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Today I hooked up with @nonsowrites to talk about my hive experience so far. Please watch, thank you.

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Recruited is also good hahahah, i would loose the music and i would go sit inside the car tooter was bad,
@blezyn i would first build your account , instead to take out the 10 dollar , you need to grow, thats important because its 22 days only that uyou have been here, so don’t cash out yet

Most of what I earned was powered up as recommended by @nonsowrites. I just wanted to know how it feels to actual use crypto. But I will take your advise though and build my account. Thank you 😊

Building g your a count is always the best

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind

You must ask yourself if you want to just make a lot of money in the short-run (in cashing out quickly and more often) or is it more important to think more long-term in investing and in building something that can grow and get bigger and bigger over time. Temporary short-term endeavors can be fun but it can also keep you from your potential.

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A successful meetup and its commemorative badge

Congrats on your mini milestone 🤓, and I'm glad you've been loving the experience here so far.

A $10 first cashout 😀!! That's lovely. Now you can finally affirm that crypto money is actually a real thing 😉

Wish you more goodness on your journey

Thank you😌

big woman. You will share your money with me

You wish 😂😂

ahahhahahahahaa yes yes maybe bring her flowers and you might get lucky

oh you were in that video, very good video, i enjoyed it, you are a good speaker

The recruiter and the recruited...hehe

Nice to know you're enjoying hive

😂😂 thank you.

My advice is to NOT convert to fiat because it will die. Yes, it is good to have the freedom to cash out to anywhere you want and that is good. I enjoyed watching the video, very fun to watch, make new videos please.

Thank you, I'll keep that in mind. I'll also make new videos soon❤️