Blacklist appeal.

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Hello everyone !!! Today I was added to the black list with this reason.

The art community has reported your posts to us.
You have been farming rewards with these spam posts. None of these authors received the rewards that you have earned from your posts.

What kind of community was it ???

I didn't even think about spam, I tried to help artists whose works were not noticed.

And the fact that they voted for me $ 1 is a violation?

Also, many whales write such posts in their blog.

I think you got excited about blocking me.

I've always tried to make the hive thrive.

And the fact that one user did not like that I added her post --- for some reason she did not write to me about it.

Other users were always glad that I mentioned their posts.

Pay attention !!!!

I didn't spam anything.

@blocktrades @curangel @acidyo @azircon @gtg

Couldn't help figure out this situation.

I am only for developing the hive. In no case did I want to spam.


Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.

I did find about other artists, I followed those that I liked and I sometimes vote them thanks to these curation efforts of @daio.

And there will always be angry people no matter what you do for them.

Just saying.

Thank you so much.
There will always be good people like you who will understand everything.
Keep voting for underrated artists whose posts have gone unnoticed)

Were you sending your rewards to the artists that did the work though?

But many users have been rewarded for their efforts and have been noticed who have looked at my recommendations for underrated work.

You can ask each user, whose work is exhibited, that they do not mind and even say thanks.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm glad lots of artists were happy with the exposure, but I'm sure you can see what people felt like you were profiting off the work of others. I think if you had donated 50% of your post rewards to the artists involved then everyone would have been happy.

She had been doing that until September 2020 when she stopped receiving 8$ to 9$ post pay out. Giving 0.1 Hive to users as soon as the post pays out as tips but really just copy pasted content from intro to outro. That meant giving out barely 1/8 of the rewards to the users that made up the bulk of her content away as charity. As soo. As she got less upvotes the business model drops to solo profiting. I ignored this user before, at least she was giving out portions of what she was milking and I was preoccupied with other stuff back then. Her mistake now was drawing my attention to herself again. She has been involved with scamming previously but that's a can of worms for another drama I don't even want to open but the history is there.

I'm not against .
But how can it be called spam.
They tell me this, but they themselves abuse their position and want to block it.

Hi @daio, i'm sorry for you :(
Sometimes I used your post and curated some of the artist that you showed.

But, don't you think you've done a few too many of these "low effort" post?
I thought that this would be happen from your very first post....and i was correct.

Why don't you start making your old posts again?
I prefer to see your lovely face 10000000000 times than a post with other artist's jobs ;)

Thank you for supporting them. I just want those who do not revalue to be rewarded at least a little.

Try to put them as beneficiaries and pump out more words on your posts that don't make it look like copy pasted.

remove me from the blacklist.
I will give some of the funds to the authors.

I'm not part of @hivewatchers. I downvoted you because I disagreed with the rewards you were receiving from other people's content out of my own personal choice. Only hivewatchers blacklisted you. It's them whom you have to appeal to.

Best answer ever

I forgot my Discord password. But I cannot restore it. Could you write to them
you are a beehive influencer.

You could always make a new account at discord. They don't accept proxy appeals. No one can appeal for you but you. That's their policy, not mine. I think think they would be reading this conversation since they were tagged here. But I don't know if they would reply. I'm no Hive influencer.