How to easily spot hypocrites?

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Hypocrites are the special kind of breed which will live among the normal people and they'll do a great job in blending in. They have an art of deceiving people by spreading false information. They normally love to get attention and can get easily jealous by literally anything which they don't have.

Traits of Hypocrites

Just try to look beyond their words because you can easily spot a huge difference in their actions and words. For example they might claim to be against one thing but they will complain when others will not the do that specific thing they stand against(Irony in itself). Maybe they don't have the guts to openly accept the true nature of what they are and just try to pose as good guys. They can be present in influential groups which makes them more cunning.

They live in their own illusion of world and redefine everything how it suits to them. Just take the example of this one word ORGANIC. In true sense it means natural, something which goes with the flow. It does not mean Automation or repetition of some triggered events. In this case, hypocrite will tell you lies about it that how they encourage Organic ways but they'll be personally involved with automated ways all day.


They always wish that everyone else should live to please them and live according to their distorted illusion of facts. I am sure you can easily spot few renowned hypocrites now.

Try to be safe because they can be hidden cancer of any system and more disastrous than Covid-19.


I completely identified with this post.

It's impressive how he gets the message across, and lets us know where he stands.

It's totally true that there are situations that can be fatal for any system, that's where I ask myself: what can I do from my space to attack those actions that can damage, and I answer myself that nothing or little. But what I do know is that you have to face the situations even if it is with fear, but knowing that you are doing what you have to do and for your own well-being and that of the systems.

I will not be able to change the world, but if I try to change things from the place where I am. I believe that if everyone acts from their place, masks and hypocrisies will vanish and there will be a well-being in the ecosystems.

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Me identifiqué completamente con este post.

Es impresionante como trasmite el mensaje, y nos hace saber su postura.

Es totalmente cierto que hay situaciones que pueden ser fatales para cualquier sistema, es ahí donde me pregunto: ¿qué puedo hacer desde mi espacio para atacar esas acciones que pueden dañar?, y me respondo que nada o poco. Pero lo que sí sé es que hay que enfrentar las situaciones aunque sea con miedo, pero sabiendo que se está haciendo lo que se debe hacer y para el bienestar propio y de los sistemas.

Yo no podré cambiar el mundo, pero si trato de cambiar las cosas desde el lugar donde estoy. Creo que si todos actúan desde su lugar, se desvanecen máscaras e hipocresías y existirá un bienestar en los ecosistemas.

I believe your actions are worth more than your words. We don't need to justify our-self every time and not giving hypocrite much attention will just mitigate their factor

I have detected these types of people and truly as they abound, there are also those who appear to be the best of friends but when you are doing well they wish it was them and not you. Greetings

I totally agree!

You're right: we should do what we have to do for our own well-being and that of the systems.
What’s your opinion about the measures of the new normal?

Hi I love your post... I love this:

In true sense it means natural, something which goes with the flow. It does not mean Automation or repetition of some triggered events. In this case, hypocrite will tell you lies about it that how they encourage Organic ways but they'll be personally involved with automated ways all day.

there are many who brag that they are doing the right things they are even the first to impose a punishment but they are the first to do or promote exactly what they are punishing.

And I love that Organic Vote image.

Exactly, their pompous nature just shows its all. You'll find them seeking attention in many groups. They will stop others from doing what they themselves are doing

You're right: there are many people who do the stuff they're against.
How's the lockdown going?

If there are many like that... Like everyone else's not easy... hehehe

Our rulers imposed measures because of a virus.
i have a curiosity:
What's the proof for the virus?

oh. You are quite right. there are completely spider-headed people. blindly dependent on some ideas! and there are those who advocate false ideas to attract attention at every point in life. It is best to stay away from them..

Spot on! Ideally best to stay away from them and not to empower them in anything

You're right: It is best to stay away from hypocrites.

How's the lockdown going?

Great article...When it is said hypocrites, politicians come to mind somehow...Lying and leaving behind people who trust them is a legal job nowadays...It is also unethical behavior.

Have a great day with the people who you can trust...

