son mis ojos y mi sonrisa, estas son las partes favoritas de mi que me gustan, siento que están en completa armonía con mi rostro. 😌

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Recently, I've been wanting to update my self portrait (the last one I did was now several years ago) - and I think that is something that I might end up doing today. It is a lot more work than it seems, to find the right light, and the right mood; to do both.

The lighting in these shots is great! Love that second shot. You've got such a modeling range! Photographers I'm sure would love to work with you.

Tu cabello es hermoso, una belleza. Eres muy linda, las fotos están geniales!!

Gracias ☺️❤️

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