Weaving Loom Setup, JP Sears Comedy Show - Sunday

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It's warmed up quite a bit the past days and the snow has rapidly melted off. Yesterday the last bits disappeared after the .40 inches of rain we got the prior 24 hours. I got my posts done for the morning then I set about trying to finish my story. I ended up finishing the chapter and now today I should be writing the last chapter, I hope. It took me till mid morning to get it done and shortly after I finished @stryeyz pulled out her loom.


The initial setup takes a good while to get all the yarn pulled through and then rolled onto the end.


It gets hooked over the peg on the opposite side of the table and once the loom has been filled the yarn is pulled off the peg and cut then rolled up on one end. The yarn is pulled through the eyelets and tied to the other roller.


She got going on her first weaving and has about 20 rows done so far. It's a super cool craft and I can see where it could be really nifty to do a finer thread and make a fabric.


We left the house a little after 2:30 and drove to Spokane. We found parking easily and went to the Spokane Comedy club to check on entry time. We were about 20 minutes early for the doors opening time so we went for a walk towards the park then around the Davenport hotel.


One of the buildings nearby on west Riverside avenue has this radio tower on top and the building is surrounded by wires strung from the edge of the roof. At first I thought it might be an antenna but it might just be for them to string Christmas lights on. I am not sure exactly and will have to keep my eyes out for if they do put lights up on one of my trips to town for grain.


We got in line for the club and were near the front end of the line which meant we got a good table. They come down the line and check people in and assign a table. It works really well and makes it so people aren't fighting for seating. Our friends met us in line and the doors opened a bit late from cleanup from the prior show.


Downtown Spokane Washington.


Our table was right at the end of the walkway to the stage and 3 tables back from the stage.


The room ended up filled by the time the show started. The first comic was from California and the second from Seattle. They were both pretty funny. The opener had the line, "So you guys just aren't doing the pandemic up here huh? You all just opted out?" and we were all ,"YES!".

JP was hilarious and completely on point. I laughed through almost his entire set. He is one of the few comedians that is a real truth teller, like Chapelle, Breuer, Rogan. He is smart and is able to convey his point in a way that makes you think but also laugh.


After the show we met up at Anthony's restaurant which is one of the nicer places in all of Spokane. It sits right next to the Spokane Falls and this was the view from our table. We closed the place down but that wasn't hard since on a Sunday they close at 8pm. Stupidly good food, both of us had the seafood fettuccine and clam chowder and omg so good.


We got home a little after 9pm and got the boys to bed before gong out for our evening soak.


I'm a bit hungover this morning from all the drinking yesterday but it's all good since I am at home. The boys both have school today, hopefully I write the last chapter of my story which will put me over 60k words, and I have to figure out a new roof over hang fro the sheep since theirs is pretty well toast now.

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Oh! I am so glad you two got a night out, and to watch JP and eat Anthony's clam chowder no less? That's awesome! Those are two of my favorite things lol!

Seriously my friend, you have crushed it in writing land this month, I am so freaking happy for you😊

It was a great night out with friends and damn that food is stupendous! Pricey, so it better taste like heaven, lol. JP was hilarious and it reminded me how much I miss comedians.

Thank you, this year my writing has clicked finally. It's flowed so much easier than the prior times I've tried to get through a novel length story. It's actually possible to read it since it is not all disjointed and out of order like my others.

Comedy definitely keeps us all honest and amused, which is also two of my favorite things, lol, I am so glad you got to go do all that!

And I am super excited that your writing pathways finally clicked. Something that has really helped me is my scene sheets, I loosely outline the scenes and then I don't end up lost either, because it sounds like we both know what getting stuck in that mire feels like, no thank you!

That Stoic training really helps one wonders I swear!😊

That's pretty much the change I made this year. Last year I had character notes not scene or chapter notes. I got so lost in the story and ended up writing 83k words of back story, never got to the point of what I had started out to write. This year I made a list of one topic per day to write about and it ended up working perefectly.

I'm just muddling my way through the last chapter today, trying to make this thing end without being dissapointing to a reader and have it be a logical break point between this and the next book.

Aaah! Sometimes wrapping it all up while trying to segue into the next plot is a brain twister. I hope you made it through the muddle with going maniacal!

Giving myself permission to not get it right on the first try has helped me so much in getting things finished-land, I am so super impressed with how you keep on plowing through the words, refining your technique as you go. I'm working on that very thing so thanks for being all inspirational:)

One of the things that helped instill the "just write" mentality was a ton of freewriting for a couple of years and then my daily posts here. For most of my life I never approached writing correctly, always thinking grandiose ideas about writing a novel never able to break it down into manageable pieces. This year it all clicked and I figured out how to write it in small pieces so I don't get overwhelmed by the process and the story. We edit LATER for a reason, the words just need to get out now.

I so hear you. I sometimes get so frustrated, at least more so in the past, about not being able to get out what is in, the way that I wish too. My approach was all wrong. Had to rearrange the inner book shelf a bit and now I'm logging!

Speaking of logging, can't wait to see just how much wordcrafting you do now that you are in the groove...And speaking of, now that my blogging and upkeep are done for the morning, it's off to novel crafting land, laterz:)


Larry had better bring his tablet along to chat with Dru, or it might get salty and/or squishy fast!

Quality and well written article 🔥

A nice night out it sounds like.


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