Thank you, politicians can be of various forms in every system

You have a great day as well

Many people talk about the hypocrisy of politicians.
i have a curiosity:
Why are we ruled by hypocrites?

Those are a sort of breed that will never go extinct, and yeah, Hive has its good share of them. Thumbs up for your support for the platform by the way.

Every platform has its good share of them but most people are not aware of their true intentions

You are welcome.

It is good to see an update of your personal blog, I find the descriptions you are correct about hypocrisy very wise. Keep up the good work friend.

Thank you so much

You're right: this is a great article about hypocrisy.
How's the lockdown going?

Sorry I haven't answered you before, I've had a hard week at home adjusting the roof before the rain comes. My confinement is very dynamic and happy, there is always something to fix at home. I also really enjoy being on hive. Hope you have a good time.

Our rulers imposed measures for the new normal because of a virus.
i have a curiosity:
What's the proof for the virus?

Que bueno verlo por estos lados con un post @bluemist y a propósito de los hipócritas, ese tipo de personas lamentablemente existen en todas partes, lo bueno es que muchos tenemos la facilidad de detectarlos fácilmente. Saludos desde Venezuela!

Tienes razón, gracias por tu comentario

Greetings it is good to see you here ... Sometimes this breed is extremely abundant among the normal ones and they become more than that. They are experts at faking an opinion that they don't have.

You are so right

You're right: hypocrites are extremely abundant among the normal ones
Some people claim that hypocrites are so abundant that they exist even among politicians. What do you think about this claim?

On a separate note
How's the lockdown going?

I mostly agree, but there are several degrees of hypocrites.

Saying one thing and doing another is only bad if you really come down hard on someone. For example, saying I'm trying to quit smoking as you smoke a cigarette makes you a hypocrite, but it's not as bad as saying smokers are terrible people and I hate them, but I love me and I don't smoke (but you secretly smoke).

Even worse than that and the truly dangerous hypocrite is the one who does so to gain trust. For example, priests raping altar boys or other such patent abuses of authority. Politics and most of the legal system are the best examples, with business and especially marketing/advertising (real estate in particular) being lesser examples.

Yes, there are varying form of hypocrisy according to every system and platform.

I agree the most dangerous form can be found in people with some authority but according to their perception, rules does not apply to them.

You're right: politicians are good examples of hypocrites.
i have a curiosity:
Why are we ruled by hypocrites?

I think it is because they tell us what we want to hear...

What do you want: to be ruled by hypocrites or do you think you deserve more?

Hypocrisy exists and will always exist. Because it is a way of life, for the one who maintains it.
Hypocrisy has its sister and it is a lie. Because a hypocrite never tells the truth. Manipulate your environment to your needs. And you can find it in all areas, managing groups. The deception satisfies him and his hypocrisy makes him grow and appear in the environment that surrounds him. He is so cunning that he can give himself the pleasure of being in big situations.
But everything has its end, because hypocrisy has weight and over time it falls.
I liked your point of view. Thanks for sharing.

You are right about ultimate demise of hypocrisy. They know the truth but too afraid to change and deny the actual facts.

People learn to discover hypocrisy. So she falls under her weight.
But hypocrisy is a lifestyle, the person learns and benefits for himself and becomes a disease.
The hypocrite lives well with that lifestyle, with his illness, so he never acknowledges that it is. The difference is around you. We remove it from our life, because we recognize it as toxic in it.But he will always look for us so that we accept it.
It is a good subject of discernment.
Thanks for answering the comment.

You're right some people can be pretty cunning.
How's the lockdown going?

As I was reading your post, the thing that kept nagging me at the back of my head was, "Does this apply to me?" It is so easy to define hypocrisy and see it in action with people around me. But the difficult part is looking at my own self and judge objectively if somehow I am also guilty of being one. This is a very provocative post and it did me a lot of instrospection. I believe the positive impact of this is one: realizing once again that no one is perfect and two: striving to be more true to oneself in thoughts and in deeds. And this is the hardest to do. So what to do with hypocrites? The best way I think is to tell them off, no matter how it hurts. But at the same time, I should be ready and open as well to be on the receiving end. For indeed, as my wife often says, "How can you know if you are wrong when no one tells you?" Thanks for this post as it serves as a reminder, at least to me, to reevaluate myself of my own moralities vis-a-vis my actions.

