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This is collective curation support community formed by @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale. The primary objective of this community to highlight GEMS of community which normally go un-noticed.

You can post your genuine and creative content in this community to get more visibility. You can't post directly in multiple communities right now. Cross-posting is the only solution available right now by SteemPeak which allows you to cross-post in multiple communities. For more details, you can checkout following post by SteemPeak.
Introducing the "Community Cross Posting" Feature

If you want to onboard your friends or family and they are still waiting in queue for account verification process then you can contact us in discord for more speedy process of account creation.

There are no strict rules at all to share your content in this community or tag requirement for now. We do expect you to refrain from plagiarism and stick to basic Steem community values.

We'll be focusing more on content published in this community but it does not mean that curation is restricted to this community only. You might have already seen our unofficial support to other curation initiatives and support groups on blockchain and that will continue as usual.


Number of comments on posts significantly dropped after HF 22 because of change in reward curve. We'll try to encourage users to engage more with other users in comments, lively engagement in comments will also be upvoted.

Keep in Touch

Do subscribe to this community to see GEMS of the community:


You can also join our discord to hangout and engage more with community
Join GEMS discord

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Everyone note the new hive number!
It is hive-148441

Ok.... subscribed to the new GEMS .... is this the right place to post ? Do we unSunscribe to the old_Gems ?

Yes, you can unsubscribe to old one, as it will be discontinued

Thanks.... I have mistakenly posted there a few times already so it was better to unsubscribe.....

Yeah me too I think

I don't think there is a way or a need to unsubscribe from the old hive @offgridlife👌

My apologies! @offgridlife
You can easily unsubscribe from the old hive through Steempeak. I have limited knowledge of Steempeak, consisting of two days, but was able to figure it out😀

Thank you Nina :)

You're welcome!

Hello everyone I am new member of GEMS community. I hope my next journey will be best with this amazing community.

Joined the new GEMS :)

Me too.... I hope I am in the right place now.... do we unsubscribe to the old Gems ?

Thank you :)

joined the new gems

It is really an amazing community.I have joined in new community also.Go ahead GEMS community 😍😍

Thank you!

I will join this community. thanks.

and will follow the rules that apply to this community.

You are welcome.

You guys are a great team!👍

Thank you so much!

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What was wrong with Old_Gems?

Just a minor hiccup, we have so many new things planned with new one

The best community !

Thank you!

Great to see you guys supporting quality contents. That will encourage a lot of quality users that are unnoticed due to some reasons.
Resteemed for more visibility.

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I do hope the same, thanks

Nice! Very cool community.

Joined the new gems community!


Thank you so much!

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Steemit is a precious necklace made by thousands of gems, the authors. But without the help of the great curators, the whales, the authors would not spend part of their time, perhaps as narrow as mine, writing good content.

If all this is possible, it is thanks to the great mechanism that has been created. HF 22 has incentivized the great curators to reward good content. Thanks to everyone for what we are creating together.

Steemit is also union... community!

Perfectly described. I hope we might be able to help in more user retention with quality in mind

This is a beautiful initiative and collaboration for content Creators.

Thank you.

I started to post on GEMS community.

That's great

A really great community effort! Thanks for all you do! ❤️

You are much welcome!

lively engagement in comments will also be upvoted

you definitely can check my comments, then :P

I joined this group as well and definitely will post here in the future.
thank you @rocky1 and thank you @appreciator and @umpewhale, your curation is highly appreciated

You are much welcome.
We'll soon start to publish stats from community account and engagement rewards, stay tuned :)

sure! as far as I have time, I will -- !BEER

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Many many thanks for your efforts Guys 😁

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You are welcome.

The combined curation support efforts of @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale in the @gems-community is one of the best things I've seen happen on Steemit in a long time! Thank you for masterminding the collaboration!💫

With this, it means relevant cross-posting is allowed.

is there a GEMS discord Community ? Are you on Twitter ?

First of all, you should stop asking everyone, how do they get upvotes. Just try to focus on improving your own blog.

Ok. ... I’m Sorry.... I will work on improving my blog. I appreciate the advice.

Hey @bluemist, thanks for creating this group and getting it all the support from big accounts. I always spend some time curating myself too and I thought this would be a great place to find some interesting undervalued pieces but to be honest, I am surprised by what I see here. Almost anything posted here gets sizable upvotes, regardless of the quality. There are users here who post several times a day, very low effort posts with just one or two pictures and they are still getting those upvotes. Are you going to implement at least some basic filters for quality check? If not, I am afrad this group will no longer be about gems...

