Fall sick during lockdown

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3 out of 4 of us a down with food poisoning. The only person in the house are well is my youngest son who did not eat the roast chicken yesterday. Good chance is the chicken contaminated and we all didn't realize it.


I was down with a series of diarrhea and I almost did not sleep the whole night getting up and visiting toilet many times, other than that I was on the bed laying down but feeling the growling sensation in my stomach. I took some bread and some noodle and that's all for the day. Daughter was having mild diarrhea, and LazyMom stomach pain only, haven't heard her complaining to visit toilet. I was thinking of visit the nearby hospital, but then... I really don't want to. The photo was taken before the lockdown, and I'm sure it's not that bad anymore for the current situation. I just don't feel comfortable visiting hospital.


Was infront of my computer clearing my phone backup folder, and the amount of redundancy is so great that I don't even realized there's this much space taken. Non wonder phone getting slower by the day and we didn't realized it. Some of the video downloaded from messaging service are real gems. I actually spent the whole day watching and going through these old files.

Sorry for the short blog, I recon these are the only important things happened to me since I'm not quite feeling well. As for the restaurant, will I put a case? Probably not. However, I will try to go over and inform the owner to be extremely careful. I really do not want them to shut down at this point of time, or I will run out of choice. I do remember we're under movement control order, going over to the other part of the town is definitely a big no no. So, whatever we can fetch locally, is what we can get.

Time to take some rest. Let's hope I am fully recovered tomorrow and I will post my yesterday's workout video, and possibly compile with tomorrow's workout together.


where you get that chicken from la ... until all of you kena ... best goto the pharmacy and grab something to ease out the stomach, or just take the chinese wonder charcoal pills =) #staysafe bro

The nearby resto. May not be their fault, coz I bought the food in the morning, but left it at the kitchen until later evening. Funny thing is, the boy are not affected. And the only thing the big did not share with us is the chicken. He did ate the charsiew and the siewyuk as we all did. So I guess, the chicken weren't fresh in the first place. Added with the extra time... And we hit the jackpot.

A roast chicken caused it 🤔. I wonder how come no one smelled or tasted it. Salmonella should be killed if it's roasted.
I only felt terrible sick after eating spare ribs. I didn't eat it since years. Tried it again same story. Someone told me I might be allergic to the spices used. It was the last time I ate it.

Not too sure. They didn't taste spoiled either. But that's all we can suspect on, since the little boy didn't eat chicken, and he's the only one didn't get a bad stomach.

How about the drinks? Water or something else? Ice cream is a good one too or other desserts... Even if you eat the same it doesn't need to be the same (spoiled) stuff.
At least your intestines are cleaned now and you could use the toilet paper. 😁💕

I've been using my fingers for years 😂😂😂

You ate your fingers? 🤔

More or less yes 🙈 eat or wipe butt. But we eat with right hand, wipe butt with left hand. It's a custom thing in this region.

I think it's a worldwide habit. 💕