The Essential Drills in Football - Part III

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This is the Third Episode of the basic drills in football, if you miss the first and second episodes, here are links to navigate you there; Essential Drills in Football - Part I & Essential Drills in Football - Part II.

Drills are essential in football as it improves footballer's skills, controls, dribbles, and whatever out there you want to mention. The good news is that these drills require non-costly football gear so anyone can practice it anywhere as far as you have your football ready with you. Ride on with me, you will enjoy the drills!

The three drills listed are unlike the previous drills where you either need a teammate or wall to practice. What you only need in the drills are Cones and if you don't have cones, you can use an alternative like Bottled Water, an Empty Mineral Can, and Stones.

Ball Manipulation and Control Drill

This drill is all about dribbles. If you can master all the skills in this drill, no doubt you will be a good dribbler everyone will crave to watch on the pitch. This drill requires 13 Cones and the way you arrange the cones is displayed in the diagram below;

Once you finish arranging the thirteen cones you will then start to practice different skills with the cones. Here, we divided the skills into 10 namely; In and Out of the cone, Roll it through, Left and Right Foot In and Out, Stop and Move the Ball, Curve Turn, Skill and Step Over, Body Feint, Speed Up...
Practice makes perfect, the more you practice the skills the more you become good at using them. Each cone stands as an opponent so if you can dribble past the cone, you will dribble past your opponents.

In the diagram above, the label 3 and 4 is a nutmeg. You don't move through it with the ball, you only play the ball through it and recover the ball at the opposite sides.

Turning with the ball Drill

This is a turning drill that requires two cones with 13ft of space between the cones. If you are a fan of Eden Hazard, you must surely love how he turns. This drill is used to master how to turn with the ball with different skills. The skills here are four namely; In-Step Turn, Out-Step Turn, Drag Back, and Chop.

Beating an Opponent Drill

This is another dribbling skill but only requires two cones with 13ft of space between the cones. The drills contain most of the skills you have done in the Ball Manipulation and Control Dill. The skills here are Body feint, Outside step-over with one foot, Outside step-over with right and left foot, Inside step-over with one foot, and Inside step-over with right and left foot.

NB: Do not stand flat-footed when practicing any drill, it's not tolerated. And make sure you practice all the skills with both feet.

Feel free to comment on how you perceive the drills and if there's anything you find confusing, comment and we will reply to you ASAP!

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