It definitely does not apply to you

I like your approach of things in positive manner, your perception was really insightful

Thank you for your kind words @bluemist. I hope everything is well over at your end. Have been missing @appreciator daily top 5 post for some time now. Thanks once again for everything.

You're right: it might be useful to evaluate ourselves, otherwise we might do the very stuff we condemn.
How's the lockdown going?

I'm not sure what's behind these lucubrations, but if there is something/someone in the platform we should protect ourselves from, please, do tell :)

What can I say, we have an allegedly socialist regime in Venezuela whose high ranking officials love Europe and capitalist USA as their turist, investment and children's education destination.

They rant about the evils of capitalism but they love fancy brand products, 5-star hotels and private islands.

Coincidentally, we have been saying that the political/ideological virus we got, which has been affecting us for decades, is worse (and statistically more lethal) than Covid-19 or any other lab concoction.

They claim to defend and represent the poor, but all they've done is to reproduce them. They say the people is always right and should rule, but that's only as long as they do not protest their corruption, ineficiency, human rights violations, and ideological contradictions. They say they represent the salvation of the planet and yet they are destroying our forests to get any mineral, real or imaginary, from their bowels, never mind they have to get rid of the indians they allegedly came to vindicate after centuries of genocide, conquest, and cultural anihilation.

Worse yet, there are entire organizations of hypocrites who rule the world and everything in it. They condemn only certain kinds of oppressions, imperialisms and destructions, others they have to problem to ignore, lest they contradict their ideological sympathies.

You'll know eventually who those might be

You are right about regimes and elite organizations but people still hold the power to topple anyone from their rank once they are united.

You're right: we're ruled by people who work against us, even though they say they work for us.
i have a curiosity:
Why are we ruled by people who work against us?

I can smell hypocrisy even if they hide and wear perfume, I just keep my distance and don't get involved, eventually everything falls on its own weight

Unique natural ability you got

I think it's important you have that knowledge of how to spot hipocrites and share it with others, that way you won't be fooled in the future and those you shared it with may have and idea of how not to be fooled either.

When I was reading this post I remembered that when I was little my mother used to sit me down to explain to me how hypocrites looked like and how I had to stay away from them, because, unfortunatly, I was surrounded by them. She has always taught me to be honest and not to do to others things I wouldn't like to be done to me.

I could never undertand how people could be so full of evil and selfishness and yet be able to hide it.I still can't. I believe that's like a viscious line. If they grow up with hypocritical parents, how are they going to learn something other than that?

It's so sad that there are people like that, because besides tearing themselves apart, they tear others. As a high schooler, I find myself trapped in lie games, manipulation, and bullying, but thank Odin, I have got through it with some help and now I give my best to not be affected by them.

I also believe that hypocricy is more that just a bad behaviour; after some time it becomes a sickness. For example, I've heard that many people can stay hours just talking bullshit about someone else,no mattr the age of the person, they don't enjoy other kinds of conversation; It it doesn't include criticking others, they find it boring...

Do you think hypocrecy is something cultural? I mean, are there some cultures that are more honest than others?

Your mother seemed like a wise woman

The worst thing is some hypocrites are stubborn too because they will never listen to opinion of others and consider only them to be the right.

I believe its a choice and not something cultural. You can choose to be jealous of something and remain in frustrated state or you can do something positive.

Yes, she is, that's why I love her very much...
It's definitly a choice.

You're right: some people are full of evil and selfishness.

Do you think hypocrisy is something cultural?

i think it's about unconsciousness: unconscious people:

  • like to have a high opinion about themselves, so they claim they're good.
  • can't meet the standards they claim because doing good is harder than doing evil. evil is always easy.
  • are fragile, they can't choose what's right, (freedom of choice requires consciousness) so they chose what's easy (evil).
  • continue believing they're good because they're too fragile to admit they're wrong.

