Where to Start? @ahmadmanga Stories (2023 Edition)

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A New Reader? This post is for You!

(Last updated: 18th of December 2023.)

Introducing @ahmadmanga

I'm Ahmad Al-hemmaly, known online as @ahmadmanga. I'm a Storyteller & Make Art!

I've been posting creative works online since 2009. At first, it was mostly in Arabic., I've gradually learned how to write better stories over time, become better at illustrations, and sometimes I made Video Games

Below you'll find a list of stories I recommend to my new readers. This list will be updated periodically when I publish something good from now on!

The Website!

If you're a new reader or aren't familiar with me on Hive. I recommend you check my website: https://ahmadmanga.net

It's essentially my portfolio. I update this site occasionally with my best works and I plan for this to become my face on the internet.

I give each of my works on the website the best presentation I can give and it's hard to do that in my blogs on Hive blockchain.

What to Expect?


  • My short stories usually explore a single idea or a character.
  • Most of my fictional are character-driven but a few are plot-driven.
  • Some are experimental. Text or art might be in a new style I never tried before.


  • My stories take 5-10 minutes of reading per post. (They're 600 to 3000 words long.)
  • My longer stories are written in bite-sized chunks with clear stopping points. Good for short reading sessions.


As for the themes explored, they can be anything, it's easier to list genres I won't touch rather than what I love to explore. You'll notice patterns:

  • Magic or Technology. Characters will either be living in a Fantasy world OR (if they're in the real world) deal with Computers a lot.
  • Some of my characters may be living with their heads too much.
  • My Science Fiction focuses on the characters rather than the science.
  • My mystery is usually simple and I like writing anime tropes. I also like exploring new structures of storytelling, so far I wrote stories in short & long paragraph formats.

Quick Recommendations:

🗺️ A Fascinating Legacy

📜 Read on Hive

Website Page

Support for More Chapters!

Emenoire, an Elf Adventurer as her Mage friend Rafafill teaches her one last spell. The story explores student/teacher relationships & the difference in lifespans between Elves and Humans. #Fantasy #Magic

🏡 "I Lived Here..."

🌿 Read on Hive

Website Page [✕]

A married couple visit Amira's house and insist for her to let them see the house's garden. The story explores nostalgia & acceptance of fate.
Sometimes, you need a stranger to reconnect you with your true self. #Theater #Life

💎 I'm A Treasure Box

🗝️ Read on Hive: Prologue - Ch.1 - Ch.2 - Ch.3 - Ch.π - Ch.4 - Ch.5 - Ch.6 (TBA)

Website Page [✕]

The setting is an RPG-Dungeon. A Treasure Box's perspective of the battles that happen in such a place. Each chapter shows a slice of the Box's existence while following a new theme & reveal more lore. #Fantasy #Violence

If You Enjoy My Writing


🌴 I Look Around

Read on Hive

Website Page - Visual Novel

Experience a lifetime through the eyes of a tree. It observes people. Gets to know them. Like them. Miss them. and Dream. #Slice-of-Life #Growth

🏠 Home Alone and a Burglar Wouldn't Come

Read on Hive

It's 2002? Were you a child back then? A big boy who tries to sound bigger than he is? That childish regret when you make a mistake and wait for your parents to fix it for you? ...This story is for you~ #Comedy #Coming-of-age

🌥️ Beneath a Painted Sky

Read on Hive

Waiting for his parents to pick him up from his grandparents house. This boy has a heart-to-heart conversation with his uncle. #Dreams #Semi-fiction

🏰 In Another World with My NFTs

Read on Hive: Prologue - Ch.1 - Ch.2 ...

A Parody story of the Isekai-anime genre. The protagonist finds himself in another world and has the ability to Summon the NFTs he has accumulated in this world. How creative can he be? [ON HIATUS] #Fantasy #Adventure #Parody

🎧 Thirty_One.mp3

Read on Hive

An Account of personal growth, exploring weaknesses and learning from experiences. Recorded for your Future Self to hear. #Motivational #Growth

💭 "59 ÷ 31 = 0"

Read on Hive: Ch.1 - Ch.2 - Ch.3 - Ch.4 - Ch.5 - Ch.6 - Ch.7 - Ch.8 - Ch.9 - Ch.10 (Finale)

The monetary and mental struggles of Hisham as he spends a month waiting for his paycheck with depression threatening to swallow his mind. #Growth #Family #Depression

🖥️ Boring Men Only Write Boring R_

Read on Hive

His room was dark. His heart felt darker. A game reviewer questions his life decisions. The story explores Disillusionment among other themes. #Depression #WorkLife

👾 Saya is Offline

Read on Hive

The user "loneguyneveralone" enjoys messaging with SAYA every day after work, but something is wrong lately.

Based on the game "Emily is Away." #SciFi

🐉 "To the Dragon Rider Jamca'ul

Read on Hive

A fictional letter in a fictional world from a friend to another. His daughter is finally learning how to ride her dragon. #Fantasy

🏰 Voice of a Princess

Read on Hive

Emeralda was known as the most kind and beautiful woman in the kingdom of Akahat. Her father, the king announced a challenge for the young nobles, and the winner would marry her. #FairyTale

💦 A Murky Liquid

Read on Hive

Qasim fills a Cup of water from the faucet. How much war could change even our water. #Post-apocylptic #Sci-Fi

💖 Your Heart Will Remember

Read on Hive

One year ago, everyone on the planet lost their memory at the same time. The only lead they had to their identity is their purpose. You might forget but your heart will remember. #Fantasy #Sci-Fi

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Any feedback I get is welcome. It's the most valuable thing you can give. Upvotes are pretty, but they're meaningless without engagement, don't you think?

If you read my old works and the recent ones, you'll notice a lot of improvement. People have helped me see what works and what doesn't in my stories, and The next Help could be from You!

Thanks for Reading

Salam (Peace)

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Anytime I saw your post is always ginger me of doing something but as a beginner it has were my power reach, may God almighty bless your brain than the present

I've always been interested in magic and technology themes. I feel the combination creates wonderful stories that explore hidden longings and the relativity of the world. I will definitely create the time and give them a read. The titles are amusing :)

Yeah, I love Magic and Technology too. I don't think I wrote a story that truly combines them, but I have a lot of stories for each in my list. If you like High Fantasy, I really recommend "A Fascinating Legacy" If you read that one, can you say what you think a sequel would be about?

If you like Urban Fantasy, you might enjoy "Your Heart will Remember." For technology-based stories you might like ""Hello. World..."" or "Saya is Offline"

If you want to read short stories, youmight love "Dead Lands Never Bloom" and "Galaxy News"

Meet you at another one of my stories.~ !PIZZA !LUV

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll give them a look and create time to read them. I started reading Saya is Offline and it is interesting :)

Will wait for your feedback.~

I read Saya of Offline and enjoyed the way you presented the story and revealed what is going on bit by bit. There is another work called The Song of Saya written by Gen Urobuchi.

Wow, I know about that one... It's too gruesome that I don't want to read it. (The premise is intriguing but it's the genre I don't like of Horror.)

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