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Me presento en hive @santacruzcross / I present in hive @santacruzcross

By: @santacruzcross


One day in the morning like 8:00 am, you are with other people meeting, mostly strangers, some you already treat them because it is not the first time they are in that situation, all with a common goal ... compete, thus showing all you have, the effort, the commitment that everyone wants.


Torta deliciosa de chocolate con apenas tres ingredientes

By: @lachg89


Hola, amigos. Espero que se encuentren muy bien. Hoy les quiero compartir una receta deliciosa que estoy seguro que amarán. Lo mejor de esta receta es que es bastante fácil de hacer. No me tomó nada de tiempo hacerla y además los ingredientes son bastante fáciles de conseguir.


Conviértete en el legendario Gato Samurai - Become the Legendary Samurai Cat | Neko Samurai | Arcade Game [ESP][ENG]

By: @josecarrerag

It's time for you to sharpen your sword and prepare to fight the hordes of ninja frogs who seek to end your 9 lives. Are you ready to become the legendary samurai cat?


Where Secrets Are Asleep - Art tokenzied on NFT Showroom

By: @julesquirin


This piece was tokenized on NFT Showroom as part of my collection Myths & Legends. It's a unique edition and comes with the following bonus 1920x1080 wallpaper version of the scene. But it has been sold already!


Phoenix rising

By: @ultravioletmag


souls alchemising together and burning off out dated belief systems and ego programming and ascending together


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I never stop wishing and dreaming of being in this privileged group. God wants to make it so
Dreams are dreams. Congratulations, congratulations to the selected ones!!!

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Congratulations to all the authors who have stood out and were selected by the @appreciator team to be part of this curation report. Excellent work
I want to take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the weekend

Good selection as always i enjoyed all that quality content you mentioned and support

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for support 🙏, HIVE is full of quality content.

Felicidades a todos!!!

Thank you for the opportunity and the attention I receive! , I am surprised! :D

Hello sir, please help me and support please sir.

Felicitaciones a todos... Gracias a @appreciator por el apoyo y seguimiento en todo los que hacemos... Sigamos construyendo, inventando e innovando! Hagamos de hive una plataforma sólida y llena de mucho contenido valioso... Saludos

Congratulations to all the selected authors.

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Food is always a favorite topic. This Chocolate Cake looks so deliciously simple and I don't even have to write down the ingredients to remember them. Three ingredients. How simple can this cake be? Yummy. Welcome to the new Hiver. May your stay here be a successful one. The video game looks cool with this Samurai Cat. I like the way he uses his two samurais at the same time. Woe to the ninja frogs. The acrylic art is beautiful. I absolutely like the way the fire was painted. I'm always attracted to any painting involving fire. In fact, when I was young I always try to draw fire but just couldn't make them come out right. Great symbolism! And finally the icing on the cake! The tokenized art. I am just taken in with the way it came out and no wonder this was already sold. Awesome creativity! I tried to read his process but after all those mumbo jumbo technical stuff, I just decided to marvel at the art and the process pictures instead. Missed reading these selections @appreciator as I've been so busy these past few weeks. But once the opportunity arise I always take the time to stop by and know I'd be in for a really good treat! Fabulous selection.

Bienvenido @santacruzcross, me gusto mucho tu presentación y si así es tu comienzo te auguro un buen camino en #hive.

Saludos a todos y buena selección como siempre.

Muchas gracias por la bienvenida! ( otra vez jeje) @karolines

Felicitaciones a todos por el excelente contenido de calidad, suerte a todos y sigan así!

Que felicidad ver a mi amigo @josecarrerag en el TOP de hoy, sus publicaciones gamer siempre están maravillosamente bien maquetadas y elaboradas.

julesquirin's works are very good!
good choice

Thanks for your support directly to the hive community. I'm personally grateful for it 🙏❣️😇

Felicidades a todos los compañeros que han sido seleccionados, excelente trabajo, saludos a todos con cariño desde Venezuela, especialmente para ti @appreciator 😘, gracias por mostrarnos esta hermosa Mención .

Congratulations to all the colleagues who have been selected, excellent work, greetings to all with affection from Venezuela, especially to you @appreciator 😘, thank you for showing us this beautiful Mention.

Saludos cordiales @appreciator, es muy importante tu apoyo en este mundo de las redes y cumunidades activas en HIVE, es un aliento para promover las potencialidades de cada HUVERS obtiene a la hora de publicar sus vivencias y conocimientos. Gracias y felicidades por tu atención.