How's the lockdown going?

I agree with you, It's true.

It's going well. Thanks for asking.

Our rulers imposed measures for the new normal because of a virus.
i have a curiosity:
What's the proof for the virus?

Greetings, friend, the hypocritical person is like an apparent disguise, one thing in the eyes of another, and when you are not there, he stabs you in the back, that is, he speaks ill of you and columns you, he is a person of care that must be dealt with watch out. Greetings friend.

I agree we have to be careful of them but most of them are just barking dogs who can't bite, so they have no way to take out their frustration so backbite is their only way out

You're right: hypocrites are dangerous.
How's the lockdown going?

Yes friend here at home I go out alone to buy some food

Our rulers imposed measures that reduce our freedom because of a virus.
i have a curiosity:
What's the proof for the virus?

Hello Mr. BlueMist, it's a pleasure to have you back.

In reference to what you say, the world is full of people like that, with their double standards, who say one thing and then do another, they are such false, deceitful, unprincipled people, with no life of their own.

In our daily lives, around us and even on the platform we can see these kinds of characters every day, who feed and encourage lies, make people see what is not there and apply anti-values, thus damaging the space. They're board faces, people not worthy of being called human.

I believe that we will always make a difference, the majority of us, in wanting to change with each daily action, in wanting to do well, in doing good, helping the world to paint them in colors, contributing each grain of sand, to grow together, to continue forward, because although they find people who darken and want to cloud the world, always in spite of the storm, the Sun will come out again with a beautiful rainbow, which is the hope of a new world, full of noble people and good feelings.

May God continue to bless you greatly for the beautiful work and work that you have been doing on the platform 🙏😇

A big hug from Venezuela, in the distance but not forgotten 😘😘

You're right: the world is full of hypocrites. Some people say that these people exist even among the ones who rule us. What do you think about that?

On a separate note
How's the lockdown going?

I agree this fight of good and bad will always continue, hypocrite are like degenerates but we have to remain consistent.

one thing i learned in life is the following:

actions show what a person is
words show what a person is pretended to be

You're right: there are many people who claim some stuff and do the exact opposite.
How's the lockdown going?

So far its fine, hoping the same for you

i appreciate that you care about how well i am. personally i care about the freedom of other people. Our rulers imposed measures that decrease everybody' freedom because of a virus.
i have a curiosity:
What's the proof for the virus?

Unfortunately we live in a world that is full of hypocrisy, sometimes we do not know if those around us love us for what we are or for what we do. Many times they look for us just for interest, I have realized that, but what matters is that we must always make a difference and maintain our essence. Society grows and develops due to our culture and if we get used to acting in good ways we stop in each person a footprint and our nature is strengthened. Thanks for sharing this reflection, what I read here is very interesting. Articles like this make us learn how to spot a hypocrite. Thank you very much @bluemist

I agree we should more of balanced approach

I remember a few days ago having a dream in which I observed hypocrisy personified as an entity walking among groups of people. It was something exactly like that: There was a kind of closet where two people could enter it, once inside those two people came out a thread that extended and was forming a rather strange figure to take human form, and walked among the groups of people, talking behind them and generated discord with each other but among themselves could not be observed. Once someone came out of the closet the entity would immediately disappear.

A little strange dream, but in the end I interpreted it in the way that hypocrisy will exist as long as there is another one involved with the hypocrite, it was something like, we can be together in the same small space, believing that we are friends, but in the same way we make room for the hypocrisy to come out.

In a way they also have that ability to spread their hypocrisy to more manipulable people and it spreads like a virus. I will always say, it is better to keep your distance from one person, without manipulating anyone, than to fake interpersonal relationships in order to inflict damage. It is better to always stay away from them, they are expert energy thieves and, always working on us to make each day better, perhaps one day they will look at us and understand that without that harmful mask one lives better.

A very unique dream and I believe your perception of it is 100% correct, thank you for sharing it

Least attention given... most ground gained. You know what I mean.



You are right.

