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Greetings Hive Love.

Today I will tell you a little bit about how I created a concept like the one we have in Green Proyecto, which is not only ecological, with the recycling of abandoned containers that abound in the ports, but also enjoy the domotics, with the ease that these systems give us, but we want to go further, make the house sustainable with the proposal to include social mining to the activities of the home.

With Green Project we propose to make a real social change, not only in our home but also to join others in this experience in Venezuela and also to motivate more people from other countries.

The beginnings

In 2015, I decided to move towards a change of environment, I bought a piece of land to build a house, I sold my 4x4 truck, I bought a smaller car, in order to add funds to start this dream, I started the search for the ideal place, I decided that the best area would be the Municipality of El Hatillo.


I am a city woman, despite having been born and raised in chaotic Caracas, I enjoyed nature in my childhood. The urbanization in which I grew up is in the skirts of the Cerro el Avila, this majestic mountain brings almonia and beauty to the capital, for this reason I feel lucky, since in my childhood I enjoyed a healthy atmosphere, in contact with the nature in spite of being in the middle of the city, of green areas where I could develop with freedom and harmony.

For this reason I am more sensitive than others to nature and a lover of beauty.

The bundle has grown and still has rural areas and farms have changed little by little. But it also has commercial and business centers near the town that still maintain the colonial houses, which have become restaurants with an important gastronomic movement without losing its essence.

After almost 6 months of searching I found the right place, thanks to some great friends of the area who gave me the number of the seller of the land of the Hacienda El Encantado, La Union.



At that time I had everything I needed, to start this dream house in this mountain, the land of 400mst2, with a beautiful view, a team of architects, the construction company and the economic capacity to assume this challenge by stages.

The project proposal begins

Architect Luc Eustache, is my foster uncle, a great man who for me has been an example to follow, for his great human quality and the strength to stand firm in what he believes.

Of course, he was the first one to join us and contribute, calling others to create the project as the Architect Pedro Millan, so we started the soil studies, earthworks and the design of the house.



At that moment we thought of a traditional house with clean work, exposed concrete blocks and large windows.

Unfortunately the economic crisis in Venezuela increased even more and that affected everything in planning.

It will paralyze the beginning of the construction of the project.

But here is this design that perhaps was used at some point.


Returning the dream

Dreams are not abandoned, sometimes we must stop when we stumble, but never leave the goal, we just have to find new ways that lead us to fulfill that dream and make it a reality.

At the end of 2019 I decided to take up again this dream of having this beautiful house in the middle of the mountain.

We are now working on it, marking out a new route that has led us to the creation of the Green Project.

I hope that others will dare to be part of this great project.

Here are the links to other publications for those who want to know more about Green Project

If you want to contribute with your knowledge or donate to this project you can do so.

Thank you for reading and joining us in this adventure.

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Good luck! the design looks pretty minimalistic and cool.

Trank you!! Yeah, that's right, I love minimalist design. 😁

You should really share the end result ! We all love to see it.

Thank you for your support! We will be showing each stage 😁. We are very motivated

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All the best. Great initiative towords better future

Yes, it's a great challenge. Thank you for your good wishes. 😀