Black Root–A crowdsourced directory of resources to learn about and support the black community

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I was in conversation with a friend few days ago where we discussed social issues–racism, bigotry, police brutality as well as racism towards black people. I was looking for some resources to share with my friend and then couple of days ago I began using Notion app and which led me to this interesting directory full of useful information on the black community.

If you are interested to learn about the black community and the issues they face today then you can visit this link and learn more.

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In India there's plenty of all of these issues (racism, bigotry, fascism, police brutality, government funded atrocities towards minority communities) but that will be a different conversation for another day.

Unfortunately, even in these modern times it seems we have a long way to go before we are more accepting of people around us. But it's important to fight for our rights and push back on supremacist agendas.

But as responsible citizens we should support equality for all. I suggest you go through the directory if you want to learn more or share this with a friend who is keen to learn more about the black community.

Black Root


Being from North east part of India I really know how peoples go through these issues and few of my friends faced such issues too. It's hard to believe in this date where someone discriminates the other based on appearance, cast and what not. It's high time we should speak against it and provide equality to everyone.

Tell me about it! As someone from Southern part of India I have experienced racism when I first moved to Delhi and also while traveling abroad on a couple of occasions. My friends from North East and also from Himachal and border areas have told me their experiences around India. We have ways to go before we are more respectful of each other.

Yeah true.

And it's not me but my friends who have like small eyes, faced some situation while coming back to there home recently. And most of the peoples have good impression towords each other but there are a bunch of few illiterates who are responsible for all the things happening.
Also agree that we have ways to go before we respect each other.

Sikap rasialisme itu juga terjadi di dunia kerja. Banyak pengusaha yang menolak pria kulit hitam karena kerap dicap lekat dengan kejahatan dunia, malas dan tidak mempunyai keterampilan dan dedikasi, itu sangat-sangat tidak manusiawi.

Gracias por tu voto. El mundo está lleno de negros guapos y negritas hermosas con mucho talento. BENDICIONES!!!

I totally agree with you it makes no sense that someone just hate a person because of how they look, the world need to change and it start with me

gracias por la información, excelente...