Going back to school, I never thought about it...

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As a child I was always very dedicated to my studies and I always had excellent grades. I thought that getting to the University would be something normal to go through each of the stages of study that lay ahead of me, but ... life plays tricks on us.
Unfortunately, several events happened in my family that prevented me from continuing my studies. I have to tell you that I tried 3 times in different years, but the illnesses of my grandfather and my father were the most important burden for me; so I dedicated myself body and soul to take care of them, until they left for the eternal abodes.
I confess that I never thought about going back to the classrooms, I was already 40 years old and I had given up in that aspect of my life; but one day the trainer of the Institute of Geology and Paleontology where I work, approached me to motivate me again regarding professional improvement and she convinced me.
Incredibly, I have returned to the University and here I am in the 3rd year of the "Bachelor's Degree in Information Sciences". I hope with God's favor and the help of my friends to be able to continue and overcome this stage in my life and graduate as a professional in the area of Sciences.
We should never give up before the circumstances of life, but be able to start again with the same enthusiasm with which we did it the first time.

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heyy @niviaa 😀 Congratulations for going back to school. Way to go :) Just know that we all have different timeline and just because you turned 40 yo, you cant go back to school anymore. Yes you can. Rooting for you girl!