Quality is very subjective but I do get your point
Even right now, not each and every post is getting upvoted and that includes high frequency posters too
Its been only few days now, just give it some time. Empires are not built over night and hopefully you'll see the result in more refined form with time.

Thanks for such a swift feedback, I appreciate it. I do get your point too about quality being subjective but right now, posts including blurred photos of lunch and two short lines are getting the upvotes too. This kind of information spreads very fast and I would hate to see a community with such a great potential turning into a storehouse of low effort posts created only to get the big rewards here. But yeah, it´s a new thing so hopefully it will get better with time. Good luck and all the best. If this place is where gems really will be to find, it will be my pleasure to be a manual curator here ;)

I joined the GEMS community @gems-community recently and love checking it out @bluemist lots of great stuff! I just posted a awesome Beef Stew post with over 12 yummy step by step photos I'm sure you will love if you get a chance to check it out, I used the #gems But it did not show up there, I read your post but don't completely understand it , do I have to post directly from GEMS!? Thanks @appreciator , @rocky1 @upmewhale for all you do for this awesome community!! Upped and resteemed! 😋💯👌
Here is my post link, thank you!

@bluemist the post I mentioned above took me all day to create from photo taking , edititing uploading creating college etc. I am surprised it's making no money on Steemit and another reason why I post from Appics where it's actually up to 10.00 always posts only make pennies on Steemit. Appreciate a boost from @appreciator your support is much appreciated as always, I upped your post 💯 and resteemed it for you. 💯👌👍

Very nice to see a community like this @bluemist.

There's a lot to choose from these days, and as a writer/blogger I'm trying to figure out the best places to "hang my hat," so to speak. I'll be the first to admit that I have had my concerns as to whether or not Communities (and particularly this "cross posting" thing) will result in a new round of tag spam... I'd like to think people will act in a discerning manner, but that's probably a bit naive.

Thank you
We do need some rules on how to cross-post and hopefully people will abide by them whenever posting in communities.

Esto es algo bueno, muy bueno <3

Keep up the good work 👍🏾 !trdo ! Deranged

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Thank you!

No problem 👍🏾 🤝

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Joined the new gems community!
I am a healer, pure heart. I love to comment ...
I love the curatorship community. I hope to continue your path of community curatorship.

Thank you so much for all the kind wishes!

It’s an amazing community to be part of!

Thank you!

Joined the new GEMS :):)

Thank you

How good I already subscribed to your community. I like to publish also drawings, tutorials, can you publish in your community?

Yes, its a general niche community and you can post almost anything by following basic guidelines.

Hi @bluemist My hubby Just found out he has the Shingles Virus it's very painful. Please if you have a chance to check out my post, it would be much appreciated, as I would like to spread the word to as many people as possible to get vacinated against this very painful blistering disease to those who previously had the Chicken pox as it effects 1 in 3 people! Thank you!🙏🙏🙏

How nice to see a community that is born open to continue supporting the quality and original content of those who put their heart into Steemit. Thank you for believing in us, team @GEMS. Ready to publish here, thanks again for the opportunity.

Thank you @gems for your support. Is glad to hear good news to the community help.

Hi @appreciator / @bluemist ! If you get a chance please check out my latest Birthday Posting, lots of cool photos of a Ice Cream Cone Birthday cake Created Using 24 Chocolate Cupcakes , I'm sure you will love it , your support is always much appreciated as well as @rocky1 and @upmewhale , Thank You! 💯🍰🎁🎈

Thanks for the information on the new GEMS Community. I think I will subscribe.

Never knew there were communities too in steem. Just joined GEMS community

the first time i go to gems, nice to meet you all, have a nice day.

Thank you very much for my support!

thank you so much for the info i need this info as i am fairly new to hive thank you so much gems community folks

So can I cross post between communities. Because I feel torn not knowing people and where to post my introduction? What if I just tag the communities into a public blog, will they all post within the different communities?

I hope to support this community as much as possible

You are such a good man and a mentor a grate motivator a man of his word I love your encouragement and creativity am happy I met u more Greece to your elbow

Nice post

I love @appreciator @rocky1 @upmewhale you guys are just so wonderful hope to see more of you and with your support and advice love you all for the great job keep it up

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