Well, that doesn't happen every day... :D

Ohh... This was a good read! One ought to be careful with what kind of people they surround themselves. Hypocrisy is a disease of the character. It spread like an infection. A trained eye can spot it. The hypocrite changes colours like a chameleon, therefore the difficulty to catch them off guard

Thanks for sharing!

I am glad to know you liked it and you described it so well.

BTW - I am impressed by your engagement with others. It is not so common to see honest engagement and so far I have I have only seen two people doing it sincerely, one of them being you.

Hello! Thank you so much, your words went straight to my heart! You know, I discovered Hive when I was going through a difficult period of my life. I joined in march. And I saw something in the people from here I didn't see anywhere else. A mix of talent, good education, empathy, creativity and need for connection. I felt that while I was dealing with my whole life issues, I could see some genuine support here from some members I will never forget. I am very loyal by nature and I have a strong belief in the power of good character. I value morals and compassion and when a platform with people welcomed me and saw in me what I trully am... I could not help but raise myself to the highest standards and treat kindness with kindness.

For me Hive is not just a platform. For me this place has an emotional attachment for me because I saw support when I needed the most. And I always remember.

I feel we need more communities like this one. In this society it is so easy to get lost, to be loud even when nobody hears you. Every person has something special, unique. All we need is a sparkle of faith, of trust.

I am far from saying my whole life story in here, but I can only say Hive meant a lot for me and I am grateful for it. I smile because I could engage with people here and lead by example. I am so sure this community will grow in beautiful ways. It takes a few stars to shine to let the whole world know there is room on the sky for everyone.

Hello Bluemist,

Interesting question, how to easily detect hypocrites? I see a very difficult underlying problem. Because behind this remarkable behavior is an intrinsic aspect of human behavior, deception as a strategy to achieve ends.

I think that a hypocrite is a dishonest person with himself, the reasons may be unconscious, and in the worst case, conscious. In the end, the result is the same, the lie always leads to harm.

In this sense, before putting together a crusade against all the hypocrites of the world, the first enemy to overcome is in ourselves and we must find redemption, then, by example, being able to fight others.

I am not justifying the hypocrite, each one is responsible for their actions, only that as a believer in Yeshua, the messiah, I have a role model, in a world where the politically correct is raging in the moral society that we all need. So it does not surprise me at all that in digital spaces like #hive, hypocrites abound who want to take advantage of others, nor am I surprised that your thoughts thunder. I only hope that the alert has the strength to positively impact many of us who are part of the digital community as well as in its immediate environment

PS: A friend recently commented, people today are not looking for sermons, advice, or personal stories. He seeks to express himself and for others to listen, in such a way that everyone becomes deaf. However, never give up an opportunity to say the right thing and to be silent when it is prudent, without it being the product of fear, if not an omission for good.

I agree with your overall perception of it but still we should not achieve own objectives at the cost of others.

Your friend seem wise person

You are correct, "You should not abuse others", so my approach to work virtue first in yourself. Think about it for a moment, if the majority did this, there would be fewer hypocrites to discover and combat. But let's be pragmatic, in the meantime we also have to take care of these people who go around the world the wrong way, sooner rather than later, they always receive what they deserve.

Have a great day.

Hola @bluemist gracias por compartir tus spensamientos, sobre todo porque en mi caso he aprendido a mirar bien a los ojos y en verdad cuando ves profundamente en el rostro de las personas puedes encontrar en su exterior parte de su interior, y me equivoco muy poco a la hora de encontrarme con esta clase de personas... En verdad, usuarios tan influyentes como usted deberíana tomarse un rato semanal para escribir sus pensamientos y plasmar a través de ellos su experiencias. Aprendemos mucho de mensajes como estos, y nos hacen reflexionar para mejorar nuestra visión de la vida...

Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos. También estoy pensando en escribir más a menudo

Me parece genial!

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Hi @bluemist! Interesting content, thanks for the warning message ...
I will be careful not to run into one of those HYPOCRITES that abound out there!
Thanks for sharing, dear friend,
Good luck in your projects!